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Friday, February 20, 2009


Rihanna has been spotted out on her Birthday looking very sad, but visibly her face appears not too have anymore scars. But I'm sure this doesn't change what she must be feeling in the inside. Also her Dad is more then Pissed about the leak of the now well publicized photo of her external injuries. Rihanna’s father, Ronald Fenty, is not happy with the release of a graphic photo of the singer reportedly taken shortly after her alleged altercation with Chris Brown. The photo shows Rihanna, who turned 21 on Friday, with multiple cuts and bruises.

“Sloppy work on their part,” Fenty told People about the Los Angeles Police Department’s handling of the case on Friday.

The LAPD is currently conducting an internal investigation on the leaked photo, which emerged on TMZ on Thursday night and quickly spread across the Web.

“The photograph has the appearance of one taken during an official Domestic Violence investigation,” the LAPD told Access Hollywood in a statement. “The Los Angeles Police Department takes seriously its duty to maintain the confidentiality of victims of domestic violence. The Department launched an immediate internal investigation and subsequently filed a personnel complaint.”

And while today is the singer’s birthday, her father was unaware of any plans to celebrate.“There’s no party that I know of,” he told People. TO READ MORE ABOUT THE LEAK CLICK NOW


Say Goodbye too Chris Brown, this picture is awful, and speak to what kind of monster this kid is. The Greasy folks at TMZ have managed to snag the first picture of the "Friday Night Fight" and couldn't have picked a better time. Rhianna turned 21 today Feb 20th. And by the the looks of these pictures she has a lot to be thankful for she still has her face. Based on the scars this girl took a beaten like a Man. Thank God these scars should heal soon. As for her Heart and her Mental state with the right counseling she can get that back too.
Our Prayers go out to this girl and wish her a speedy recovery
As for Chris Sleazy this little piece of Shi!! needs to be behind bars. At the request of the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office, the R&B star is being investigated for a variety of felonies, including domestic violence, assault resulting in great bodily injury and—based on specific allegations made by Rihanna—even attempted murder, a source close to the L.A. Police Department's investigation tells E! News.


Can't blame this on the Alcohol. Looks like Captain D's Coming, Luther Campbell's as deadbeat as he wants to be.

The "Me So Horny" rapper formerly known as Luke Skyywalker and leader of raunchy 1980s rap group 2 Live Crew has been jailed in Miami for failing to pay more than $10,000 in a child-support case.

Per a spokeswoman for the Miami-Dade police, the 48-year-old Campbell was taken into custody at about 6 p.m. Tuesday by officers acting on a Feb. 6 court order issued by Circuit Judge Mindy Glaser.

Uncle Luke will remain locked up at Miami-Dade's pretrial detention center until he can come up with the $10,223 owed to Shakera Morgan, the woman who brought the paternity case against him.

In a 2 a.m. email sent to the Miami Herald, the Stripper Lover disputed the allegation that he's a deadbeat dad, telling the paper

"The matter at issue pertained to attorney fees...my payment as to child support was and is current
You would think he could round up his Ho's and see if he can hold a couple of dollars or something.
Update: Before I could publish this story it appears his Ho's came through and he has now been released form lock up. Deadbeat now claims this is all a misunderstanding. Yeah it's called non-payment and I just brought it current when I posted bail.

2nd Annual ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood Luncheon -!!

Halle Berry is certainly shutting it down in this gold metallic Nina Ricci dress. The back train of the dress is beyond stunning. Head to toe pure perfection at the Essence Black Woman In Hollywood Luncheon at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
Taraji Henson and her mother
Tia purchased her some new hair and it's Cute we like it.
It's amazing how good you can look once you are off you Knees, looking like a Fox
Megan Good looking like she's going to the 80's Prom.


Being that Hip Hop Is Dead and his record sales are so low, I forgot he released an album last year. So what do the non-relevant, unemployed rappers do these days? Try there hand at a Reality show (Yawn Z z z). !! Like we need another one of these.

Nelly is pitching a weekly variety TV series to several networks.

Nelly’s Night in Vegas would feature Nelly performing and interacting with celebs, Variety reported on Thursday.

“I was thinking about what was missing on TV, and when this idea came about, it made sense for me,” says Nelly, whose real name Cornell Iral Haynes Jr. “We do have talk shows, but no one’s speaking from the pop culture perspective. Let’s get a little more pop, a little more edge, a little bit younger, and not look like you’re sitting in the principal’s office. As a performer, that’s the type of show you look forward to going on.”

Does anyone want to see this show? Looking at Nelly or any Celeb partying it up in this economy only makes me want to buy a ski mask and wait in Vegas and you can finish the rest...!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ushers Wife seen Leaving the Brazil Airport after Lipo-Nightmare!!

Man-eka, aka Tameka Raymond was spotted walking through the Airport of Guarulhos, heading back home to the United States, after recovering in Hospital Paulo, Brazil. She's looking real rough but after that who wouldn't.

But the fact that she and Usher left Brazil separately might be a sign that the marriage is doomed.

Not to mention word on the Street he didn't know she was having this surgery it was going to be a surprise.

Surprise you almost killed yourself.


Usher Wife leaves the Hospital After Being In A Coma!!

Although Usher doesn't want to speak about is wife almost fatal "Nip Tuck", the Doctors who performed the mishap have spoken and have stated that Tameka aka Man-eka is out of the hospital. Tameka nearly died after trying to turn back the hands of time.

"She checked out yesterday," a spokesman for São Paulo's Sírio-Libanês Hospital hospital, tells E! News today.

Usher was seen earlier this week leaving the hospital. Tameka had been hospitalized for 11 days after going under the knife for a liposuction procedure. Her plastic surgeon confirmed the 37-year-old mother suffered cardiac and respiratory arrest while being anesthetized for the surgery.
Doctors then revived her and placed her in an induced coma to avoid "unnecessary complications."
************************************************************************************ HOUSE OF GLITZ P.S.: MAN-EKA needs to love herself the way she is not the way she wish she could be. Almost paid the ultimate price.

"Damage Control"...Dwyane Wade Sues His Estranged Wife For $50k!!

Gold Diggers beware "When The Money Goes" this is what happens. Dwyane Wade sued his estranged wife and two of her lawyers Wednesday over accusations the Miami Heat star contracted a sexually transmitted disease through an extramarital affair. In the lawsuit, a copy of which was obtained by The Associated Press, Wade is seeking at least $50,000 in damages from each defendant.

“It has been difficult to see false allegations, rumors and gossip repeatedly discussed in public about my personal life,” Dwyane Wade said in a statement released to the AP. “I had no other choice but to file this action in order to clear my name.” Full Story

She was definitely foul for saying he gave her a STD but damn $50k! I would of just made her make a public statement saying it wasn’t true. I'm lying I would have dealt with her in away that she would need that money for some repair work. Jk, Jk, "I wouldn't have Chris Browned her Ass"!! Anyway he's clean, free and rich ladies get your shelves out and start DIGGING!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


UPDATE: Actress Sherri Shepard, who plays Tracy's wife on 30 Rock and who also happens to live below her TV husband in real life talked to sources about having to vacate her apartment this morning before heading to work on The View.

Meanwhile, in a statement, Tracy tells OK! about the incident:

"A fire broke out in my Manhattan apartment this morning, apparently starting with a lamp attached to my fish tank. The sprinklers promptly activated and the NYFD[sic] came by to make sure it was contained.
Fortunately, the fire did not spread and no one in the building was injured – even the fish are okay. My thanks to the New York Fire Department for their quick action.



HOUSE OF GLITZ P.S.: Sounds Fishy too me...What was he really heating up in that Fish Tank??


I won't be checking for this. It's Hammertime! A&E has picked up a new series starring '90s rapper. The performer, his wife and five children will be the focus of a half-hour, 11-episode reality series set to premiere this year, reports The Hollywood Reporter.
The name of the show? Hammertime of course!
The show Will be similar to an unscripted version of the The Cosby Show, said executive producer J.D. Roth. Yawn Z z z !!
"Here's a dad with five kids, married to the same woman for more than 23 years, living in the same place where he grew up and going to church every Sunday," Roth said. "He's had his ups and downs, and it's what makes him such a character you root for."
Hammer had a spectacular rise and fall in the early 1990s, becoming a household name and selling millions of records before falling into debt and bankruptcy because of overspending on a lavish lifestyle. Hammer "now lives a more economically balanced life," according to the shows press materials, as a "new-age dad" in Oakland, Calif. (House of G calls that a Recession)
"I really wanted to tell the future of MC Hammer," Roth said. "What kind of dad is he?"


The new Life & Style mag is on stands with a headline claiming Rihanna and Chris Brown are still together even after he beat her to a pulp?. Sorry but this would make no sense in our opinion. With Star Magazine also reporting basically the same type of story it's obvious what they are trying to do. This is all to sale more magazines and capitalize on such a sensationalized story. I'm going to call both magazine "STRAIGHT BULL-SH!!

According to Star Magazine, Rihanna is still crazy about estranged boyfriend Chris Brown, even after the alleged beating he gave her nearly two weeks ago. The mag reports that Rihanna has stayed in touch with Chris and that her "unhealthy devotion to him" is starting to worry her closest pals.

A source for the mag says, "She keeps saying she wants to make sure that he's okay.

Video: Kanye West f/ Kid Cudi - ‘Welcome to Heartbreak’

It’s a interesting-weird-static-everywhere type of video. Kanye West and Kid Cudi pictured above at Fashion Week. Also you might remember Kid was arrested at All Star weekend and Tasered. Both Star in the Nabil-directed video for “Welcome to Heartbreak” off 808s & Heartbreak.

KANYE WEST "Welcome To Heartbreak" Directed by Nabil from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

And no, your computer broken is not broken.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2009 - Baby Phat & KLS Collection

Couple of Alert AJ Calloway and Ron Browz? Jk, Jk,
Pimp and a Ho with leakage!!
Naturi Naughton Played Lil Kim in Notorious and Dennis Da Menace

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


A change in Tune we can believe in, Ludacris and John McCain Truce. With Obama in the White house there is no need for anymore verbal missiles that he launched during last year campaign. During Sunday's NBA All-Star Game he offered an apology to both the Senator and wife Cindy McCain for any offense caused by Luda's inflammatory rant against the one-time presidential candidate in his song "Politics (Obama Is Here)."

The rapper made headlines last summer and earned himself an official rebuke from President Barack Obama's campaign as a result of the rap, which included the roundly offensive lyric,

"McCain don't belong in any chair unless he's paralyzed."
TO READ MORE ABOUT THE TEAR JERKING..MOMENT CLICK NOW!! ********************************************************************************** HOUSE OF GLITZ P.S.: I'm sure Mccain was like "Home Skillet I'm only doing this for the camera peace out young man"!!


Although Halle sucked as the Cat Woman and lately other than playing Storm from X-men all her latest projects have been a bust. Will she be able to pull off another "Cat"? Her latest venture puts her as a cat burglar? Berry is attached to star in Who Is Doris Payne, a fact-based film about an international jewel thief whose career spanned five decades. The script comes from Eunetta Boone. No release date has been issued at this time. Source: Variety.

T.I. “Dead And Gone” Video (Ft. Justin Timberlake)

“Dead and Gone” is the latest single off T.I.’s platinum album Paper Trail. The Chris Robinson-directed video co-stars Justin Timberlake and was shot on a rainy day in Los Angeles.
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