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Friday, April 24, 2009

The Cinema Society And MCM Host A Screening Of "Obsessed!!

Beyonce in her Gothic Chic black halter dress with a long train? I love me some Bey but a short dress with a Train = Train wreck. Also all the fashion was a miss at this premiere. The all star screening of Obsessed was last night in NY, the movie will hit the theatres today. Where was Jay? Everybody is waiting too see if Beyonce can really act without singing after she finish a scene.
The movie story is nothing new married man sleeps with crazy co-worker turned stalker
I will be seeing it over the weekend on the strength of
Idris Elba acting ability.
Sexy Can I....Idris Elba
Ali Larter
Blow up doll Kim K.
Dream Girl Anki Rose
Mama Diddy
kevin Liles and Anthony Anderson


Rule number 1 of the Gold Diggers manual if you manage to land an ATM aka Celebrity, Athelete, Rich guy, don't sign a pre-nup just in case he finds your shelves!!!

Tyrese & soon to be Ex-wife Norma Gibson that he has been twittering about signed a prenup! It has been leaked and Norma gets none of his possessions, property, companies, cars or anything. ha ha !!

She should have thought about this before she signed the prenup for this 10 month marriage.

The prenup even said that if either of them files for divorce, Norma gets the boot out of the house and must be out within 10 days! Start packin' homegirl.
Might wanna pour some Liquor out for her
Tyreese and Norma have a 2 year old daughter together.

Video: Kanye West f/ Young Jeezy - ‘Amazing’

SKITTLES AKA, Kanye West with his “Amazing” new video directed by Hype Williams. Shot in Hawaii, the third single from 808s & Heartbreak features Young Jeezy. This is HOT


The Making The Band Finale was crazy!
D.Woods seem a little pissed and tried her best to keep it so real telling the audience that the group started off bad and went to worse! But she says be on the look out for her solo album! Aubrey says get ready for her new reality show and more Broadway and her Playboy spread! Shannon is going back to her family and country music,Dawn was rocking a ridiculous by that I mean F-UGLY, Halle Berry cut and Andrea was a No-show to sensitive to deal with the situation. Danity Kane is over! All ego's were in full effect!
These BITCHES SWEAR THEY MADE IT. It will be interesting too see who makes it form here. Diddy gave them an opportunity of a life time and as usual these manufactured artist are always ungrateful

Thursday, April 23, 2009

[VIDEO] Beyonce Responds to Ridiculous Fake Screeching Tape!!

Paired her teal Elie Saab dress with Ruthie Davis’s brand new Fall 2009 Gold ‘Odyssey’ platforms, which have twisted rhinestone chains on the peep toe and a mixture of bolts and colored stones that adorn the gold dipped heel. The $1295 shoe will be available this summer.While promoting her new movie out Friday Obsessed there has been a tape floating around of supposedly Beyonce singing with basically no vocal skills. Which now we all know is a HOAX. This all started on the Howard Stern Show and we all know how this ass hole works. Anyway Beyonce took time out of her busy schedule to address the DRAMA.
Here is the Audio that started the drama A clip from Tuesday’s edition of The Howard Stern Show, during which the outspoken shock jock and his crew of croonies played what they claim is the unedited board feed from Beyonce’s performance on The Today Show back in November
Those shoes are FIERCE...!! She makes a Rainy day look fashionable.


Rappers aren't the only one with BEEF. Does anybody still watch this show anymore?? Well if you do don't get too comfortable because the new judge is being Voted off , or Voting herself off. On last night's American Idol live broadcast, Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson did very little to hide their disdain of new judge Kara DioGuardi. When Kara interrupted Randy's critique of Kris Allen's performance, the irritated dawg shot a look down the table to Simon, who not-so-subtly proceeded to flip his middle finger (while pretending to scratch his ear) at Kara while she spoke.
This incident is only the latest tense incident between Kara and the three original judges. , insiders detail a backstage blowup that occurred after last week's performance show, which saw DioGuardi storming off the set after the credits rolled.


BeyoncĂ© hit up “The Late Show with David Letterman”Today show and others on Wednesday to promote her new movie Obsessed and perform “Halo.” The “Diva” spoke about singing for the Obamas and sticking up for her sister Solange. She even gets gangsta and say the word “bitch.” Jay must be rubbing off on her. Ha!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I'm sure this is bitter sweet on one hand a new life is begining but on the other hand her Mom, Brother and Nephew will not be here to take in this joyful occasion.

She's enjoyed great highs and suffered terrible lows, but now rumors abound that Jennifer Hudson has some joyous news: She's pregnant.

Despite denials by her reps, two sources close to the singer/actress confirmed to Essence magazine that Hudson expecting her first child.

The Grammy and Oscar winner is engaged to Harvard law graduate David Otunga, who appeared on the reality show "I Love New York 2," but so far no date has been set for their nuptials. We are so happy for them and wish them years of happiness.

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Jill Scott Gives Birth To Baby Boy Jett Hamilton Roberts

Congratulations neo-soul songstress Jill Scott and her Baby daddy fiance, drummer Lil’ John Roberts, welcomed a baby boy this week.

The star of HBO’s new drama, The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, gave birth to

Jett Hamilton Roberts –who weighed in at 7 lbs, 8 oz–at 4:20 p.m. on April 20, according to People Magazine
As told in previous post the Shot Gun Wedding is off due to Jill wanting to concentrate on her career and being a new mom. Or is it that her soon to be hubby can't hold his own and some have stated he is a male Gold Digger? Either way Both mom and baby are doing fine. And we are Happy or her!!

BET Terrence J's Birthday Party!!

106 and Park Host Terrance J Birthday party was at SOI in NY last night. Terrance is now 26 years old and still has a face of a teenager. Rosci was in attendance along with there BOSS LADY BET CEO Debra Lee. No heavy hitters at this party except Debra.

Snoop Double G ... Literally!!

Life of the party, Gin and Juice Rapper Snoop doggie dogg is now immortal. Thanks to the inclusion of a blue rag, Madame Tussauds now promotes gang violence. Here is the final product. Snoop Dogg's wax figure was unveiled at Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas. Snoop is the third Hip-Hop artist to be immortalized in wax following Biggie and 2Pac. They did a great job on this.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


SUPER STUPID COUPLE... Have finally made there change of diseases legal.

So after putting him on blast for having a penchant for anal beads, in addition to accusing him of being abusive, Karrine Steffans wants us all to know that everything is now cool between her and the guy forever known to the world as Eddie Winslow.

In fact, super duper jaws has made an announcement: “I’s married now.”

Talking love, sex, and BS with Jawn Murray, Karrine Steffans said she and Darius McCrary are married.

Mrs. Eddie Winslow said:

“Darius and I have always been married whether it’s spiritually or legally, we’re married on both levels; legally, on paper, signed, sealed, delivered.”

When asked about the wedding date and marriage license, Karrine says that’s all “confidential.”

WHO WON THE LOVE OF RAY J?? Kim K look alike!!

By the time the Reunion hits which was filmed last week I'm sure these two will be long over, not to mention we will be talking about season 2 watch. Another whack reality show has come to a temporary end. What lucky lady -we use that term loosely -went home with Brandy’s brother on last night’s season finale of For The Love of Ray J? No other then the Gold digger of the group Cocktail who has features like Kim Kardashian without the Booty of course. Cocktail beat out Unique and tattooed drama queen Danger to win season one of VH1’s For The Love of Ray J? Ok so what were they fighting for again?? Give me some money and keep Ray J.


Terrence Howard and Channing Tatum Mary J Blige attends the "Fighting" premiere at the Regal Union Square in New York City.
Mary rocking the Waiting to Exhale "Not Gonna Cry" look
Singer Ciara sighting at the Hotel de Sers on in Paris, France.
Zoe Saldana attends the UK Premiere of Star Trek at the Empire Leicester Square London, England. Convict T.I. 14 days and counting before his Ass is going to prison. Spotted at the Hawks /Miami Game ATL won of course, Keisha knight, Mega baby daddy Evander Holyfield also spotted on the court last night.
Akon and some of his Kids also were in attendance

Going Old School..Slumdog Dad Arrested trying to sell his Daughter!!

Who needs adoption papers when you have cold hard cash. This is just ridiculous are they serious it's 09 for good sake. Following an alleged attempt to sell his 9-year-old daughter, Slumdog Millionaire star Rubina Ali, to a Dubai sheikh for nearly $200,000, Rafiq Qureshi has been arrested by Indian police. Rubina's mother Khurshida - who walked out on the family in 2001 - claimed she knew two weeks ago of the intended child-trade with a rich Dubai sheikh.
Khurshida branded Rafiq and his new wife Mina as "money-crazy" and desperate to cash-in on the nine-year-old's fame.

The sheikh who almost bought Rubina reportedly contacted Qureshi after learning of Slumdog's Oscar wins back in February. His wife was no longer able to have children and wanted to adopt Rubina as his own.

There is reportedly video of the undercover operation in which reporters met with Qureshi and expressed interest in illegally adopting the Slumdog star.

Qureshi is not budging from his claim that he refused the sheikh's generous offer for the young girl.

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Will this song/video ever die?? How man people are going to redo this video, I'm truly thinking about putting my Poodle in a Leotard and some stilettos .

100 “Single Ladies” clad in high heels and black leotards stopped traffic in London’s Piccadilly cir us this morning for a spontaneous rendition of BeyoncĂ©’s No. 1 hit. The flash Bey inspired dance was presented by Trident , who is giving away 13,000 tickets to B’s exclusive one-off gig at the O2 Arena in November. See the finish product below.

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