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Friday, June 26, 2009


Michael Jackson - Human Nature
Michael Jackson - Human Nature from http://eideteker.vox.com/ As we wake up and start to come to terms with the Untimely Passing of Pop Icon Michael Jackson. I can't help to reflect on how he lived the last years of his life as a Tortured Soul with little to know relief. The same people who praise him today and send there best regards are the same people who threw stones at him prior to his death. We poked fun at Michael from time to time also but we are truly a fan I had the Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket and still too this day I know the whole video routine.We really wanted him to make a comeback. With legal problems from Molestation charges, Plastic surgery, Prescription drug allegations and Financial problems estimated at $350 million and more there are somethings that are fact. He was and is "THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER" that ever lived. HE SOLD 750 MILLION ALBUMS AND 13 GRAMMYS, truly an incredible talent. Survived by 7 siblings 3 children and both parents this is the day the "Music Stopped".
This is a Sad day how will you remember Michael Jackson will it be by his music? Or will he be defined by both? This is so Surreal.
The cause of his death is unknown until results of the autopsy are known," says his brother, Jermaine Jackson, in an emotional interview with the press. Jackson was working hard rehearsing for an upcoming tour that was set for 50 shows in a London arena starting July 13Th."For Michael to be taken away from us so suddenly at such a young age, I just don't have the words," said Quincy Jones, who produced "Thriller." "He was the consummate entertainer and his contributions and legacy will be felt upon the world forever. Show your support join the Michael Jackson R.I.P. Memorial Page on FACEBOOK


Billie Jean Michael Jackson - Billie Jean Uploaded by hushhush112. - Explore more music videos.

Jackson 5 Home Video on Soul Train


Thursday, June 25, 2009


Michael Jackson 1958-2009 below see Live feed from CNN continuous coverage Online TV Shows by Ustream Michael suffered a cardiac arrest earlier this afternoon at his Holmby Hills home and paramedics were unable to revive him. We're told when paramedics arrived Jackson had no pulse and they never got a pulse back. A source tells us Jackson was dead when paramedics arrived. A cardiologist at UCLA tells the media ,Jackson died of cardiac arrest. Once at the hospital, the staff tried to resuscitate him but he was completely unresponsive.
A source inside the hospital told us there was "absolute chaos" after Jackson arrived. People who were with the singer were screaming, "You've got to save him! You've got to save him!"
We're told one of the staff members at Jackson's home called 911. La Toya ran in the hospital sobbing after Jackson was pronounced dead. Michael is survived by three children: Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince "Blanket" Michael Jackson II.


I swear this Bitch is smoking that "Purple",Karrine “Superhead” Steffans — The New York Times Best-Selling Author (By numbers only), Is trying to put D**k in our mouth, you know the way she likes it. Her relationship

guide for women, entitled The Vixen Manual: How to Find, Seduce & Keep the Man You Want next month. This Bitch doesn't have a man, never had a man only 2 baby daddy's on her Roster. If she only had a brain and not just gave it. Who would take advice from a Sperm Tank?

“The third book is about relationships and sex and just things that I’ve learned along the way about men and the relationships that we have with them,” says the former hip-hop/slut/ groupie, who is the also the author Confessions Of A Video Vixen & The Vixen Diaries
We think the book should be called "Coochie Expired" Tales from a Former HO...Who became a Bigger HO..Just to end up a "Stupid HO!!
All together now "HO SIT DOWN"!! (VERY GOOD)!!

New Jersey's Real Housewife's ...Real Sex Tape

Other people news...Maybe I just need to explore more but I'm yet to take the plunge in the Video tapping of any intimate encounters. (I'll Never Tell)....Anyway another Sex Tape Scandal has surfaced, this Time from one of the Unmarried Housewives of New Jersey. Unmarried Housewives of New Jersey went to court Wednesday to avoid getting a little more exposure than she wanted.

A judge granted Danielle Staub's request for a temporary restraining order to stop her former boyfriend Stephen Zalewski from releasing a sexually explicit videotape and images of her.

State Superior Court Judge Thomas F. Brogan also ordered Zalewski to produce all copies of the video and pictures of Staub, and he set a hearing for July 21.

Staub, 46, also filed a lawsuit against Zalewski seeking damages for invasion of privacy, defamation and infliction of emotional distress. She claimed she was unaware Zalewski was taping her and only found out about it when someone read her a Star magazine article in which Zalewski discussed the tape.

"It sickened me," Staub told the judge during the brief hearing.

First of all isn't it interesting you never know you are being taped until the release date umm-hmm!!. Also if you are going to release your inner SLUT on Video Tape know your "PIMP",excuse me I mean boyfriend/jump off true intentions.

This trick knew she was being tapped and know since she thinks she is some big Reality star and this might effect future jobs she needs to Hit the brakes on the Tape release. See if you are going to be taped make sure you use your camera/tape basically own it all so there is no foul play
At least that's what I heard (smile/wink)

Evander Holyfield’s estate faces foreclosure again

Now this becoming a reoccurring theme, it's apparent this man can't afford this property anymore. If he was smart he would have tried to sign on for a Reality deal or something to try to get some cash. But then again who would actually watch it?

For the second time in a year, Evander Holyfield’s palatial Fayette County estate is under foreclosure.

A notice published last week in the Fayette Daily News revealed the former heavyweight boxing champion is in danger of losing his 109-room Fairburn mansion. The lien holder is demanding full repayment of the original $10 million loan, with an auction scheduled for July 7 on the Fayette County Courthouse steps.

Holyfield was able to strike a deal to stay in his home, which sits on 235 acres just south of the Fulton County line last June. A year to the date almost he has the same problem the 46-year-old Holyfield also has a second Fayette property, at 592 and 596 West Bridge Road, under foreclosure, with an original loan amount of $216,000.

Holyfield has grossed more than $248 million in the ring, but two divorces, several failed business ventures and child support payments believed to total $500,000 annually have taken a toll on his financial well-being not to mention he is a father of 11. "The Biting Is On The Wall"

Video: Sean Paul - ‘So Fine’

He's Back Sean Paul reaches for the stars in the Ray Kay-directed video for “So Fine,” the first single off his new album Imperial Blaze, due Aug. 18. I love Reggae but I'm not feeling this one. Sean it might be time to lose the Braids that hair line is now receding and a little to old for this look.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jill Scott & Fiance Split; Singer/Actress Talks Being A Single Mom!!

Before she could finish singing a lullaby they have already split. This is why you shouldn't F**CK the help. The award-winning neo-soul queen -who is up for Best Actress Emmy for her role as Precious in HBO’s critically acclaimed series, The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency — has revealed that she has separated from her drummer fiance Lil John Roberts, just two months after the birth of there son.
Scott, currently writing for her next album, broke the news with Essence Tuesday, stating "John and I are no longer together" "When you have a baby you're dealing with a lot of emotions and I don't know how much of it had to do with us breaking up
While Scott admits they are no longer together, she says Roberts will continue to be by her side when it comes to their son. "We definitely love our son and we are co-parenting and working on being friends
I'm sure he's not her drummer any longer so that's puts him back on the unemployment line and now she becomes an Instant single parent with a "Baby Daddy". So sad Jill Scott seems to always come up short in relationships. I know someone personally who knows her Fiance so I'm trying to get the real deal but right now there lips are sealed...well until I make an offer. Which is Crazy it's a recession so that ain't happening!!

2009 Atlantic League All-Star Game & Hot 97 Vs. KISS-FM Celebrity Softball

Tichina Arnold and daughter
The Newark Bears Hosted The 2009 Atlantic League All-Star Game & Celebrity Softball Game. The All-Star Game celebration will began with a pre-game Hot 97 vs. KISS-FM celebrity softball game featuring Queen Latifah, Tichina Arnold, Funkmaster Flex and more.
, .

The Bitches Are Back Sneak Peek Preview Season 2 Of “The Real Housewives OF ATL!!

Truly my favorite Train wreck!!! They’re back! Bravo’s favorite Southern broke down Southern Belles return to the small screen for the second season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Thursday, July 30th at 10 PM et/pt. Find out what’s on the social calender for the five wives; Sheree, no nonsense NeNe, Kim, Lisa, and the newest socialite on the scene, singer Kandi Burruss — formerly of the ’90s R&B girl group Xscape. Based on the Clip below you can tell these Bitches are still trying to live beyond there means.

Visit Bravo.com For More On Season 2 Of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Video: 50 Cent - I’ll Do Anything!!

In 50 latest video for I'll Do Anything, Curtis is Gucci down to his socks. I guess going for that old school 90's look. 50 states this song is the closest thing to a commercial hit on a mixtape. (That's debatable). Surrounded by the usual suspect Tony Yayo and Loyd Banks all dressed alike looking like a modern day version of BB'D and a group of Whooty's this is the finish product. After watching this I went back to sleep (Yawn Z z z )!!

Beyonce Promotes The Feeding America Show ..."Rocking Dereon"!!

A lot of Celebrity have clothing lines but never wear there clothes because it's all about profit. Most don't have any creative interest in there collection only how much do I get paid. Not only does Beyonce and her Mom pick the collection she also "Rocks it". I love this shirt and ordered one today So I thought I would pass the link on for those who might be interested. The top is $49 and comes in Orange seen below and Black and white worn by Bey. Check out House Of Dereon Also Beyonce promoted The Feeding America Show Your Helping Hand Campaign. Beyonce is co-sponsoring food drives along her U.S. tour itinerary as part of the Show Your Helping Hand initiative, a national hunger relief campaign created by General Mills Hamburger Helper in partnership with Beyonce and her Survivor Foundation. The campaign goal is to help Feeding America deliver more than 3.5 million meals to local food banks.
Beyonce looked gorgeous in her Dereon top and her fantastic fresh make-up. Kudos for helping a great cause.
Papa Knowles was in the House!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Where is that Julie chick?? Russell Simmons plants a Juicy kiss on 29 year old French Model Noemei Lenoir outside Jessica White Birthday celebration in NYC, and I'm not talking about the B.F.F. kind. Russell Looks into her eyes she looks back with her (Gold Digging eyes) and they swap mad spit. Is this Uncle Russ flavor of the month or the real deal?? Russ has officially went public with his new girlfriend, good to see he's back to Black. Child we can't keep up with all your groupies. We see you still Big Pimpin!!


The Verdict is in: Ike Turner Jr. aka Chris Brown has copped a plea in the Chrianna beat down case. He will get 180 days in a domestic abuse program in Virginia followed by 5 years probation for felony assault. No jail time.

The R&B songstress, dressed in a black dress and pearls, appeared in court with her attorney. Looking very calm and serious but yet Ultra Chic.

Pics spotted at Sandra/Rose/Getty Images

The judge ordered that Rihanna and Brown may not come within 50 yards of each other, unless they are at an event, in which case they can come within 10 yards of each other. They are not allowed to have any written or telephone contact, or contact through a third party, and the order will remain in full effect for five years.

That relationship is finished and basically he got away with it the Judge just stated in my words " you can't play with her anymore"
I'm glad this is over and hopefully young girls and Women all over can learn something from this case. If he Hit you once he will do it again it's just a matter of time.

If you or anyone you know are in a abusive relationship , AT ANY AGE VERBAL OR PHYSICAL there is HELP start here call The DV Hotline available 24 hours a day 356 days a year. 1800-799-safe (7233), also you can visit The Domestic Violence Website (Click Now)


Beyonce and husband Jay-Z grace the stage at Madison Square Garden on Sunday for her I Am... tour and was joined by Jay-Z for the night's very first song: The married power couple performed a medley of their hits "Crazy in Love" and "I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)."

The crowd roared when Jay's "Crazy in Love" verse came up, but then the music swiftly changed to the Neptunes' spacey production of the rapper's hit. Jay, decked out in dark denim, black hat, jacket, T-shirt, shades and matching Air Yeezys, ran onto the stage moments into the show, surprising the barely settled audience. From the looks of it, Jay was also sporting a black do-rag under his fitted cap, a sign that he's cut his hair and the recording for his upcoming The Blueprint 3 is wrapping up.



Other people news, now I usually don't report on this kind of story but this is sad. The media has finally got there wish in breaking up this family. Last night Jon and Kate announced on there TLC show that they have filed for a legal separation and that they will now have joint custody of the 8 kids. She would continue to live in the $1.1 million dollar 24-acre home the couple bought last year. On the days Jon is to watch the kids he would then stay at the house and she would stay somewhere else. legal proceedings were initiated in Pennsylvania to dissolve the ten-year marriage of Jon and Kate Gosselin," the text stated, confirming Monday afternoon reports of a legal filing at a county courthouse near the couple's home in Wernersville, PA. Based on the comments made during their separate interviews, it appeared as though Jon was the one who pushed for the separation.
"They love it here, this is their house, we bought this house for them not for us. The security, the room, the land -- [it's] all for them," Jon said. "I won't be here every day obviously. I don't have the schedule [yet], I'll miss them a lot."
Jon said he's excited about the new start (Translation can now see the other woman legally), while it was obvious Kate was distraught. The show now will go on hiatus until the dust settles.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Day of Reckoning Rihanna will break four months of silence in a Los Angeles courtroom today when she takes the witness stand and testifies about SMACKDOWN and the beating she received at the hands of former boyfriend Chris Brown following a dispute last February. Brown has entered a plea of not guilty on felony assault charges in connection with the case.

RiRi is set to take the stand as a witness against Chris Brown in his preliminary hearing, which begins at 1:45 PM PT.

Rihanna's testimony is hugely important. Will she stick to the story she told cops the night of the beating? Rihanna said Brown had beaten her before and the violence was escalating
Also hugely important .... the photos of Rihanna's battered face. We've published one pic graphically showing the brutality of the beating. But we're told that photo pales by comparison to photos taken the next day after the bruising and swelling settled. Those photos will almost certainly be introduced into evidence during the prelim.

The judge has rejected TV or livestream coverage. We'll have constant updates.


E ONLINE is reporting that Drake and Rihanna both attended the One Year Later Movie after party in NYC this weekend.
Sources say they left separately but sources could tell they were very much together
Catching constant glances at each other from across the room to make sure the other knew I'm with you. Looks like it's almost official that Rihanna and Chris Sleazy aka Ike Turner Jr is O00-VA!!


Wow that was quick, I wonder has the last installment been made on that engagement ring?? It was just Thursday she was spotted leaving Barneys New York in Beverly Hills spending Dream's money and flashing her new engagement ring. Lesson for all GOLD DIGGERS perseverance, sometimes it pays off.

The inseparable attention starved, duo flew their family and friends to the Palms Resort & Casino to toast their upcoming nuptials, reports RadarOnline.com. The party was held in Las Vegas Friday night.

The party started at the pool and ended up in one of the hotel’s plush suites, with guests enjoying music into the early morning. The dress code called for casual attire and swimwear.

Ray Kay, who directed several of Christina’s music videos, was among the guests. “I’m at Christina Milian and Dream’s engagement party in Vegas,” he tweeted.

The couple began dating earlier this year. Christina will release her new album Elope on The-Dream’s Radio Killa Records this fall (F**cking for Tracks).

No wedding date has been announced. Dream who has 3 kids with ex-wife Nivea, who has a baby on the way by Lil Wayne (mouth full there). No comment from Nivea's Camp yet on engagement announcement.
Although I wish a congratulations to the Fake Duo....Something tell me this is another publicity stunt..!! (To Be Continued)

Mel B Celebrates Birthday at Wet Republic In Vegas!!

The reason why I diet, this girl body is SICK!!. Today, WET REPUBLIC welcomed Mel B as she celebrated her 35th birthday at a sizzling poolside affair with Kelly Monaco and cast members from her sexy Las Vegas burlesque production.

Eddie Murphy baby mama Spice Girl and "Dancing with the Stars" contestant put every bikini-clad babe at WET REPUBLIC to shame when she stepped out into the party scene causing jaws to drop from every direction.
Known for having one of the best bodies in the entertainment industry Mel B. was seen wearing not one, but four different bikinis as she showed off her amazing figure at Vegas' hottest pool party destination. Mel B had a constant smile on her face as she spent the afternoon partying, dancing and enjoying the company of her husband and close friends.

Mel B, Kelly Monaco and the cast of PEEPSHOW
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