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Thursday, May 24, 2007

WOW..!!!Tyra sheds 30lbs in five months!!!

Retired supermodel Tyra Banks has lost 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms) in five months after photographs of her beachwear left her in tears on her US TV talk show. But the terrible photographs forced Banks to take action - and, after months spent eating right and exercising, she has dropped 30 pounds, according to Life & Style magazine.An insider tells the publication: "She's eating healthy foods,but they're ones she likes, so she's more apt to maintain her diet." And she's completely revamped the food that's available to her and guests backstage at her show. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX HOUSE OF GLITZ: SHE LOOKS GREAT BUT THIS PROVES "DAMIT MEDIA" HAS WON AGAIN SHE BUCKLED UNDER PRESSURE AND WAS FORCED TO LOOSE THE WAIT..."SO WHAT"!!

Ivory Wayans was spotted in West Hollywood with hi New Boo...!!

Keenan Ivory Wayans was spotted in West Hollywood with his now girlfriend Brittany Daniel (you may have seen her in “White Chicks” and T.V show “The Game”). This is a shock to me my people are late I didn't know they were dating. No wonder why she’s in all his movies….


Eve’s video for “Tambourine” premiered tonight on “Access Granted.” It’s the first single off Eve’s fourth album Here I Am. The video was directed by Melina who also did Beyoncé’s “Upgrade U,” “Green Light,” “Kitty Kat,” and “Suga Mama.” E-V-E is looking hot in the video and the Swizz Beatz produced song is bangin’! This is one of the best videos we’ve seen in a while. We’re looking forward to Eve’s return on August 7th. Rapper-actress Eve has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor drunken driving charges stemming from a traffic accident in Hollywood last month, reports Yahoo.com. While the entertainer did not attend the arraignment Tuesday, her attorney entered the plea on her behalf. Her court date is now scheduled for June 28..(developing) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX HOUSE OF GLITZ: THE VIDEO IS HOT AND THE CHARGES ARE NOT..!!!


Introducing LSG for a new generation. Just as Gerald Levert, Keith Sweat and Johnny Gill joined forces in 1997 to form a supergroup, so are current R&B crooners Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank. TGT, as they are calling themselves, is currently working on a studio album, and plans to hold “American Idol”-style auditions to find a fourth member. The trio is also set to hit the road this fall for The Shirts Off Tour, which is scheduled to touch down in such cities as New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, and Miami. "With all the support our fans have given us individually over the years for our distinct signature styles, collectively we felt our fans deserved to hear great music in a way that they could never have imagined


Monica threw a birthday party for her son Lil Rock’s 2nd birthday. Luda who is the Babies Godfaher showed up. Monica and her mama!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


According to the insider, Jermaine popped the question last week on Janet's birthday. NoWIt's official!! HOUSE OF GLTIZ has exclusively learned that Jermaine Dupri and Janet Jackson have gotten engaged. A source inside Janet's camp confirmed to the media yesterday that she and Jermaine, her boyfriend of five years, have decided to make it legal. The below pics show Janet sporting her new ring. No word yet on when and where the wedding will take place.....Developing... XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX HOUSE OF GLITZ: If this turn out to be true you heard it hear first....If not Damit MEDIA!!!!....

NEW COUPLE Kimora & Djimon IN CANNES....

Rumored couple Kimora Lee Simmons & actor Djimon Hiunsou were spotted at Cannes Film Festival De Grisogono Party last night in France. Word has it the two were getting real cozy with each other. I guess they are letting their relationship flourish now, because he is kinda feeling her up.Go Kimora! ******************************************************************************* HOUSE OF GLTIZ: Go Baby Phat!!!..Nothing like a piece of semi-sweet Dark chocolae to squeeze in your day!!!


It’s been a year since Janet Jackson shed 60 pounds, and the 41-year-old superstar continues to shame us all with her six-pack perfection. On keeping the weight off:
“I have a great support system to keep me on track… But I still don’t like working out. It’s hard for me. On how you can look like her:
“If I can do it, anybody can do it. Eating light and clean helps, but you really shouldn’t think of it as a diet, otherwise you feel like you’re depriving yourself. If you crave something, you should have a little bit of it, then let it go and move on.On eating right:
“It’s about control and it’s a balanced diet. Of course I have cheat days! Especially with my dancers, who love to eat. And after a hard day of work, they want to unwind and grab a drink, and alcohol is not good for my diet with all the extra calories. I try to have a glass of wine, but then somebody comes with a lemon drop and it’s so good. You feel like you’re drinking cough syrup or candy, and before you know it, the next day comes and you feel it. I make up for it with a few more reps when I lift weights.”
To learn all of Janet’s diet and exercise secrets, pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now.


Pop king Michael Jackson will be paid a staggering $10 million for attending the birthday party of a Brunei royal. Prince Azim is planning to celebrate his 25th birthday in an English country estate this weekend (26-27May07) and has paid Jackson to be the guest of honor - even though he is aware the “Thriller” hitmaker won't sing. Absolutely no expense has been spared for his party - Michael Jackson is his all-time idol and he said he'd pay whatever it took to get him over. Even though Michael won't be performing, the very fact that he'll be in this stately home mingling with all of the prince's pals makes it worth every penny to Azim." XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX HOUSE OF GLITZ: THE END OF THE WORLD IS HERE...!!!


FANTASIA PERFORMS ON 106 & PARK.... ************************************************************************** HOUSE OF GLITZ: SHE IS SO AWESOME!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Oprah Winfrey’s father, Vernon Winfrey, is writing a tell-all book about his famous daughter, according to the New York Daily News. The paper reports that Winfrey at first laughed at the idea that her father was writing about her youth; she called the idea “impossible.” Then she said she talked to him and was told it was something he’d been working on for a while. “I was upset,” she told the Daily News. “I won't say 'devastated,' but I was stunned.” "The last person in the world to be doing a book about me is Vernon Winfrey," the talk show mogul added. "The last person." Vernon Winfrey’s book, “Things Unspoken,” will reportedly describe Winfrey’s difficult youth. He’s been quoted as calling his daughter, who lived with him during her teen years, an “out of hand and unruly child.” "I would have preferred to have known my father was working on this. It would have been a nice gesture, a courtesy. *********************************************************************** HOUSE OF GLITZ: DADDY THERE ARE NO MORE WIRE HANGERS...SO STOP THE DRAMA IS THIS REALLY NECESSARY!!!!....DAMIT DADDY!!!


Ciara takes the lead role in CodeBlack Entertainment's film adaptation of the off-Broadway musical "Mama, I Want to Sing!" Patti LaBelle and actress Lynn Whitfield have also been tapped to star in the feature, which tells the story of a preacher's daughter, who rises from the church choir to pop stardom. The character is based on Doris Troy, best known for the 1963 hit "Just One Look." Production is slated to begin in Baton Rouge, La. in June, and will be released next February. (BET)


Janet Jackson and longtime lover Jermaine Dupri hold hands and leave the Harvey Nichols Department Store together on Monday in London, England. The music-making pair then made a quick change of clothes and grabbed dinner at Nobu Berkeley restaurant. Superdry Real athletics hoodie by UK brand Superdry, sunglasses by Chanel, white gauffre leather by Prada. ********************************************************************** HOUSE OF GLTIZ: MUST BE NICE..LOVE THE PRADA!!!


In addition to flooding South Africa with his Pimp Juice under a deal with local distributor Mojalife, rapper Nelly is currently in talks to host a local version of MTV’s hit series “Pimp My Ride.” Mojalife, which licenses Pimp Juice in South Africa, recently signed a deal with the UK-based Screen Ventures and MTV Networks to shoot 52 episodes of “Pimp My Ride” in South Africa. Plans are already underway to feature Nelly and a South African TV personality as co-hosts. Nelly is also being considered to co-host an “American Idol”-style hip-hop reality show in South Africa, where the winner could possibly receive a two-year recording contract with his record label, Derrty Entertainment. Additionally, the St. Louis artist is preparing to introduce a new flavor of Pimp Juice this summer - a prickly pear/grape flavor that will come in a purple rendition of the original Pimp Juice OOOH yum!!!...can't wait to make that my new chaser!!!

Comedy Central to Roast Flavor... Flav

This is too easy for Comedy Central. The network is about to put hype man-turned reality star Flavor Flav on the hot seat for the upcoming special "The Comedy Central Roast of Flavor Flav." The roasters shouldn't have any problem finding material, what with Flav's reported drug use, a busload of babies and a that whacky affair with Brigitte Nielsen. "We only roast the ones we love –- and the world is clearly crazy about this guy," says Elizabeth Porter, senior vice president of specials and talent for Comedy Central. "This event will be full of surprises as Flavor Flav is going to experience a whole new kind of love in this Roast." Born William J. Drayton Jr., the 47-year-old...the creature from the Black Lagoon continues his 15 minutes the way we love to do him...one laugh at a time!!!! ******************************************************************************* HOUSE OF GLITZ: I'M LAUGHING ALREADY!!!...!!!

Jamie Foxx Goes Way Beyond 40 Acres And A Mule

Oscar winner Jamie Foxx Goes Big! The LA Times has reported that the singer spent $10.5 million for a new 17,000-square-foot Mediterranean-style pad in Thousand Oaks, Calif. According to the Times, the house in the community of Hidden Valley, was built in 1995 on 40 acres and has 10 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a library, family and game rooms, a full gym and a master-bedroom suite with a sitting room, an atrium, a sauna and a balcony. The estate also comes with an Olympic-size pool, a spa, a cabana studio, a north-south tennis court, playing fields and two guesthouses. In other Jamie Foxx News, the singer has reportedly teamed up with former basketball star Kenny Smith to create a new TV show about a young sports star forced to balance fame and fortune with home life. Smith tells TheSportsInterview.com, "We have been doing an interesting show about an NBA player that has to live at home. That's the basis of it - a guy living at home with his family (Kenny Smith is sitting next to Charles Barkley) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX HOUSE OF GLTIZ: GOOD LOOK!!


Not sure if you missed this but On Saturday, VH1 premiered the documentary “The Last Days Of Left Eye”, which chronicled the last moments of the rapper as she went on a spiritual journey in Honduras. After watching this documentary, many people seem to confuse Left Eye’s spiritual and self fulling experience with being mentally insane. Lisa seeemed to be reaching out and trying to give people more understanding about herself and the things she has went through in her life. She explains everything from her childhood, to being in TLC, and her relationships - mentioning what brought about setting a fire that made her a big name in the media. It was also shocking for many to see the last minutes of the film, where Left Eye is in the car and a few seconds of the accident is revealed. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HOUSE OF GLTIZ": STILL HARD TO DEAL WITH THIS BUT THIS IS A REALLY GOOD DOCUMENTARY AND I'M SURE IF YOU MISSED IT THEY WILL BE AIRING IT A COUPLE TIMES THIS WEEK CHECKOUT V-SPPOT.COM FOR MORE DETAILS.....

Victoria Rowell Steps Out for High Tea at Noon

Victoria & Son (Eric & Prince X-wife)

WTF...Chihuahua Breaks Paula Abdul’s Nose

Don’t be surprised if Paula Abdul has a bandage on her face for the season finale of American Idol tomorrow night and Wednesday. Abdul suffered a broken nose over the weekend after tripping in an effort to avoid her chihuahua, Tulip. Reached for comment today, Abdul's spokesman, David Brokaw, told his client is in good spirits after her fall last Saturday. "As we speak, she's in a car on her way to press tour for the finale of Idol," he explained, adding that the only treatment the Idol judge received was a quick check-up from her doctor.

Rihanna peforming Umbrella Live on May 20th

RHIANNA SONG IS NOW NUMBER 1 IN THE UK...Rihanna was performing in Preston England when she heard the news.THIS IS A HIT I LOVE IT!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007


LAURIE ANN GIBSON, who appeared on Combs' MTV reality show Making The Band, recently filed an official complaint with the New York City Police Department (NYPD) after the Combs allegedly threw a chair at her during filming for the show on April 25. Gibson told authorities she had gotten into a heated argument with Combs and guest judge Michael Bivins over the performance of the latest group of pop wannabes last month, when she was restrained by Bivens and threatened with a chair by the rapper. She says she managed to break free from Biven's grasp and left the venue in Greenwich Village, New York, shortly after. But Combs has rejected Gibson's claims and dismisses her accusations as an attempt to "take advantage" of his fame. His lawyer Benjamin Brafman tells the New York Daily News, "This is just another example of a false accusation by someone trying to take advantage of Sean's success and celebrity status." A spokesman for the NYPD confirmed a complaint had been made on 11 May (07), but no criminal activity had been found. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX HOUSE OF GLITZ: DAMIT DIDDY..!!I SMELL A LAWSUIT!!!..ANGER MANAGEMENT 101!!!

"Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" World Premiere

Oprah Winfrey honored by the Eli Wiesel Foundation with a Humanitarian Award

Oprah Winfrey and Elie Wiesel with wife Marion Erster The Humanitarian award was created to recognize outstanding individuals who dedicate their time to fighting indifference, intolerance and injustice and whose accomplishments are consistent with the goals of the Foundation. ______________________________________________________________________ HOUSE OF GLTIZ: Oprah is my SHERO!!! SHE DESERVES ANY AND EVERY AWARD I LOVE HER!!!


Hollywood producers are making a movie based on his life. The boxer - who became the youngest heavyweight champion when he won the title aged 20 in 1986 - has contributed more than 30 hours of interviews for the project. "I will, to the best of my abilities, give a truthful account of myself," he said. The film, titled 'Tyson', will be directed by James Toback, who has known the fighter since 1985."The point is not to polish his image or make a cinematic apology, but rather to get a first-hand look at a very complex and epic story," said Toback. "He was honest about all the things that have highlighted his life, from the bitter divorce, the ear-biting, prison, to his becoming a sex addict. He is self-aware, smart and a totally fractured personality, and he made himself completely vulnerable." Toback adds the film, due out later this year.


MICHAEL Jackson can breathe easy - he's getting back his sex toys and paintings of nude young boys. On Thursday, we told you how Richard Altomare, president of Universal Ex press, was to auction some 20,000 Jackson family artifacts he bought last year from a former Jacko business partner. Altomare had planned to withhold the risqué items to spare the Gloved One embarrassment. But then he threat ened to offer them anyway after Jackson got a temporary restraining order to stop the auction. After Jackson's camp saw our story, they came to a settlement with Altomare, who can now go ahead with the sale at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino May 30-31. In exchange, Jacko gets to take 20 items from the stash, presumably the more embarrassing ones. Also, some of the proceeds will go to charity. "Mr. Jackson is satisfied with the negotiated settlement," said his mouthpiece, Raymone Bain
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