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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Loose Change a.k.a. 50 cents Threatens To Quit Rap If he Does Not Out Sell Kanye West...Upcoming Album

Loose change A.K. A. FIDDY believes his new album will outsell Kanye West's upcoming disc, and he's betting his solo career on it. Both 50 Cent and West have albums due out Sept. 11. 50 Cent, who has sold better than West, has been riled by forecasts that sales of West's "Graduation" could rival those for his "Curtis" CD. "Let's raise the stakes," the 31-year-old rapper told hip-hop Web site SOHH.com in an interview posted Friday. "If Kanye West sells more records than 50 Cent on September 11, I'll no longer write music. I'll write music and work with my other artists, but I won't put out anymore solo albums." (I pray this happen so he can go sit his ass down somewhere arrogant bastard) An e-mail sent to West's publicist wasn't immediately returned Friday. 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson, has been publicly disparaging of West before. In 2005, he suggested the 29-year-old rapper's popularity was only possible because of 50's own success. This is just loose change way of trying to sell Cd's who is he fooling don't fall for it!!! ******************************************************************************** HOUSE OF GLITZ: WE WILL NOT BE FOOLED BY ANOTHER ONE OF YOUR PUBLICITY STUNTS SIT YOUR ASS DOWN ....IN CHURCH SOMEWHERE !!!

It's a Girl for R&B Singer Tamia and Grant Hill

R&B singer Tamia and hoops star Grant Hill welcomed a baby girl to their family on Thursday. Lael Rose Hill arrived in Orlando, Fla., weighing 8 lbs. 6 oz., and mother and daughter are doing fine, a rep tells PEOPLE. It's the second child – daughter Myla Grace is five – for Tamia, 32, and the NBA star who says, "Lael looks like Myla." After six seasons with the Orlando Magic, Hill, 34, has been traded to the Phoenix Suns. The family will move to Arizona later this month. The singer announced her pregnancy on her MySpace page in March. Hill told PEOPLE he was "thrilled" about the growing family, and despite being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2003, Tamia said she feels "fine." ********************************************************************************* HOUSE OF GLITZ: HOW SWEET..!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Pics are from them leaving Megan Good's birthday party last night in LA, Tisha Campbell-Martin and hubby Duane Martin are not separated, according to a friend of the ‘My Wife & Kids’ star. A pal of the actress, who asked to remain anonymous, said that the former ‘Martin’ star is aware of the rumor and feels it doesn’t even warrant a response. Apparently, Martin and her ‘All of Us’ husband usually participate in a prison outreach event together in Pennsylvania. When she attended the event solo this year, rumors began on a Philadelphia radio station that they were having marital problems and are separated. In addition, the e-mail circulating online claiming that TMZ.com reported on a split is completely bogus! **************************************************************************** HOUSE OF GLITZ: MISERY LOVES COMPANY...GOOD TO SEE THEY ARE STILL HAPPY OR AT LEAST FOR NOW..!!

PICS:: 2007 HFPA Annual Installation Luncheon

******************************************************************************** HOUSE OF GLITZ: EVA DRESS AND SHOES ARE BAD..!!, J-LO OUTFIT IS CUTE ALSO..!!

Emporio Armani Diamonds Commercial Featuring Beyonce

******************************************************************************** HOUSE OF GLITZ: HOT COMMERCIAL..!!


Jermaine Dupri is set to release his autobiography, Young, Rich, and Dangerous: My Life in Music on October 16th. The book promises to reveal what life was like in the studio working with Mariah, Usher, and many more. Wonder if he will talk about his personal relationship with Janet. Should be an interesting read


TMZ snatched this exclusive picture of Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown at Joe’s Crab Shack in Atlanta on Tuesday. They both look high as hell in my opinion. Their divorce was finalized back in April but I guess they are still on good terms. Bobby has been linked with everyone from Superhead to Kim Kardashian and we all know Whitney had Ray J before LiL Him/Kim . It is also Ms. Houston 44th Birthday. ****************************************************************************** HOUSE OF GLITZ: YOU KNOW HOW WE DO IT ..."SAME TIME MAN, SAME TIME..PUFF, PUFF GIVE"...!!!


Jonathan Plummer, the ex-husband of “Waiting to Exhale” author Terry McMillan, has written a novel about a Jamaican man whose ordinary life was disrupted when a powerful woman crosses his path and brings him into her world. Sound familiar? “Balancing Act: A Novel,” to be released Sept. 4 by Simon & Schuster, is described by the company as “a sexy and satisfying novel as deliciously racy as the life he lived," reports Contra Costa Times. Although the work is fiction, the story is based on his own marriage to McMillan, which ended in a nasty divorce in 2006 after he revealed to her that he is gay. ____________________________________________________________________________________ In “Balancing Act,” the woman owns a modeling agency and decides to sign the “handsome Jamaican man,” described in a press release as having “hazel green eyes offset by dark chocolate skin" as well as a "perfect body and defiant attitude." All make the woman's "palms sweat." But the young man "discovers a hidden hunger for a male model." ********************************************************************************** HOUSE OF GLITZ: WAY TO RUB IT IN ASSHOLE, WHY DOES HE CONTINUE TO TRY TO CAPITALIZE ON THIS HE ALREADY PUBLICLY HUMILIATED THE WOMAN NOW A BOOK THAT DETAILS THE LIES AND DECEPTION WOW. RULE #1 NEVER DATE A SO CALLED STRAIGHT MAN WHO GET'S HIS EYEBROWS ARCH (GAY FROM THE START)...ALTHOUGH I WILL BE READING HOUSE LOVES DRAMA..!!!


(MAMA TUCKER) *********************************************************************************** HOUSE OF GLITZ: LONG AWAITED 3RD INSTALLMENT STARTS TOMORROW AUG. 10TH SHOULD BE GOOD..!!


Looks like Mel B pulled Janet and kept her marriage to music producer Stephen Belafonte under wraps for months. Ok, maybe not a Janet but no one knew she was married. Read on: Scary Spice, aka Melanie Brown wed her boyfriend Stephen Belafonte in June, her rep confirmed to Access Hollywood. It is the bride’s second marriage. Mel previously was married to Jimmy Gulzar, a former backup dancer for the Spice Girls. Gulzar is the father of Mel’s oldest daughter, Phoenix Chi. In related news, earlier today, Brown canceled her appearance on CNN’s “Larry King Live” which was set for broadcast this evening. She cited sickness on the part of herself and her baby Angel Iris as the reason for pulling out of the show. A rep for the curly-haired singer told Access, Brown is attempting to reschedule her interview with Larry King.] ********************************************************************************* HOUSE OF GLITZ: WHAT'S UP WITH THE RACE TO THE ALTER IN HOLLYWEIRD?? THEY SWITCH MATES LIKE LIL KIM SWITCHES HAIR!!! NOW EDDIE NEW BABY HAS 2 BABY DADDIES THIS IS ALL BECOMING A MESS..!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tracey Edmonds Speaks out In Jet Magazine About "James Earl" aka Eddie Murphy

Tracey Edmonds covered the August 5th issue of JET magazine and she candidly talked about her relationship with Eddie Murphy, revealing that she knew about the paternity issue with Melanie Brown all along: Tracey - who was previously married to music star Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds for 13 years - reveals she isn’t too bothered by the dispute between her actor fiancé, who proposed to her with a yellow diamond Cartier engagement ring, and his Spice Girl ex-lover. “The Melanie Brown situation had absolutely no impact on my relationship with Eddie. I knew about the potential paternity issue,” she told JET magazine. “That relationship was long over and so it had absolutely no impact on Eddie and I. Eddie is a wonderful man. He’s a wonderful father and so I’ve been supportive of him throughout this whole journey. We’re very happy and we’re going strong.” And Tracey, who hasn’t set a date for the upcoming nuptials yet, says that she and Eddie, who met years ago, connect on various levels. “He’s obviously funny but he’s really brilliant to talk to. He’s very creative,” she added gushingly. *********************************************************************************** HOUSE OF GLITZ: WAY TO STAND BY MEL B 'S BABY DADDY HUH?? EDDIE IS PUTTING IT ON THESE WOMAN HE GOT SOMETHING GOING FOR HIM AND IT'S MORE THEN MONEY READ BETWEEN THE LINES/SHEETS..!!


Here is the official print ad for Mariah Carey’s new fragrance, “M by Mariah Carey.” The perfume goes on sale this fall. Mariah will receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame sometime this year. ************************************************************************************ HOUSE OF GLITZ: COOL LOOKING AD WONDER WHAT IT WILL SMELL LIKE?? KNOWING HER BUTTERFLIES..!!


The 2007 MTV Video Music Awards nominees were announced today. Beyoncé and Justin Timberlake lead the pack with seven nominations each, followed closely by Kanye West and Rihanna with five and newcomer Amy Winehouse with three. JT’s “What Goes Around … ” and Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable” will face off in the Video of the Year category, alongside West’s “Stronger,” Rihanna’s “Umbrella,” Winehouse’s “Rehab,” and French electro duo Justice’s “D.A.N.C.E.” The awards will be coming to you live from the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas on September 9 at 9 p.m. Performers for this year’s show include Justin Timberlake, Kanye West with Common and T-Pain, Timbaland with Keri Hilson, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Lily Allen, and Amy Winehouse. Click here for a full list of nominees. More photos from the “TRL


After years of speculations and media attention Barry Bonds has broke Hank Aaron all time Home run record by hitting Number 756 nobody has hit more Home runs as this San Francisco star. On Tuesday night at his home ballpark. It didn't matter how many of them might have been fueled by steroids or performance-enhancers. Bonds has the title of home run king all to himself, ending Aaron's 33-year reign. "This record is not tainted at all. At all. Period," Bonds said. And more than 43,000 adoring Giants fans, including his godfather, Hall of Famer Willie Mays, surely agree. ************************************************************************************* HOUSE OF GLITZ: LET'S ALL POP OUR STEROIDS AT THE SAME TIME AS WE CONGRATULATE THIS S.O.B...!!!


Picures of Lauryn Hill playing dress up NEVER get old. TMZ described her style as "an '80s remix of Grace Jones crazy meets Ronald McDonald rouge with a dibble-dabble of Thriller era Jacko." As the cool comment kids would say, co-sign. Oddly enough the look works for her, but for the rest of us REGLA people . . . not quite. ******************************************************************************** HOUSE OF GLITZ: I HAVE TRULY RAN OUT OF WORDS..!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Well it now looks like a divorce is imminent. People extremely close to Kobe Bryant, who claims that the 28 year old ball player is ready to put an end to his 6 year marriage. The insider tells all, "They've been trying [to make things better] now for more than a year, but it's just not working out ... Kobe's in the process of moving out [of their home] and both are ready to officially end things." But if you're expecting fireworks in the divorce battle - you might be disappointed. According to our inside source, Kobe and Vanessa will likely settle everything quietly. Our insider explains, "There's very little for [Kobe and Vanessa] to fight over. Since there was no pre-nuptial agreement, Vanessa's entitled to half the marital assets ... Besides, Kobe stands to make a lot more money in the years to come - and that will be all his." During his professional career, Bryant is estimated to have drawn in close to $200M in earnings. And the superstar's future earnings look even brighter. The Lakers currently owe him $88.6 million in salary over the next four seasons. And he has a number of very lucrative endorsement deals - including one with $18M left on it from Nike. *********************************************************************************** HOUSE OF GITZ: SHE WILL LEAVE WITH A BIG PURSE FEEL SAD FOR THE LITTLE ONES...!!!

Diddy's Back At It ...He Plans Yacht Date With Sienna Miller...

All of those rumors about Diddy and Sienna Miller are looking more like facts these days. The recently-single rap mogul is making preparations to take the British babe on his boat. Though Diddy denied that he was romantically interested in Miller, there are reports to the contrary. Apparently the pair will enjoy some time on a private yacht setting sail from Ibiza later this week trust if he steps 1 foot on a boat with her the stalkarazzi will catch every moment and HOUSE will post every moment... (to be continued). *********************************************************************************** HOUSE OF GLITZ: YEA..WE KNEW IT WAS JUST A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE HE CHANGED SHADES...HE DIDN'T TAKE MUCH TIME HUH??...!! POOR KIM HE ALWAYS PUTS IT IN HER FACE..!!!


The next time you whip out your credit card to make a purchase, you may hear “Bootylicious” playing in the background. American Express has announced that Beyonce Knowles will be their next celebrity rep. The credit card company has reportedly signed the 25yr old singer/actress to a multi-million dollar ad campaign that will launch in late 2007. And she’s getting a jump start on her duties by shooting some print ads in NY yesterday.(SEE BELOW PICS ON THE SET) *********************************************************************************** HOUSE OF GLITZ: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$...ENOUGH SAID..!!

New Pics: Janet Jackson In Miami

Look at Ms. Jackson Word was she was pissed the paparazzi were there and tried to get them banned. She is currently working on her new album and is going to be starring in the new Tyler Perry movie, “Why Did I get Married?” out later this year looking back fit again. ******************************************************************************* HOUSE OF GLITZ: LOOKING GOOD!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Eddie Murphy's 'Exes' Unite..MEL B & EX-WIFE NICOLE

Eddie Murphy's new baby girl and his youngest daughter with his ex-wife have met – but Eddie didn't have a thing to do with it. Spice girl Melanie Brown and Murphy's ex-wife Nicole Mitchell, were spotted enjoying a "really friendly" lunch at the exclusive Ivy restaurant in Beverly Hills Thursday afternoon, The Associated Press reports. "They seemed really friendly toward one another," a source tells People.com. "They had a pretty private meal in the back corner, away from all of us." After sharing 12 years of marriage and five children, Mitchell and Murphy divorced. Murphy began dating Brown, 32, last year, but the two are no longer a couple. The meeting comes just one day after Brown and her laywer Gloria Allred filed a lawsuit seeking to legally establish paternity and asks for unspecified child support for their 3-month-old daughter, Angel Iris Murphy Brown. What do you think Mel B and Nicole's meeting was about? ********************************************************************************* HOUSE OF GLTIZ: HOW COOL IS..THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE DONE "IT IS WHAT IT IS"..!!!


ROUGH LOVE..!! Ray J and rumored girlfriend Lil' Kim turned heads while walking the red carpet at Rodeo Drive Experience event in Beverly Hills over the weekend. I'm usually all for the distribution of celebrity sex tapes but I don't think that I could bring myself to watch these two humping around. Besides, gremlin porn is a federal offense in 37 states, Georgia included.


Godfather of Soul James Brown was named the real father of two more children on Friday. He publicly acknowledged six children, but new DNA testing revealed that LaRhonda Petitt, and another unidentified individual are also Brown's kids. Petitt, who was interviewed by the Augusta Chronicle, is 45-years-old -- the oldest of Brown's identified children. She revealed that Brown picked her mother out of a Los Angeles audience and the two began dating, but that Brown split when he found out about the pregnancy. Said Petitt, "I was angry that he was out there making all this money, and he wasn't doing anything for my mother and me. I could have had a better life. No word on if any money will be given to these new children. ************************************************************************************ HOUSE OF GLITZ: DAMMMMMMM...PAPA WAS A ROLLING STONE..!!!

Tyra Banks films a commercial for "The Tyra Banks Show" In NY

Tyra Bank show has moved to New York this year and the new season starts this fall also Tyra has a brother in the Military who is scheduled to go to Iraq this year we wish him well. ********************************************************************************* HOUSE OF GLITZ: LOOKING GOOD..!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2007


Usher and Man-eka FoSter reportedly tied the knot, House has sadly confirmed, the two reportedly exchanged vows in a private ceremony in Usher's lawyers office. (I'm sure this was after the pre-nup was signed). Usher's mom attended the shot-gun wedding despite her public disapproval of her man-in-law (man-eka). I guess it's true Voodoo does work as proven from this story no one knows what the problem was last weekend when they were originally scheduled to be married in the Hamptons speculations was Mom disapproval and the pre-nup. After casting a new spell Man-eka has won and got my I mean her Ush....Cheers Bitches!!!! ********************************************************************************** HOUSE OF GLITZ: THIS MOTHER F....BXXX!! WTF...!!, SHIXX!! E.T.C., E.T.C!!!!
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