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Saturday, April 18, 2009


I'm so tired of these D-listed celebrities racking up there Reality show dollars with no real acting or talent at all. But Brandy who is a very talented Actress/R & B singer has landed herself a new JOB. Unlike Lil Bro Ray J who's slutting himself out on VH1 Brandy is relying on real talent to collect a check.

Little Moesha is Back! Brandy will return to series television in the ABC pilot “This Little Piggy.” The comedy, according to the Hollywood Reporter, follows two adult siblings (Jeff Davis, Rebecca Cheskoff) who move in with their eldest brother (Kevin Rahm). Brandy, who starred in the long-running UPN sitcom “Moesha,” will play Davis’ high-maintenance wife. I will be checking for this...Read More (Click Now)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Lupe Fiasco & Justin Timberlake to Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro for Charity!!

Lupe Fiasco Justin Timberlake

This is AWESOME!!!, Ethiopian pop singer Kenna has enlisted Chi town finest Lupe Fiasco to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in an effort to bring awareness to the worldwide water crisis. This issue hits home for Kenna, whose father nearly died as a child due to a lack of clean drinking water.

“My dad almost died as a child from waterborne diseases in Ethiopia, and he had talked to me about digging a well there,” Kenna explained to Elle Magazine. “I thought, ‘I have too many friends who would be concerned with the subject of clean water.’ Maybe I can help out.”

Mount Kilimanjaro boasts the highest peak on the African continent at 19,330 feet. Most routes to the top of the mountain take a maximum of 6 to 7 days. Although the voyage is a popular retreat amongst climbers, the journey is not without its dangers. An estimated 10 people die every year attempting to climb Kilimanjaro.

“I’m an adventure junkie,” Fiasco stated. “Part of the motivation is beating Kenna to the top. Sabotaging his tent, taking the lining out of his coat, [and] lacing it with ants or something like that.”



Last year, Monica was featured on Peachtree TV’s reality programming, “The Single: Monica.” Her sixth album, Still Standing, is set for release later this year on J Records. Monica is so GHETTO, this just might work not to mention her Gangsta Boo boyfriend Rocko and there kids. Another interesting choice for a new Show. Monica’s will be at BET, the Grammy-winning, multi-platinum artist’s unscripted series, titled “Monica: Standing Up,” will focus on her life in Atlanta and her attempt to rebound following disappointing sales of her last album. BET has greenlit Breakin’ Up With Mo’Nique” will mark the network’s first late-night talk show, “Monica: Standing Up” will focus on the singer’s attempt to launch a comeback following an unpopular album, and Every Body hates Chris Terry Crews ... “Crews Control” will focus on the actor, his wife and five children.

Keshia and her live-in boyfriend, Atlanta businessman Kaseem Penn, have inked a deal with the Oxygen Network to star in Keshia and Kaseem, a show designed to give the audience an idea of what it’s like to be “young, rich, single and co-habitating.”

The show will debut this fall.


I mean, I'm just saying are you never not knocked up?. Seal is laying it down any way Congratulations to the couple.
It’s official - there’s another Seal cub on the way. Super Model Heidi Klum is expecting a fourth child, her third with husband Seal.

The baby is due this fall and will join Leni, 4, (whose dad is Italian businessman Flavio Briatore), Henry Gunther, 3, and Johan Riley, 2. seen below in NY.

“So many people say, ‘I am so done.’ That hasn’t come out of my mouth, and it hasn’t come out of Seal’s mouth either,” Klum told Redbook magazine last July. “I feel like we still have one coming.”

The pregnancy rumors started earlier this week when sketches for Project Runway Host Klum for a couture show were released, designed for someone about four months pregnant. Klum was spotted at FAO Schwarz in New York City Wednesday, shopping for toys.

I'm sorry those boys and Seal have a face only a wife and a mother can love click now too see a closer view of what I'm talking about.


CW The Game still needs our help, they got the million hits they requested on the website, but it's not over. They still need our help.

Matthew Cherry, the creator of the Change The Game Campaign (Who never gets in front of the camera by the way) and Barry Floyd made a special video today thanking fans of the show and informing them on what the next steps are to continue to help Change The Game. Check it out.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Now this should be interesting with a Thug for a boyfriend and a struggling career, money problems, bad wardrobe e.t.c. Tasia Mae aka American Idol Season 3 winner Fantasia Barrino is set to return to reality television in a new unscripted series on VH1. This probably will be a cross between "Keyshia Cole the Way it is" and her sis and mom new show "Frankie and Neffie".

The project will chronicle the nine-time Grammy-nominated singer’s life as a recording artist and young single mother.

The 24-year-old North Carolina native will reprise her role as “Celie” in The Color Purple: The Musical playing at the Kennedy Center in Washington this summer.

Fantasia’s VH1 reality show debuts early next year.


As we know , the new season of the ATL Housewives will be full weaves, wigs, and all things Fake. Word on the street is that two of the Housewives came to blows yesterday in Atlanta’s Atlantic Station, just outside of Bow Wow’s mother’s store, Taste.

Supposedly Ne ne was dropped off my her husband just outside of Taste. She was signing autographs and greeting fans when a white Bentley pulled up. Kim Zolciak got out of the car and all hell broke loose. The got into a huge argument and started slapping each other. Nene tried to pull out Kim’s weave, but was unsuccessful. The camera crew was there to catch the fight and they looked really embarrassed as they broke everything up. I think it was staged because as soon as they got Kim and Nene in separate cars, Bow Wow’s mom, Teresa, randomly returned. Keep in mind this is the 2nd time they are supposedly threw down?

These Bitches are stupid: The only problem with this story is, if this happen this would have made the news in ATL just like when Ne Ne house was foreclosed on the news cameras were all up in her weave. I say put them in a ring and "lets do this the right way". To be continued!!

Kanye West “Amazing” Official Song Of NBA Playoffs 2009

Now this is cool!... Skittles aka Kanye West is the official voice of the 2009 NBA Playoffs.

In a new music video produced by NBA Entertainment, the Grammy winner’s hit single “Amazing” serves as the soundtrack to some of the most incredible performances of the NBA postseason. I love the song..and the NBA perfect fit!!


Day26's "Forever In A Day" Album Release Party

The best R & B group that is out right now, Robert Curry from Day26, Dawn Richard from Danity Kane and Qwanell ‘Que’ Mosely from Day26 attend the Day26 ‘Forever in a Day’ album release after party at Bijoux Lounge on Tuesday, April 14th in NY.

The usual suspects except Boss Man Diddy did not attended the event. The group also singed copies of their sophomore album at Best Buy earlier in the day. Check out some pics below.

Dawn from Danity Kane and Q from Day 26, thought they broke up?
Gorilla Zoe...with that Nasty Tat...Back at you FAT SO!!
Danielle owner from the show Candy Girls
The new face of Anorexia Jaslene ANTM cycle winner!!

YIPPE YO, YIPPEE YEA!!...Snoop Dogg Wax Figure At Madame Tussauds In The Works!!

The only question I have is Will he be smoking or sipping on something when they finish?

Big Dogg , West Coast hip-hop boss Snoop is the next celeb in line to be immortalized in wax at the World Famous Madame Tussauds Museum. Snoop In Wax will debut later this year.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The Norwoods were spotted spending some sibling time together on Monday afternoon. The two were spotted walking back to their cars- Range Rovers after having lunch in LA. Both dress too the Tee, Brandy rocking her updated Beatles hair cut with that FIERCE BAG. The haircut will have to grow on me a little to flat on the head. But I Gotta find out who's the maker of that bag so Peanut and nem can cop me one.!!! Ray J rocking Polo with the Gucci sneakers basically they showed up photo ready.

Brandy is reportedly in the studio working on her 6Th album and Ray J is set to film the reunion show of his VH1 series ‘For The Love of Ray J‘ this week in Cali. The show will be hosted by Lala Vazquez. I'm sure Yaki Straight weave will be flying everywhere when this airs!!


Rihanna looking stunning and far removed from her previous drama made a trip back home to Barbados in early April to help celebrate the 50Th wedding anniversary of her grandparents, Lionel and Clara Brathwaite. Here are a few unseen photos from their reunion. They look so cute. I love Ri Ri hair!!


Kimora and sexy chocolate Dijimon Honsou were spotted in LA doing a little shopping. A very pregnant Kimora still looking " Ole So Pregger Chic" was all the glow in front of the Stalkarazzi. I wonder will she launch a "Baby Phat line for the pregnant chic?? If she does it's my idea and I want my cut. HM MM..whats with the blue balloons is it a boy??


After Out Pour of support for Miley Cyrus and and Internet mutiny, Jamie Foxx stop drinking I guess and realize making fun of a 16 years old is not funny. As previously posted in my website about the inappropriate behavior of a 41 year old man.

Jamie Foxx offered an apology to Miley Cyrus on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” on Tuesday.

The Oscar winner visited the late-night show to promote his new movie The Soloist. When questioned by Leno about his recent remarks about the “Hannah Montana” star, he said, “I so apologize to her, and this is sincere because I am a comedian, and you guys know that whatever I say, I don’t mean any of it. And sometimes, as comedians, as we do, we go a little bit too far.”

The “Blame It” Comedian attributed his behavior to being a comedian. “I have a radio show. We’re really the black Howard Stern. We go at everybody. But there was a situation with Miley Cyrus, and I just want to say, I apologize for what I said. I didn’t mean it maliciously. You know I’m a comedian. You know my heart.”

Looking into the camera, he added, “Miley, I apologize, so I’ll call you. That’s sincere, right? I got a daughter too, so I completely understand. This has really been bothering me.”

Before moving on to the next topic, Foxx asked the audience, “Can I keep my comedic license?”

The 41-year-old drew backlash after making the comments on his “Foxxhole” radio show over the weekend, saying that the 16-year-old pop star should “make a sex tape and grow up” and “get like Britney Spears and do some heroin.”

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Still does not excuse the fact that you are a Wifey Beater!!. The baby is cute you son not so much also check out photo below of Chris Brown walking with his new victim and it has all web talking ish!! The girl is Natalie Meji, The two were seen exiting a Tattoo Parlor in Hollyweird, maybe they are getting gun tattoo like Ri Ri to match. Chirs brown camp immediately squash this rumor in a matter of seconds here there official word:
Chris Brown is denying reports that he’s getting romantic with Girlicious singer Natalie Mejia. The R&B singer, 19, was photographed with Mejia, 20, and another man on Saturday at West Hollywood tattoo parlor Tattoo Mania, where Brown has been inked before, a source tells PEOPLE.
“Chris was in a Hollywood tattoo parlor with a woman from the recording studio named Dean, who was getting a tattoo. (Chris did not get a tattoo),” Brown’s rep tells PEOPLE. “Natalie Mejia was there with Dean. [Reports in other media] that Natalie Mejia is Chris’s new girlfriend are also false,” says the rep, adding that other rumors claiming Brown is dating a Virginia college student named Erica Jackson are also not true. Um mm hm mm...!!! ....We really don't care, we just want to make sure he does not miss his ANGER MANAGEMENT CLASSES!!


The man wiith the #1 song and Album has crossed the line, JAMIE FOXX IS AN ASS HOLE PERIOD!! Jamie foxx should no better then to go after a 16 yr old girl, especially when he has a 15 year old daughter himself. I understand you are a comedian but to attack a child gone too far.

Jamie Foxx ripped into Miley Cyrus, Flo Rida, and the Black Eyed Peas during his weekend SIRIUS Satellite Radio show “The Foxxhole.”

His words exactly: “Make a sex tape and grow up. Get like Britney Spears and do some heroin,” the Oscar winner said about the “Hannah Montana” star upon hearing that she threw a fit after not getting to meet Radiohead at the Grammys. “Do like Lindsay Lohan and get some crack in your pipe; catch chlamydia on a bicycle seat.”

Here's audio of the ordeal:

What is apparent is he needs to grow up, but see he has already made a sex tape caught sexual dieases so really he wants her to be "JUST LIKE ME"!!!


Our Lil girlfriend Bow Wow is crying a river right now After dismal first-week sales of his latest album New Jack City II ha ha ha!!..(31,000 copies), Bow Wow is calling it quits. I didn't know there was a new album out..that statement says it all. In a video posted on another blog, he announced his retirement from rap.
“This my last album because for me, there’s no more that needs to be done on the music side,” said the 22-year-old rapper, who’s released seven albums throughout his career. “There’s nothing more that I want to accomplish that I haven’t seen yet.”
The artist, born Shad Moss, will venture into other areas. “It’s time for me to move on and become Bow Wow the actor, Bow Wow the businessman.” Honey how long did you think people were going to ride with you on your Lil bike. Your fans have grown up, went to college, got a job and in IPOD. Your 10 fans are tired of you talking about your money, cars e.t.c. "NOBODY'S CHECKING FOR YOU ANYMORE. Goodbye and GOOD RIDDANCE!!!... Also Lil Bow Wow has launched in attack on bloggers who talk slick about him so.
"HI Hater"!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Such A Vibrant Thang...Q-Tip's Birthday Party!!!

Dream Hampton, Beyonce and Amanda Diva
Q-Tip and his peeps celebrate his 40th Birthday party at Santos Party House in NY, and he brought out some heavy hitters. Beyonce, Jay-Z Diddy and more. Guest, Vashtie and Sean 'P. Diddy' Comb Angie Martinez and Consequence

Keshia Knight Pulliam Celebrates Her Birthday in Vegas!!

Party of one ...Were is Bill and nem?..Tyler Perry somebody girl this looks so boring anyway, Rudy aka Keshia Knight Pulliam celebrates her 30Th Birthday at Prive Las Vegas inside the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on yesterday in Vegas.
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