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Friday, January 15, 2010

Missing Tiger Woods Has Been Found Doing Good Deeds For Haiti Relief

Tiger has took the focus off his "Sex Scandal", and is now doing something WONDERFUL!! Woods - is assisting in the rescue and relief effort in Haiti, which was hit by a 7.0 earthquake Tuesday. Per uncle Russ ... 
On Thursday, he Twittered: "Tiger Woods is doing something AMAZING!!!! I heard [he's] donating to send a cargo plane with a mobile hospital out there. Keep ur prayers high!"

He told the New York Daily News that Woods' donation - which would total $3 million - would include having "50 EMTs to go set up a triage. I am just asking for his heart and his band. Just to meet the needs of the people." 
We applaud Tiger Cheetah Woods for his generosity, as we continue to pray for our brothers and sister in Haiti it's not to late too donate but please beware of scams. For a legitimate website to make your donations please visit Wyclef Johns (Click Now) and get the latest updates of the HAITI rescue and relief efforts. 

New Orleans Rapper Mystikal Released From Prison After 6 Years

Time really flew by New Orleans rapper, Mystikal has officially been released from prison and seeks to reestablish his career as a Hip-Hop artist. On Thursday (Jan. 14) after serving a six-year sentence on sexual assault and battery charges. The artist, born Michael Lawrence Tyler, is finally a free man, Mystikal might be best known for chart toppers in 2000 and 2001 with his hits “Shake Ya Ass” and “Danger (Been So Long).”

“I’m back! I’m still tryin’ to feel this reality. It still almost feels like a dream,” he told his hometown radio station Q93 FM. “Six years off the scene, for most rappers it’d be over with. Man, it’s gon’ be the beginning for me and I’m finna get my reparations.” 
“It had to be God [that got me through jail]. Going through it, it was tough. I had to get outta my way and let God handle that,” he stated. “He had his arms wrapped around me tight.” 

Mystikal’s lengthy prison sentence stemmed from an incident in which he forced his hairstylist to perform sexual acts on him and his bodyguard. He initially denied the charges, but accepted a plea in 2003, when a videotape of the incident was presented during his trial.
He said it hurt to be in jail for the death of his sister and Soulja Slim, as well as not being able to help his hometown during the Hurricane Katrina tragedy. Sounding excited, he further indicated that he had been wronged, but moreover that he was prepared to reenter the music game a star.
I see he's out talking crazy what reparations?

Video: Plies Ft. Keri Hilson – Medicine

Ya boy Plies aka Dr. Goon is called to the ER to check up on his patients with the help of "Nurse Kerri Baby" in the video for “Medicine,” the new single from Plies’ fourth album Goon Affiliated, due February 16. 

Thursday, January 14, 2010

FIRST PHOTOS: Kourtney Kardashian And Her Baby

The oldest of the Kardashian is ready to show off her bundle of joy. Kourtney ushered in her newborn son Mason Dash Disick into the family business with a photo shoot introducing him to the world. The proud mama was glowing as she stood with her cute son for his first baby photo shoot. Mason was born on December 14th and is the first child for Kardashian and boyfriend Scott Disick. 

Video: Rihanna covers W Magazine -Behind The Scenes

Watch below a behind the scenes video of Rihanna’s W Magazine photo shoot. Rihanna proves that looking hot is the best revenge in this issue of W magazine hitting stands in February.

Video: Finally LA LA Moving From Baby Mama To Wifey...Wedding Date 2010

After 5 years of engagement to NBA Star Denver Nugget Carmelo Anthony  MTV's La La Vazquez set down with  Wendy Williams yesterday and stated she waited to make the big announcement on her show. La la said beaming with joy that she is finally getting married and the wedding is planned for summer 2010.  
 The Soon To be, Mrs Antony also said she' s in NYC to look for a venue, hired the same big time wedding planner  Mindy Weiss who put on Super Model Hedi Klum &  Singer Seals "I Do's. 

 Wendy wanted to know about her Wedding party plan in particular if Solange or B.f.f. Kim Kardashian will be in the wedding La La said no party has been picked just yet but all of her close girlfriends will be in the wedding.  La La also states she will probably invite 250 guest or more jokingly saying that they waited this long might as well invite every one. The couple also has a beautiful 3 year old son together...way to complete the family.


Teddy Pendergrass has passed away at the age of 59

Soul legend Teddy Pendergrass has passed away at the age of 59 at a hospital outside of Philly due to colon cancer. A car accident left Pendergrass in a wheel chair for the past 28 years.

Close The Door Live 1979 Concert

Trey Songz Out With His New Boo??

Is this Trey Songz new Boo?  Shakur is a middle eastern well known model/Video Vixen who was featured in Drake's "Best I Ever Had Video.  Maybe he's just enjoying the massive view of her GIANORMOUS BOOTY!! As  he holds on for dear life at Shade's 45 Angela Yee birthday party.
 Either way he looks very uncomfortable being with a woman with those kinda of curves fueling the rumors "How You Doin?"!!


By now I'm sure you have heard about the natural diaster that's has happen to Haiti. The 7.0 earthquake that has hit one of the poorest country in the world has left up to 100,000 people dead and counting. There are several ways to help there is one in particular that I'm passing the word on Wyclef Jean is one of Haiti's most famous sons, and his tweeting about the earthquake there has been a galvanizing force on the Web.

Publicist Leslie Chasky says he arrived Wednesday in Haiti and is focusing on his family, his Haitian charity and responding to the disaster. Several of the most popular topics on Twitter referred to a tweet from the singer urging people to send a text to the charity, Yele (YAY'-lay), to donate $5 toward relief. The number is 501501.

Hundreds are passing his message on by the minute. The Yele Web site is inundated with donations and has crashed under the traffic. AGAIN ::::HAITI NEEDS HELP!!! STATE OF EMERGENCY!!! Please donate Text YELE to 501 501 ($5) or visit www.yele.org


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Angela Yee Birthday Edition Of Bottles & Strikes

Radio personality Shade 45’s Angela Yee hosted her Bottles & Strikes B'day party at Lucky Strike in NYC earlier this week. A gang of her celeb friends Trey Songz, Roci, Kevin Liles, and Anthony Anderson all came out to show love on her special day.

(L-R) DJ D-Nice and Londell McMillan

Lil Wayne & T-Pain resurrects Freaknik – as an Adult Swim cartoon

A decade later, Freaknik is back — in animated form. Rapper T-Pain (left) has executive produced a one-hour animated special set to air on Adult Swim in March called “Freaknik.” Before I lived in ATL I heard about it,  Anyone who lived in Atlanta in the 1990s knew it well. In the 1980s, Freaknick started out as a modest gathering of African-American students during the third week of April. But by 1994, it had mushroomed into a city-wide spring-break party with traffic jams, men videotaping booty-shaking on car roofs, and debauchery galore.

With no warning, the party would hit major thoroughfares, creating snarls for hours. Folks who weren’t even in college started causing trouble. So the city SHUT IT DOWN!! The special features T-Pain as the “ghost of Freaknik.” Fellow rap starLil Wayne voices a man named Jesus not Christ. 
Plotwise, Lil Wayne’s character advises four guys who are coming to Atlanta to compete in a battle of the bands contest during Freaknik, according to Adult Swim spokesman Tim De Claire.
Read More Click Now

Morgan Freeeman Trying To Be A Baby Daddy At 72

This has to be some sick joke or something...but it's not. According to tabloids papa grand-bear is trying to start a family with his step-granddaughter 27-year-old E'Dena Hines. Rumor has it she is pushing the actor to start a family with her - AND he's agreed!  Viagra line 1.. Previously reported all over the Internet, Freeman plans to marry his mistress E'Dena once his messy divorce from wife Myrna is finalized.

"She believes that will give her a final hold on Morgan and, after his divorce with Myrna is over, she will end up marrying him."

Morgan and Myrna continue to battle out of court over how to divide his complicated estate of more than $120 million.

PETA Fur-Free Ad Featuring Michelle Obama & Oprah Pulled

The ad — which also featured snapshots of Tyra Banks, Oprah Winfrey, and Carrie Underwood — was seen all  over metro stations all over Washington, DC as part of the animal rights group’s Make DC Fur campaign  

Ughh but don't you need permission for that??  PETA thought it was a great idea to plaster a poster of the First Lady because she doesn't wear fur. One big problem is that they didn't ask the White House, but the fact is that Michelle Obama has issued a statement indicating that she doesn’t wear fur, and the world should know that in PETA’s eyes, that makes her pretty fabulous.”

However, on Tuesday, the group confirmed that it is pulling plug on the Fur-Free DC ad. Does it really matter if the AD is pulled if you can still find it all over the web and not to mention several blogs writing about this story. PETA knew exactly what they were doing  Instead of the AD being shown only in DC it's now broadcast nationwide.  Good one PETA now let me grab my  faux chinchilla fur coat. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Denzel Washington "The Book Of Eli" Los Angeles Premiere

 "The Book Of Eli" Los Angeles Premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California. Star Studded event Denzel and his beautiful wife Pauletta Washington, Taraji P. Henson, Magic Johnson & Cookie and many more.  On Monday night, the black carpet was rolled out in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. In a particular spot, a motorcycle was displayed with a background of giant image of the movie's character, Eli. The Book of Eli hits Theatre's this Friday.

(L-R) Actors Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis, Denzel Washington and Jennifer Beals 

Sasha Fierce Out....Beyonce Taking Time Off 6 month Break

Yes it's true Beyonce is hanging up her 7 inch heels in exchange for some much needed R & R. The 28-year-old mega star , who has been working non-stop since her teen years, will be slowing things down in the new year. 
“It’s definitely time to take a break, to recharge my batteries,” she tells USA Today. “I’d like to take about six months and not go into the studio. I need to just live life, to be inspired by things again.”

Dry your tears  because, BeyoncĂ© will perform at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards on January 31, where she is nominated for 10 awards, including Album, Record, and Song of the Year. 
“I was focused so much on my husband’s birthday—I threw a big party—that I didn’t really think about it. But it’s really an honor,” she says of the nominations.

Simon Cowell Announces He's Leaving American Idol

Monday 50 year old Simon announced he was quitting the top-rated Fox TV show in May to launch his own singing contest next year. All good things or in some people opinion  bad things must come to in end. News broke yesterday Simon Cowell would be leaving "American Idol" for the UK version "X Factor, basically going to the competitor. 

Cowell said he had been offered "a lot of money" to renew his contract with "American Idol" sources say 100 million to do both.
 "But I felt like doing something different. I want to leave 'Idol' this year bigger and better than before," he said. "We did talk about me staying on both shows, but when we looked at the practicalities of that, it was impossible."

"I believe it ('Idol') is not my show, but it's still very close to me...I am confident it will continue to be the No.1 show," he said.

His contract ends in May 2010. Simon receives 36 million per year as an Idol judge.

The ninth season of the show starts on Tuesday, with Cowell in place and new judge Ellen DeGeneres joining Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi. The only original judge left will be our DAWG Randy Jackson no reactions from Randy just yet on his thoughts of his B.f.f. leaving the "Dawg Pound".  But other judges have responded. 

Ryan Seacrest appears he will survive the departure of the sword tongue and tweeted:

"He is one of the most brilliant people in our biz! Congrats"

Monday, January 11, 2010

Next Level Regina King And Malcolm Jamal Warner Have Moved In Together

Malcom Jamal Warner is a long way from his days of playing Theo on the Cosby.  A lot of people were unaware these two 80's child stars have hooked up.  Now there is a rumor that there relationship is so hot and steamy they are building a love nest together in Los Angeles.

TNT's Southland star Regina King divorced her husband of many years back in 2007 due to drug and physical abuse and infidelity they have a 13 year old teenage son together.  Malcom Jamal Warner who is a regular on the new Lifetime Sitcom Sherry  has no kids but recently on Wendy Williams show stated he was single but had someone and Regina King bragged about her new man on the Wendy Williams Show also see video below. 

“Malcolm and Regina have known each other since the ’80s, but two years ago their friendship blossomed into romance,” a source tells the tabloid.  According to this month National Enquirer they have been dating since 2008.
I think they make a great couple (THUMBS UP!!) 


This is truly tragic news. The amendment to Michael Jackson’s death certificate declaring that his June 25 passing was due to “acute propofol intoxication” and “intravenous injection by another,” has been published online. It is confirmed with the L.A. County coroner’s office that the document, which is part of the public record, is genuine. Jackson’s death was officially ruled a homicide last August.

No word yet when and if Michael Jackson doctor will be charged.  (to be continued) 

See Official Death Certificate Click Now  

Read More Click now 

Video: Charles Keys?? Charles Barkley Plays Alicia Keys

This is a hilarious moment that didn’t air on last night’s actual show, “SNL” host Charles Barkley dressed in drag and played musical guest Alicia Keys. This “SNL” promo was broadcast during the NFL playoff game. Charles Barkley makes one UGLY chick!!

“I was a big fan. I was like a little kid in a candy store,” the former NBA player said about working with Keys. “She is really a nice lady.”

To see the beautiful Alicia Keys perform see below video:

Sighting: Yeaaaah ...Lil John Still Got A Lot Of Plague!!

I often wondered where is Lil John now that his moment has come and gone ?? Well look no more Lil' Jon attends the Party Rock Tour after party at Quo Nightclub on January 9, NYC still sporting that nasty gold plated/diamond blinged out mouth.  All I see is serious plague issues and can smell his bad breath through the computer.  Yuck mouth ugh!!!

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