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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Preview Two Hot New Beyonce Videos Broken Hearted Girl & Sweet Dreams

Sasha Fierce has been working while working as we know she is currently on Tour , And two new videos have leaked when does she find the time? Apparently there is a third new video that will premiere sometime within the next few months. But only two of them have actually surfaced (leaked) online today a low quality version of Broken Hearted Girl and a behind the scenes look at Sweet Dreams.
Understand these videos are a leak and the quality is poor, which mean they can and will be JACKED at any moment. You can view them both on Flickr.
I suggest you move fast because "Big Diva"
label is not happy about the leaks and is having them pulled down quickly. Beyonce-Broken-Hearted Girl ************************************************************************************ Sweet Dreams Video

Friday, June 12, 2009


Rihanna and Chris Brown went face-to-face at last night's Lakers/Magic game in Orlando -- fortunately there was a length of the court in between them! How convenient these too are Playing there STANS, they are still a couple (remember you heard it hear first).
What they want people too do is be OK with them being in the same building together first and then they will ease there way on the same Red Carpet and then ,hand and hand. While everyone forgets how much of a Lil Monster Chris Sleazy really is.
But none of this can happen until the Court date.
Maybe they are backing staying in Diddy's Mansion on the low?? Trust me this is a well Planned move!!

Video: Cassie Ft. Diddy - ‘Must Be Love’!!

Cassie and her Boyfriend Diddy are finally together. Cassie with her half Brtiney-ish half shaved head sets the house ablaze in the video for “Must Be Love” directed by Bernard Gourley (50 Cent, Flo Rida). The clip co-stars Diddy and her jacked up haircut make an appearance. Girl you can't sang...I understand why you shaved your head you need all the ATTENTION YOU CAN GET!! Positve note-Beat is HOT!!
Child I want to glue some tracks on that ball side!!

Obama writes girl a note for missing school!!

Now this is a sweet story, President Obama hands 10-year-old Kennedy Corpus a note to excuse her for missing school so she could hear him speak in Green Bay, Wis. The President Note: Please excuse absence "She's with Me".
Kennedy Corpus has a rock-solid excuse for missing the last day of school: a personal note to her teacher from President Barack Obama.Her father, John Corpus of Green Bay, stood to ask Obama about health care during the president's town hall-style meeting at Southwest High School on Thursday.

"Do you need me to write a note?" Obama asked. The crowd laughed, but the president was serious. And issued the 10year old absentee note.


The Clipse ft. Pharrell - I’m Good!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'm convince Keyshia Cole Mom is on that stuff. A very good friend of mind who is an upcoming R & B singer was performing at an Old School Concert in Al and the Host was Frankie. Frankie was in full winter gear in 95 degree weather. She snapped these photos of Frankie who was out of control as usual. Not only did Frankie show up hella late to the Venue she offend the crowd with her rants.
Frankie: Y'all if you have family member who are on drugs stick by them, (Then in mid sentence she says) "Shout Out To Keyshia Cole she's in Concert right now. Damn I gotta go Pee, y'all I gotta go Pee. Keep in mind she announcing an artist coming too the stage. This is were it get bizarre, Frankie leaves the stage goes into a portable potty because this is an outside festival...no sink...comes out and then start shaking people's hand. UGHHHH....!!! NASTY!!
All my friend can do is shake her head. Shout out to T.King for the inside scoop


Have you ever wanted to smell like 50 cent? The fresh smell of Drama, Chaos, and Hate all in one bottle. 50 Cent as landed an exclusive deal with Macy's to launch his new fragrance called "Power By 50". 50 cent fragrance "Power by 50" will be released via a partnership with fragrance firm Lighthouse Beauty and is scheduled to hit Macy's store just in time for Christmas. Maybe the bottle will be in the shape of a 9mm or a bullet?

Chris Lighty had the following to say about his new venture with 50:

I wanted to take that synergy to the next level by establishing a destination for artists and celebrities to create and distribute their brands from start to finish.

What we’ll do at Lighthouse Beauty is not only transform a name into a product, but also take that product from its inception to the shelves.”

The Black Eyed Peas Celebrate the Deluxe Version of The E.N.D!!

The Black Eyed Peas Celebrate the Launch of the Exclusive Deluxe Version of The E.N.D with then help of Target yesterday at Griffen in the NYC. Rihanna and Kanye West were in the building for the event. Of course, there was a frenzy with all the paps trying to catch a glimpse of them.


Kayne sat down with a chat with the woman of the View. He shared his thoughts on “American Idol” winner Kris Allen’s cover of “Heartless,” dealing with the passing of his mother, and his new book, Thank You and You’re Welcome! Also he announced he is going on tour with Lady Ga Ga, he also explained she's not the opening act they will be on stage together. Should be interesting..Also peep Kayne singing Heartless Country style. He was actually Charming this time less-ego.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


THE PLOT THICKENS... not only is SUPER SPERM, Lil Wayne having a baby with Lauren London now Nivea is confirmed Pregnant. Keep in mind he has a Newborn baby Damn Bitches does anybody use a Condom these days??

FreddyO states: Last week my boy called to tell me that the one and only Nivea was about to have a baby. Yes, she’s pregnant. I would like to be the first to send my congrats to her and her baby daddy soon to be husband, Wayne. The two are said to be marrying with in the next few months. Hmmmm, I wonder about that. Wayne will also be having a child with the one and only Lauren London. WOW…. I wonder what they said when they both found out about each other...

Peep Video below of Nivea calling in to local Radio Station V-103 happy as can be, now that the world knows she will be Baby Mama number 5. (Girl Stop). Nivea also has a baby by Producer Dream.

Seriously lady outside of his Money What?? I don't care if he' packing a 20 inch D**CK ...I would have to pass. Consider how these babies are going too look...God Help Us All!!.. GOOD LAWD!! They need to be tested??


Bodybuilder or some might say 27year old, Tennis Champ Serena Williams shows off her massive curves while she shops for the high-end denim at True Religion Jean store on Tuesday. I wonder do those Jeans come with extra fabric for that massive Ass? Of course she picks the location of Robertson Blvd in CA where all the Stalkarazzi hang out. Common main squeeze sped off in what I would call "The Mother ship" a Cherry Red Bentley, all for the Shutter-bugs.
Serena had a disappointing 2009 French Open, after getting seeded 2nd in singles. She lost to eventual champion,
This Car is FI-YA!!


Chris Brown and Omarion seen budding it up at courtside at Game 3 of the NBA Finals in Orlando on Tuesday. A couple days ago Rihanna was seen cheering on the Lakers at Game 2 in L.A. Lil Wayne and Ludacris also witnessed the Magic defeat the Lakers (Go Magic),in Florida. Final Score rlando Magic 108, Los Angeles Lakers 104

Lil Wayne Air Yeezys & His Watch

Kim Kardashian's Gets Wiggy With It...Check Out New Do!!

Kim Kardashian just loves playing with her hair. Blow Up Doll aka Kim shows off her latest Wig with stylist to the stars, Ken Paves, who glammed Kim up with a short 'do for a recent photo shoot.
"Last week I did a spread for Oprah's O magazine," Kim writes on her official blog below a pic of her "new" hair. "O magazine has always been a magazine I read for inspiration. I can't give away the concept just yet but it involved other reality stars

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Couples to Watch: Summer 2009!!! (See Who Made The Cut)!!

Here we go...This is a short list of who's Hot right now, from Keyshia Cole, to Tyra Banks, Dream, Eva and more here are the Couples too watch this summer. Who will make it too the Alter? Who won't make it through the summer? We Love Nick and Mariah relationship seems to be real. We also toast Keyshia Cole's new Romance with her Boobie "You Go Girl". Eva and Lance Our Black Barbie and Ken love them too. Now to the side pieces Dreamillian ...Christina Millian sleeps with ever producer that produces her a track (ie.Dre from Cool & Dre), in hopes to boost her dying career truly "HO SIT DOWN". Cassie girl Diddy is a middle age Player who will sleep with any Pretty Girl who gives it up. I hope you are protecting yourself because word on the street (Condoms Optional). Count the kids child!! There is Honorable mention we are not sure yet if this is Real or if this is just side piece Swagger and that's Taraij P. Henson and her new Boo. Either way Love is in the Air for now and we are watching. We Will do a Part 2 at the end of the summer.
Taraji P. Henson and Los Angeles Lakers forward Lamar Odom
J-Hud and Punk are engaged with a Baby on the way
Tyra and her Boyfriend
Lance and Eva are engaged they are so cute together
Neyo and Longtime girlfriend Tennielle


Talk about keeping it all in the family. Beyonce was already slotted to perform at the BET Awards on June 28. Now her Husband D.O.A. Jay-Z has just signed on the Bill. This is going to be one Hell of a show.

The 2009 BET Awards is already the biggest awards show of the year with Jamie Foxx hosting and performances from Beyonce, Kanye West, Ne-Yo, Maxwell and The-Dream. So how can it get even bigger? Jay-Z

With Shawn Corey Carter announcing that his highly-anticipated "Blueprint 3" album is on its way, his surprise appearance at Summer Jam and the recently released “Death of Auto-Tune” making waves throughout the industry, it is only appropriate that Jay-Z grace the stage at the 2009 BET Awards.

Apollo Theater's 75th Anniversary Gala Concert & Awards !!

The Harlem landmark New York's Apollo Theater hosts its 75Th anniversary fundraising concert and awards ceremony Monday night. Jamie Foxx and Mariah Carey were on hand to honor the inductees, and Anita Baker and The O'Jays performed. Bill Cosby and his wife, Camille, will be presented the Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis Arts & Humanitarian Award.
Fantasia catching flies...I mean singing her heart out!!
Sherri Shepard and Mystery Man??
Camille Cosby and Bill Cosby
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