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Saturday, March 28, 2009


I'm feeling the whole Keri Hilson vibe right now, so I thought I would post this upcoming DIVA Album release video.

Keri’s album, In a Perfect World… is in stores now! Early estimates put Keri’s first week album sales at 80-90k — respectable numbers for an album with no big lead single. Not too mention the project was constantly PUSHED BACK, but from the tracks I have heard her album is a BANGER!!

KERI HILSON ALBUM RELEASE PARTY @ OPERA from Urban News Network on Vimeo.

Friday, March 27, 2009


One of the last standing R & B/Hip-Hop couples are getting closer to the alter and we are Happy for them.

R&B star ASHANTI has hinted she will marry her rapper lover NELLY in 2009. Just four months after the couple went public with its four year romance, the singer has confessed she is planning to walk down the aisle with Nelly. When asked if wedding bells were on the horizon for her, the Happy hitmaker tells Us Weekly, “Absolutely. It’s in the cards for me. I believe that I have a couple more things I need to do before that happens.”

But Ashanti urges fans not to believe all the gossip that’s written about her and Nelly - despite the media correctly predicting their relationship, years before they admitted it to the world. She adds, “I should have had six or seven kids, been married three times and secretly engaged now. But none of it’s true.”

To Read More About The Nuptials Click Now


Jennifer Hudson on “Ellen” (Video)

Ellen showed Mrs Hudson some love. Jennifer Hudson received an engagement gift for two on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday. The talk show host presented the Oscar/Grammy-winning artist with a totem bike that she can share with soon-to-be hubby David Ortunga. Jennifer all smiles looking refreshed and happy, discusses tour and her life as she moves on after her family tragedy.

tp://www.dailymotion.com/swf/x8sckj">Jen ellen
by krunkyou/a>

Thursday, March 26, 2009


No Dereon here, costumes that look more like a Super Hero which is the point and well pulled off in these illustrations. Thierry Mugler reveals outfits for Beyoncé's world tour. The theme - “The duality between being a woman and a warrior - (i.e. Sasha Fierce vs. Beyonce Knowles) That’s the spirit Thierry Mugler wanted to capture with the costumes he designed for Beyoncé’s upcoming world tour, and from the look of these illustrations, he succeeded. The tour kicks off today in Edmonton. “Sasha Fierce is another aspect of Beyoncé’s personality,” Mugler offered via e-mail. “She is Fierce on stage and Beyoncé in real life. I tried to understand these two sides with my own perception of both aspects.” But don’t expect Beyoncé to stay in that guise for long. “There will be a lot of dramatization and metamorphosis on stage,” Mugler promised. Read More (Click Now)


Groupies wave your hands in the air...HIT THE BREAKS BITCHES HE'S BROKE!!. Former Atlanta Falcons football quarterback Michael Vick has been released from federal prison in Kansas and is reportedly headed to Virginia to handle is financial affairs. No information has been released as to when he left the Leavenworth facility, but the U.S. Bureau of Prisons website shows his status as "in transit." Vick is due in court on April 2 in Virginia for a hearing on his Chapter 11 bankruptcy case.

Vick is serving 23 months for a dogfighting conspiracy. He’s eligible to move into home confinement on May 21st and is scheduled to be released July 20th.


Janet Jackson acting like a deer in headlights. Why because the Rumors are swarming that her new accessory which is a Zagliani croc which retails for around $11,000 is covering up her Baby Bump. Her and her "Mini Mogul" were spotted coming out of the Waverly Inn Hotel yesterday in NY. Not understanding the need to hide anything Janet will be 45 this year and if she is pregnant be thankful for this miracle. All she had to do is keep JD in front of her what is he 4ft 2in ?? Almost the same height as that bag. This is was what Janet was spotted in the day before once again big clothes hiding her stomach! With that FIERCE TAN $11,000 BAG!!

IS THIS A MESSAGE TO CHRIS BROWN? Rihanna: New Gun Tattoos! Bang, Bang!

Pray for this chick she is really going through it these days. Rihanna shows off her new pair of gun tattoos in Los Angeles. The 21-year-old flew out tattoo artist BangBang to L.A. to create the masterpiece.

BangBang writes, “I really wanted to put it here… She loved ‘em.. But, cover girl wouldn’t have liked it much… and they pay the bills!”

He continues to describe the inset photo, saying, “Ended up doing it on her ribbs [Ugh]…”!!

While she's busy getting tattoos she might wanna fly a shrink out to examine that scrambled little head of hers. "I'm Just saying"!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Tennis Supstar, Serena Williams unveiled her Signature Statement exclusive fashion and accessories collection for HSN (Home Shopping Network) at the Tennis Center during day three of the Sony Ericsson Open on Wednesday, March 25th in Miami, Florida.

“I always want to make a statement, both on and off the court,” said Williams. “One of my dreams has always been to share gorgeous gifts of fashion and luxury with the world. Off the court, my passion is fashion. Signature Statement is my own line of accessories and fashion, complete from jewelry to dresses.”

The collection, retailing between $30 to $100 (my price range) will include a trendy collection of jewels, handbags, and knitwear. Williams personally describes the accessories as “feminine, classic, statement pieces.” This is great she is such a positive role model!

VIDEO: Beyonce Plays Nintendo with Her Nephew...new Nintendo Commercial..!!

In a recent interview, Beyonce, aka Sasha Fierce, aka the girl from Goldmember, talked videogames on the set of a promotion for Nintendo's upcoming American release of the DSi. As she partners with Nintendo on their ad campaign for musical game Rhythm Heaven for the new Nintendo DSi, launching April 5. The “Diva” gets her game on with nephew Julez in this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip and interview. The commercial is slated to air March 30. And her weakness for Super Mario.

Here's what she had to do for a day on the set of a Nintendo DS commercial.

Playing, watching, listening to Nintendo PR handlers, look at the camera, Beyonce, look at the camera, now look at the DS, sign some DSi handhelds, tell us about your first Nintendo game, can you sing the Mario theme song, can you shill the Wii please Beyonce...it's a full days work. This is so cute!! Read More Click Now

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


To high to get over... To low too get under, You stuck in the middle. Say you just wanna be starting something. I'm not going to lie I always wanted to have me a glove just like our girl Michael...Who says dreams can't come true.

We can own a piece of the King of Pop when 2000 pieces of Michael Jackson memorabilia from Neverland Ranch are auctioned off on April 22 in Beverly Hills.

Items up for bid include an MTV Video Music Award, jeweled gloves, shoes, socks, pants, and a crown. MJ attempted to stop the sale, but the auction house says it will go on as planned. All Jokes aside this is side, My Girl MJ worked hard for everything, the Jackson were working when I was just an embryo (OK not quite but close). I couldn't imagine someone coming into my home and taking all my stuff and then selling it too the highest bidder. My accomplishments, my memories, family photos e.t.c.
In court documents filed in response to Jackson's fraud lawsuit, Julien reiterates that the singer's estate asked him to take the Neverland treasure trove off its hands and that all the items were toted away under the close supervision of Jacko's employees—who were also involved in writing press releases and approving the auction-catalog cover art, Julien says.

He willingly returned any items that Jackson wanted back, and the move to block the sale came as a complete surprise, the filing states.

"To say [Jackson] hadn't intended for these items to be auctioned was disappointing," Julien told the Daily News. "I can't disclose where we're at [legally], but I know everything's definitely well documented from our end."

To Read More Click Now

Report: JHud To Return To American Idol!!

Jennifer is back in full swing these days. With sold out concerts and newly engaged it's only fitting she goes back too the place that launched her career.

Jennifer Hudson is rumored to returning to American Idol for the first time since her family was struck by tragedy. The Idol alum -- who's mother, brother and nephew were murdered last October -- is said to be taping her special appearance after tomorrow's live show. According to the NYPost.com, makers Fox will not confirm the guest spot, but ticket vouchers for the show say: "the second taping of Wednesday is the LIVE performance show with special performances by Jennifer Hudson and [Idol winner] Ruben Studdard."


I know I shouldn't but I can't help but laugh at this. You are/was with the Wu Tang Clan (Multi-Platinum selling group), been in movies, solo career and you still didn't pay you taxes. Uncle Sam has a way of showing you who's boss SON!!.

Method Man’s 2008 Lincoln Navigator was reportedly repossessed this week.

According to The New York Post, the Wu-Tang rapper had failed to pay $52,503 in personal income taxes and repo men swiped his vehicle on Wednesday (March 18) at 6 a.m. from his Staten Island home.

In related news, Method Man is currently gearing to release Blackout 2 with Red Man. The album, which will feature production from Erick Sermon and Pete Rock, is slated for release this year. Wu Tang “Nu Wu” video shoot with Raekwon featuring Meth and Ghost (below). The shot the video at the Players Club in New York. Ghostface probably had to give Method Man a ride since his navi was recently repo’d
You would think the record company would give him an advance right? And for that reason let's me know his album will probably be GARBAGE!!
Hell I don't want to pay my taxes either..."But It Is What It Is!!


The cover is cool but still there is "Bitchassness in the air". Kanye West is on the cover of April/May's Complex and this time it's really "some Benjamin Button's s--t." Photographed using the same technology as the Brad Pitt movie, Kanye was made up to look like a pasty robot because Kanye loves the future. But even more bizarre than the photo shoot are the things Kanye says. The accompanying profile is full of quotes of our girl "SKITTLES FILLED", Yeezy being level-headed, humble, self-aware and generally not an asshole. It really caught us off guard, considering he was just in Details saying,
"I'm the f--king end-all, be-all of music" and "one of the greatest rappers in the world."
But it's cool if people want to change, so let's hear his regrets over being a "cry-baby-ass bitch" on MTV and other over-the-top moments.


WHY SO SERIOUS? Mya made sure she kept a safe distance from Ray J's face after the backlash from having an Ex-Con Gucci Mane for a boyfriend. Not to mention people were saying "Mya Was STUPID". I think her people have been whispering in her ear and warned her too stay clear of Thug like characters in public. Nevertheless both were spotted at DJ Kiss B'day bash. Not sure who this chick is but they showed up so maybe she's well known among the industry folk.
This is DJ Kiss out of NY below!!


We all know Trick Daddy love the kids. But now Trick Daddy prepares for the release of his upcoming autobiography, he has revealed that he is also dealing with a serious health issue. The Miami-bred rapper appeared on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show yesterday to promote his autobiography Magic City: Trials of a Native Son.
During the interview, he made the shocking revelation that he suffers from Lupus, an incurable autoimmune disease, which makes the immune system attacks the body’s cells and tissue. Lupus affects all major organs in the human body, including the heart, kidneys and nervous system.

“I went to the doctor like 12 years ago. He took all kinds of tests, because I was trying to get rid of what we call dry skin, she did biopsies and blood tests and swab tests. She told me I have lupus. I am allergic highly to the sun, that’s my worst enemy. It’s like an AK-47 with a double clip on it. I could jeopardize kidney and liver failure from the treatment and the medication.” The disease, which affects African-American and Hispanics in disproportionate numbers, particularly women.

The rapper also learned that a close female friend had the disease, when he noticed a visible change in her appearance. “A lot of people try to cover it up with regular make up. It makes your skin pigmented. You can go from dark to light and not light to dark. You have to cover it up and conceal it
My mama had 11 children from 10 different men. If she can live with that I know, I can live with this.” The disease has already taken the life of prominent Hip-Hop producer James “J. Dilla” Yancey, who died from complications of the disease on February 19, 2006, just three days after his 32nd birthday.
In related news, Trick Daddy also announced he has landed his first major film role in a film that begins shooting next week. “They got me playing in a movie with a lot of gangsters from The Wire and the big black films. I can be me, I can be a G in it.”

Video: Keri Hilson f/ Kanye West & Ne-Yo - ‘Knock You Down’

This video is fire special effects are on point. Definately Keri Hilsons best video. Keri Hilson debuts her Chris Robinson-directed video for “Knock You Down” featuring Kanye West and Ne-Yo. The track was produced by Danja and co-written by Kevin “KC” Cossom, and can be found on Ms. Keri’s debut album In a Perfect World…

Monday, March 23, 2009

Intense Video: Rihanna & Chris Inspire Anti-Violence PSA!!

I know we are tired of the ongoing Chrianna saga but maybe some good can come out of all of this. Maybe another young lady, woman, or child can be save from any abuse. What a difference a re-enactment makes! Of course this is based on the notes from the police. But damn, watching it play out is disturbing and really takes you into the intense moments of this fight!!! The Chris Brown-Rihanna debacle has inspired Do Something.org, an organization co-founded by Melrose Place actor Andrew Shue, to well- do something. The website has released an online PSA re-enacting the Grammy night fight that left Rihanna bloodied, bruised and Chris Brown a wanted man.


I guess the publicity stunt has now turned "Real Talk". For those who still don’t believe Christina Milian is F-cking for tracks her and The-Dream’s relationship is more than professional… The couple mixed business with pleasure on the beach in Maui this weekend.

I feel kinda sorry for her…she always has to "Fck" producers in order to get some decent tracks, nevertheless, she has always been a flop. I mean, if your boyfriend can’t give you a hot track, then who??? I still think she can do better then this...I mean can this man buy himself a chest?? He looks like Shrek for god sake.

Steamy New Video: Ciara f/ Justin Timberlake - ‘Love Sex Magic’!!

Ciara works the pole and Justin Timberlake

in the steamy, Diane Martel-directed video for “Love Sex Magic,” the new single off the R&B vixen’s third album Fantasy Ride. Watch the full video below. The Video is HOT but the song "SUCKS" as "C" channels her inner Beyonce in this video. Go head girl sell some records..!!

Love Sex Magic from Necole Bitchie on Vimeo.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Neffe and her DEADBEAT fiance’ Soullow hit up her YouTube channel to address the recent controversy regarding her recent pregnancy. Not sure what exactly she set out to accomplish…hell, Frankie said it all on the radio the other day, but it appears that she’s kinda upset about being compared to Octo-mom. She says that God placed these children in her life and she shouldn’t be torn down about it. As far as Keyshia taking care of their household, Neffe says “think again!” She’s been holding it down way before Keyshia made it big and she’s still holding it down.

Soullow didn’t address what Frankie said about him being a moocher, (Because it's the truth), but he did make a statement at the end that he didn’t even know Keyshia and Neffe were sisters until 7 months into their relationship.
I guess now that they’ve cleared the air we have nothing further to discuss about these two.
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