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Friday, September 4, 2009

King Of Pop Laid To Rest...Michael Jackson Funeral!!

Finally a proper burial, More than two months after Michael Jackson's death, the singer was finally buried on Thursday (September 3) at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California. But unlike the star-studded public memorial held in July, the final goodbye to the 50-year-old pop icon was be a private affair for friends and family only. Chris Rock, Quincy Jones, Elizabeth Taylor just to name a few.
Jackson will be interred in the Great Mausoleum on the grounds of Forest Lawn, the final resting place for a number of Hollywood legends
Jackson, 50, the king of pop, died at UCLA Medical Center after going into cardiac arrest at his rented home on June 25, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.

Tattoo Parlor Gets Fined for Ri Ri 's Ink Job!!

Eastside Ink Innocent fun turned fined. Girls might just wanna have fun — but those girls better make sure they are licensed to tattoo before they wield the ink: The NYC tattoo parlor where Rihanna inked up some of the staff was issued a citation for letting her try her hand at the skill.
It's unclear how much the tat shop had to pay in fines, but we're told it could run anywhere between $200-$2000.

Video: Number One.. R. Kelly & Keri Hilson Perform on Kimmel!!

R. Kelly and Miss Keri Baby performed the uber sexy“Number One” for the first time together on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Kelly also did “Supa Man High” from his untitled album in the pre-taped segment, which aired on Thursday’s show. What exactly is Supa Man high? I will say it again this man is always only on 1 note.

Tyler Perry requests prayers for Whitney Houston

Madea our brand-new Facebook “friend” director Tyler Perry has sent a message to fans asking them to pray for Sister Whitney Houston as she re-emerges on the pop scene.

Writes Perry:

Whitney Houston and I are friends. Over the last few years, I’ve gotten to know her pretty well, and with that, I’ve had the opportunity to witness a miracle up close and personal. I’ve watched her regain her strength, her fight and her faith. You have no idea how much this woman

has been through in her life and, as much as she’s shared with me, I’m sure half of it has not been told. What I know for sure is; she is a living miracle. Pretty soon you will hear her tell these stories in her own words and then I think you’ll understand.”

In another piece of news to fans, the seemingly indefatigable How you doing? Perry also announced he’s contemplating a gig as a weekly talk show host. Child only if Madea is the host I will watch that!!

Perry has shot a test episode set to air September 9 on TBS at 11 p.m., following his sitcom lineup on the Atlanta-based network.


Thursday, September 3, 2009


Halle's not wasting anytime in growing her family with her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry. Word on the street is the Sexiest woman alive Halle Berry who turned 43 on August 14, is three months pregnant with her second child, insiders close to the star reveal in the Sept. 14 issue of Life & Style Weekly.

Another baby on board: Nahla will soon have a little brother or sister!

"Halle is overjoyed," a source told Life & Style. "The first time, she struggled so much to get pregnant and eventually conceived through in vitro fertilization. This time, the baby was conceived through artificial insemination."

For some strange reason, Berry is yet to announce this pregnancy to the world. We are very happy for the happy unmarried couple!!

Beyonce Vs. Cassie = Venus Vs Mars!!..Battle Of The Hook!!

With the Blue Print 3 about to drop on 9/11 the whole album has almost leaked. A version of Jay-Z’s “Venus vs. Mars” surfaced last week featuring vocals from Cassie. But when the album version leaked mysteriously none other then Beyonce Carter has replaced our Half-bald friend Cassie on the hook. More interesting on the Blue Print 3 credits it list Cassie?? Not sure what this is all about but you can listen to both below. Cassie worked with Jigga in the past on Roc Boys hook. My vote Bey!!

pics spotted on rap it up.com

Wifey Version-Beyonce

Cassie Version

Full Chris Brown Interview On Larry King, Speaks On Altercation With Rihanna

Road to redemption, here is Chris Brown Full Interview on Larry King and his version of what happen on Fright Night. Does this help his career??


New Host Just announced of The Bet Hip Hop Awards, that person is the one and only Mike Epps. Epps will be the third host of the BET Hip-Hop Awards – Katt Williams and T-Pain preceded him – and he is expected to deliver with his razor-sharp wit. The career of Mike Epps is one filled with accolades and an ever growing resume.

Tune in to BET on October 27 to watch Mike Epps host the 4th annual BET Hip-Hop Awards from Atlanta, GA, at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

This is such a great choice he's hella funny.

Oprah Winfrey to dedicate show to Michael Jackson

This is nice...Talk show host Oprah Winfrey plans to dedicate an upcoming episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" to late pop singer Michael Jackson. Harpo Productions announced Wednesday the episode, to air Sept. 16, will feature excerpts from Winfrey's 1993 interview with Jackson.

A release from Harpo Productions says Winfrey will remember "the King of Pop with never-before-revealed personal details" from the interview.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Atlanta Housewife Kim Zolciak Strips!!

We knew her true colors would come out. Real Housewives of Atlanta is baring her prizedpurchased assets for a campaign against the ban on same-sex marriage. Kim Zolciak has joined the already long roster of celebrities to post for the NOH8 photo project and silent protest.

photo above without retouching on the left

“The noh8 campaign shoot was hot. and I am topless!!! Just to cause a stir to make people pay attention!” Zolciak wrote on her Twitter.

Don't think you have to be "Butt Ass Naked" to get your point across suga...but do you!!

Please visit www.noh8campaign.com to upload your own photos and see how you can help the cause.

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After 7 Years Whitney Hits The GMA Stage With Bobby Kristina!!

Whitney's Back and was greeted by Thousands of fans. "Miss Hell To The Naw" had many fans who lined up starting Monday night for admittance to Her concert at Central Park. Houston delighted a crowd of devoted fans who waited for hours at Central Park's Rumsey Playfield ... and waited seven years for her comeback album, "I Look to You." Whitney looked great and Bobby Kirstina has grown up to be a beautiful young lady. I heard the Album and I like it!!
She performed four songs: "Million Dollar Bill" and "I Look to You" from her new album, as well as classics "My Love Is Your Love" and "I'm Every Woman."
Below Video Raw Footage From The Park


Sounds like something off HBO's True Blood.Now this is crazy, could this be Stigmata?? Is He possessed?? Tennessee Teen is dealing with a medical mystery. Without warning, he cries blood. Now, his family is making a desperate plea for help.

Much of the time, Calvino Inman seems like any other 15-year-old boy. But then, without warning, he says his eyes start bleeding.

He says it happens at least three times a day, and can last from a few minutes to up to an hour.

"Sometimes, I can feel it coming up, like a tear. I feel my eyes watering," he says. "Sometimes, it will burn as it comes out."

"I've been called possessed by almost all of my friends. I guess I'm used to it now. At first, it kind of hurt my feelings," Inman says.

"The scariest thing in my life is when he looked at me and said 'Mom, am I going to die?' That right there broke my heart," says his mother, Tammy Mynatt.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Good Lawd....A .99cent magazine has got there weaves all tangled up. in the latest round of "The Real Hate On The Housewives Of Atlanta it comes from a local source (not me this time) but Atlanta Magazine. Seriously, Seriously I'm getting real tired of these Beee-yotches!!

Kim Zolciak has taken to her website under the headline ”Atlanta Magazine: Screw Off” to announce a boycott of the upcoming “Housewives” cover story in the September issue of Atlanta magazine describing it as “disgusting and manipulating.”

Zolciak claims she was “inaccurately portrayed” in the cover story written by Amanda Brown Heckert.

Here is an Excerpt that has off the weave-whacked, aspiring vocalist.

The headline of the story?

“Trashionistas: Sound the Sirens! Just try not watch the train wreck that is The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

All Righty Then!!

Here’s the lead of Brown Heckert’s profile: “Five pretty Georgia peaches, plump with collagen and ripe with ambition, sit as still as Evian in the pool house of the Pink Palace, a ludicrously lavish villa that has housed generations of Buckhead socialites and, now that it’s for rent, a Ne-Yo video.”

Interesting enough despite her protestations, Zolciak has posted pictures of herself from the exquisitely camp-tastic Atlanta magazine 14-page photo spread featuring the Bravo reality stars.

Explains Zolciak: “Because the photos are gorgeous, I have posted them but please don’t waste your money or time in picking up this trash magazine.”

While the September Atlanta issue officially hits news stands next week, “Housewives” fans can get a preview of the story and pictures at www.atlantamagazine.com. Also, for a mere 99-cents. Even better you can read the entire story by clicking here.

The Carters Step Out For 9/11 Chairty "Answer The Call" Charity Concert - Press Conference

Bey and Jay were out yesterday at a press conference for charity. 39-year-old Jay-Z is set to release his 11Th studio CD, "The Blueprint 3," the same day of the charity concert, which has been billed as "Answer the Call." The performance will be at New York's Madison Square Garden and air live on Fuse TV.

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LiL Wayne other, other, other, other Baby Mama Nivea Steps Out!!

Last night R&B singer Nivea held a A&R showcase and Launch event for her management/Artist development company Avalon Music Group. The latest Pics of Lil Wayne latest baby mama Dream's ex-wife Nivea showing off her proud baby bump, and Lil Wayne promise ring. But when I look at these pics all I can do is "SMH" so proud to be a single parent when you already have 2 other kids. I get it, it's a baby didn't ask to be her e.t.c. not to mention he's rich so that makes it OK?
What's more interesting Weezy hitting em up dumping his seed and walking away from the whole relationship. I'm sorry but my coochie is not an ATM period!!!! (But it can be financed I kid,) because at the end of the day you are left to raise this child 18 years, 18 years!!.
spotted on Freddy o.com
Lil Wayne walks around with a Styrofoam cup filled with liquor all day, yeah such a role model. Word on the street
My hairdresser (Yep I got that kind of salon Gossip child), and one of Nivea "Suppose it" home girls was there giving all the dish on her. How she tried to get pregnant and how she is so Jealous of Laura London because that's truly who he wants out of all his baby making machines
This is a mess Sperm flying everywhere I really hope all these woman get tested because it's too much exchange of fluids going on!!
I wish all of them luck with a Baby Daddy like Lil Wayne remember he's out to "F***ck Every Girl In The World** And at the rate he's going do just that?? Who did he get pregnant first?

This Is Hot...Jay-Z Recreates All His Album Cover!!

Can't knock the hustle...This is SO HOT...Love me some Jigga!!! Jay-Z recreates his iconic album covers in a new commercial advertising The Blueprint 3 on Rhapsody. Jay Z’s Blueprint 3 can be heard in it’s entirety tomorrow on Rhapsody.com and MTV.com. Now this is short of Genius!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Tyra Banks Daytime Emmy Winner...But What's On Her Finger?? Engaged??

The Tyra Banks Show won best informative talk show last night at the 36Th Daytime Emmy Awards this is her 2ND time winning. The View were named best talk show hosts there 1st award. While Rachael Ray won best entertainment talk show. And we congratulate them for that. I caught about 20 min of the show I saw Tyra except her award sitting next to her boyfriend/fiancee? New York investment banker John Utendah in the audience who looked quite handsome I might add. But when she went on stage to except her award, I was blinded by a suspisious ring on her finger. Is that the mysterious engagement ring?? If so she being real hush, hush about it people have been speculating for awhile about his. What do you think? The pic above was taking a couple of months ago looks like the same ring and we think she's engaged and keeping it DL??
We Love Tyra so if she is let us be the first to wish her congratulations on her engagement.
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