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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jay-Z Opens Up about Invite to White House, Beyoncé Dance Moves and More...

Jay-Z shows up funny as he sat in the hot seat once again on the British talk show “Friday Night with Jonathan Ross". Jay talks about  his invitation to the White House, his  off the chain 40th birthday party, teaching Beyoncé her dance moves, and what he and his wife did, or didn’t do, for Valentine’s Day. He also performed his latest single “On to the Next One.” Which we love!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Give Him Sex Therapy...Tiger Woods Breaks His Silence..I Apologize

Cry me a river in case you missed "Tiger-Cheetah Woods" half -ass apology you can  see his "Oscar Winning" performance below pictured with his mom..

“I understand that people want to know if Elin and I will remain together… but it is a matter between Elin and me,” he said.Woods also asked the paparazzi to stop pursuing his two-year-old daughter and wife around Orlando.

I was unfaithful. I had affairs. I cheated. What I did was not acceptable

Do you think he's sincere?
Who Cares

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We Be Steady Sobbin?? Lil Wayne 8 Hour Dental Procedure

OK kids what's a goon to a goblin?? ...apparently a good set of teeth. Having all that infected bling in Weezy mouth has come at a hefty price. Sources tell TMZ "Young Money" front man went through "dental Hell". On Thursday (Feb. 18). During the eight-hour procedure, he had his signature grill worked on, several tooth implants redone, more implants added, and his real teeth if there were any left repaired. 

As if going to prison wasn’t bad enough, Lil Wayne had a rough day at the dentist, undergoing a harrowing eight root canals in one sitting. Sources say Weezy was more pain then he has experience in a long time.

The operation is what delayed the rapper’s one-year jail sentence. He was expected to start serving his time on February 9, but will now report to prison on March 2 after he recovers.

“It is a medical situation that, like [for] any of us, has to be addressed,” his lawyer Stacey Richman said last week. The dental surgery had been planned prior to his court date, but was postponed because his dentist was out of the country.

Video: Timberland Ft. Justin Timberlake "Carry Out"

Timbo has did again with his collabo with Justin Timberlake as they  serve up their sizzling video for “Carry Out,” the latest single from the music maestro’s Shock Value II album. The latest video is directed by Bryan Barber. 

Kelly Rowland Get's Low At Vegas Performance

How low can you go??..Kelly Rowland performed  birthday style at Haze in Vegas Aria Hotel yesterday. Kelly dressed in all black with some killer "7" inch  leporad heels looking ooh soo  fierce!!  After Kelly  got the crowd cracking with her pole dancing swing she was greeted with a cool Birthday cake.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Solange On That Next Sh****T Now..Recording New Album In A Treehouse

Bey Lil Sis is truly channeling her inner low key " Sasha Fierce" took a moment out of the chaos of Fashion Week to chat with the press about her next move and upcoming third album, which she says she will record soon in a tree house in Costa Rica.

“Yes, I’m actually about to lock myself in a tree house in Costa Rica and finish my record. I’m writing and setting up a whole studio there. Hopefully it will be out this fall,” she said. Knowles added that she’s been playing around with titles. “I haven’t settled on one, but I have the idea of ‘Sex, Drugs and Censorship,’” she said. “We’ll see!”

Ashanti Inks A Deal....New Reality Show

Struggling R-B artist Ashanti has inked a deal for a new reality show. Got get a check from somewhere right?? In an effort to revamp her career/life Ashanti signed up with Reveille Productions, the production company behind Ugly Betty and The Office to create an American Idol-type show.

Although details of the show is being kept under wraps, Ashanti's mother Tina Douglas told WENN, “It's an unscripted television show that is music related. Ashanti has her own record label, Written Entertainment, and the show is going to revolve around her label.”

Rumours are that the singer will also play host on the show.

Justin Timberlake Caught Acting Like A Diva At Fashion Week

According to the post Justin Timberlake was snapping his fingers everywhere. Forcing staff members working on his William Rast show at the Cedar Lake Theater last night to sign a gag order. A source said, "Justin made everyone sign an agreement not to gossip about him.

Then, three-quarters of the entire venue was closed off for him, so all the stylists were forced to work on 31 models in a tiny area, causing tempers to flare."  When trying to contact his peeps they gave the "talk too the hand"  no comment routine.  See how that gag order is working were talking....!!

"Oooh No He Didn't" !!!

Video: Lil Wayne...Young Money “Roger That” Sneak Peak

Young Mula baby..Young Money crew came together for what they thought was to be one of the last times before Lil Wayne went to jail for a year, but we all know how that turned out. “Roger That” from the Young Money compilation We Are Young Money was shot at Propmasters Studio in Miami with director David Rousseau and features Weezy, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, Shanell, Birdman, and more.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hole In One ....Tiger Wood Sighting..!!

Another Big Foot Sighting??.... Nope just are favorite famous recovering Sex Addict. All decked out in his sponsor Nike gear - We think he was giving a secret shout out. Tiger Woods who looked fit and focused as he went out on a run in Florida with a male friend.

 Radaronline claims this is the first time the Sex addict golf legend has surfaced since Decemeber when Stalkrazzi caught him chillin around the grounds of his rehab facility in Missisippi. Wifey is keeping the millions despite what the media say. Good for her way to fight for your family Lil Cougar.

I'm sure all of his "Gold digging " Jump Offs are licking there chops hoping for another dig.!!
In Other Tiger news ... Woods will apologize for his infidelity and speak about his plans for the future in a press conference this Friday. The announcement came in a statement from the golf star’s agent Mark Steinberg and his spokesman Glenn Greenspan Wednesday afternoon.

Video: Jay-Z And Alicia Keys Perform At Brit Awards

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys took there New York State of mind across the pond at the Brit Awards 2010. The New york natives performed “Empire State of Mind” and Jay accepted his award for International Male Solo Artist from Spice Girl Mel B.
“I also want to thank the Spice Girls ’cause they inspired me,” he remarked
Not sure how the "Spice Girls" inspired him but....oookay!! Peep Video Below

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Save The Date...Carmelo & La La Velezquaez Nuptial Date Revealed

Finially MTV VJ La La Vazquez has finally set the date -- more than five years after getting engaged to NBA star Carmelo Anthony. The couple wished their invitees a happy Valentine's Day and informed them that the wedding will take place on July 10, with invitations to follow.

La La and Carmelo, who plays for the Denver Nuggets, got engaged on Christmas Day of 2004 and welcomed a son, Kiyan, 2. Last month, La La told talk-show host Wendy Williams that she's inviting a lot of people to this long-anticipated event.

celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss, and guests for the star-studded soiree will include Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom, Kobe and Vanessa Bryant, Ciara and Michael Jordan.

Save the date!

Video: Trya Sneak Peek: Beyonce Real Talk About Her Love For Jay-Z

Sneak peek on Tyra The Grammy winning Beyonce explains why she got emotional about her recent Best Female Pop Vocal win acceptance speech, and Love for her Husband Jay-Z. Plus, get the scoop on her hot, new fragrance, while Tyra sprays Bey's Fragrance on and instantly turns into "Sasha Fierce" very funny!!

Kim Kardashian Celebrates The Launch Of Her Fragrance At Sephora

Yep another celebrity FragranceKim Kardashian celebrates the launch of the new Kim Kardashian fragrance at Sephora on February 15, 2010 in New York City. Wearing all black everything... A sleek black form fitted dress with red bottom heels cute look.

Celebrity Sightings: Kim Kardashian Reggie Bush, Gabrielle Unioin, and More...

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush at Lavo on Las Vegas, Nevada over the weekend. Dang these two Jet-setters are everywhere these days.

Kid Rock and former Run DMC member Rev Run take part in the Ultimate Rock N' Roll Wedding
Actress Gabrielle Union attends her boyfriends third annual All-Star Luncheon hosted by Dwayne Wade

Gabourey Sidibe arrives at The 60th Annual ACE Eddie Awards held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 14, 2010 in Beverly Hills, California. 
 Taylor Swift arrives at Narita, Japan.

Taylor Swift Arrives Japan Crazy Ass Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin attends the Daytona 500

Lionel Ritchie Daugther Nicole Is Engaged

Love is in the air After three years and living life in reverse with two kids together before marriage. Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have finally gotten engaged! When a fan spotted Nicole wearing a new ring on her left hand at NYC hotspot Abe & Arthur's just after 8:30 pm on Feb. 15, the fan congratulated Nicole and fiancé Joel Madden -- who both confirmed the good news.
"Thank you," a beaming Nicole told the fan. Joel echoed the thanks as well. A friend of Nicole's tells Life & Style, "she's beyond thrilled and so excited to start planning her dream wedding."

Congratualtions To The Happy couple!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Scandal: Fantasia Might Be Sued For Sleeping With A Married Man

Ummm hmm if this law was everywhere this would shut A lot of Ho's down. Taisa Mae and her "roll over minutes" married cellphone salesman Antwaun Cook affair might come at a hefty price. For Real Fantasia stunned people  when it was exposed that she has been living with the attached father of two sons in her $1.3 suburban Charlotte mansion since last fall along with all the other folks who live with her.

Fantasia, and her bold married lover were all over each other in a Charlotte nightclub Scorpio before heading off to a romantic getaway to Barbados late last year. At one point the craze R & B Singer had 30 year old Cooks name tattooed on her shoulder — which she later had covered with a heart . Because Fantasia was bold enough to floss around with  Paula's husband, A law suit might be the perfect revenge, according to the Feb. 22 issue of GLOBE.

Paula, a 36-year-old teacher, is considering suing Fantasia under an obscure North Carolina law that brands it illegal to have sex with someone who is married to someone else under any circumstances. If Paula can prove that Fanny’s been sleeping with her husband, she could win megabucks in a civil suit. After all, it has happened before. In 2001, a jury awarded one scared lover $1.4 million under the law, known as “criminal conversation.”

aula has refused to comment, but snitches tell GLOBE the devoted mom to Cook’s son — ages 5 and 18 months — is devastated: “This has been a very rough time for Paula. She and Antwaun were happy before Fantasia came into the picture.”

The sorted affair has subjected Fantasia — single mom to her 8-year-old daughter Zion — to a harsh backlash from her once devoted fans: “Her fans are Pissed. Fantasia won people’s hearts in the way she triumphed over abuse and admitted she was functionally illiterate, but now she’s acting like a selfish homewrecking SLUT.”
Fantasia is a sad story and after looking at her reality show, I realize she is SLOW IN THE HEAD and needs some serious theraphy so she can learn to love herself. Once the money goes so will her rollover mintues....

Smell Like Money...Lebron James & Jay-Z Presents 4th Annual Two Kings Dinner And After Party

"Gold Diggers Paradise" All this money in one room. Lebron James, Jay-Z,  Diddy, Dwayne Wade, Jason Kidd ,Chris Tucker, Magic Johnson, and many more attend the 4h Annual Two Kings Dinner in Dallas TX.  Before Lebron James  lead the east to victory at the All Star Game, Lebron and his B.f.f. Jay-Z suited in  all black the ‘Two Kings Dinner and afterparty’ has become an NBA All-Star weekend tradition.Before the event, Jay and LeBron spent the early part of the day in the community.

“We went to the Boys and Girls Club, gave them some scholarships,” Jay-Z explained. “I think it’s important for us, where we come from, to inspire people from the same neighborhood, same struggle as us, just so they know it’s possible. We’re living our dreams. So dreams are possible, but it’s hard work. We can be president of the United States, but everyone can’t do it.

Diddy and his sons

Russell Simmons and his latest flavor ...Russell knows he gets his man on with the ladies WOW!! At least this one is classy looking and age appropriate

(L-R) Jason Kidd and Terrell Owens 
(L-R) Dr. Michael Eric Dyson and Steve Stoute 
(L-R) Courtney Mazza and Mario Lopez

(L-R) Chris Paul and DJ Tez Carter 
  Groupie Teyana Taylor made sure she was in the house....What is she famous for again??

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