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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Video: Bam There Back....Meet The New Wives Of Atlanta Housewives Season 3

Another unhealthy dose of Atlanta Housewives Season 3 is schedule to air on Oct. 4. Based on the below video a lot of the same oh...same oh..  Hot Mess Inc returns, with two new cast members to add more fuel to the fire. The two new castmates are really wives or at least they will be before the end of the season rumor has it both got married during the taping of season 3.  This might be one of the most entertaining season yet.  See belwo new cast bio's and Video
Phaedra Parks

Phaedra is a celebrated entertainment attorney who lives in the historic Vinings area. She is the Managing Partner of The Parks Group, P.C., an Atlanta based boutique law firm that caters nationally to entertainers and athletes.  A friend of Dwight and Kandi’s, Phaedra arrives on the Housewives scene under scrutiny. Phaedra's marriage to her younger husband, Apollo, is the subject of much gossip because he did a stint in prison for a "white collar crime."

Cynthia Bailey

Glamorous Cynthia resides in Atlanta with her 10-year old daughter, Noelle. The Alabama-born beauty moved to New York City 18 years ago to pursue her dream of modeling but after a fair career came back to Atlanta. Cynthia joins the Housewives at a pivotal time in her relationship with her boyfriend of three years, Peter Thomas who owns a restaurant Uptown Lounge downtown Atlanta.  He has issued her an ultimatum.

Already a close friend of NeNe’s, their friendship deepens as together they struggle through relationship issues with the men in their lives.

Check Out Sneak Peek

Video: Sean Garrett f/ Bun B & Yo Gotti – ‘Summer Love’

Sean Garrett showcases his rapping skills and his muscular physique in the video for “Summer Love,” the second single off his sophomore album Courtesy Of. The Mr. Boomtown-directed clip.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cougar Alert: Taraji P. Henson & Drake Booed Up

This rumor has been spinning for a couple of months and now sources are saying that Taraji who is filming a movie in Drake's hometown of Vancouver Canada have been seen all booed up at different spots. The fire really burned on high last Saturday night when Drake was spotted in a downtown Vancouver restaurant cuddled up with Taraji (who is in town filming the Lifetime flick ‘Taken From Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story’). 

Young Money Member made sure the couple would be allowed their privacy as they she looked in 23 year old eyes and he counted wrinkles in her 40 year old eyes.  Drake and Taraji were seated separately from his entourage at their own booth, reportedly sharing a drink, eating off each others plate, spoon feeding each other and kissing!

Taraji will be 40 on September 11th, Drake is currently 23-years-old, turning 24 on October 24th — which means there is a 16 year age gap between the two of them. Ironic since that’s exactly how old Taraji’s son is — 16. 

Cougar season is in full effect and it appears Taraji has caught her a young cub or at least for now.

Wyclef Jean In Hiding ...Getting Death Threats

With the brewing critics about Wyclef nominee for Presidency in Haiti has finally boiled over.  Wyclef who hasn't lived in his country  in over 5 years has a lot of people beyond mad. Ex-Fugees singer Wyclef Jean says that death threats "come with the territory" and that he won't be put off from trying to stand as president of Haiti. Accompanied by an armed guard and other supporters, he said: "In the past couple of days we have received a few death threats.

"Just for our safety we came to an area where we feel is secured - that is my town.  "We're in an area where we're comfortable, the area where we were at before, we weren't comfortable.

The 37-year-old has moved his team to his childhood town after getting a series of warnings, including a phone call telling him to "get out of Haiti".
"We know this situation we've embarked on, death threats come with the territory. But beyond that it's not about all those negative information (sic)."

The singer's plans have stirred controversy in the Caribbean country, with his ex-bandmate Pras Michel and actor Sean Penn among those criticising his bid.  Haiti's electoral commission has also postponed  until Aug 20.

Montana Fishburne Porn Cover Added Ass-ets, I'm Just F**king For A Career

Daddy's Little Nightmare...most people get retouched down, but Montana or what she likes to be called "Chipey D" has a picture that has her Ass in 3D minus her much talked about spotted ASS. When the poor little 19 year old  Porn slut only had a pebble of a Booty sources say.  It looks like the magazine has touched up her derriere.

Montana’s spotty discoloration on her backside is something the porn star spoke about recently. “I’ve had spots on my butt forever – it’s a leopard booty,” she joked.

On the cover of As Is, a title that touts itself as ‘the benefits of beauty, booty and brains’, her bottom is all one smooth color. But some things do stay the same, including her attitude towards her father.

The headline quote from Montana reads: “I’m Not Doing Sh*t To Him, But F**king And Having My Career.” "I just didn't want to wait. I turned 18 and I was like 'alright,'" Montana has said about shooting porn.   "This is something I've been thinking about for four years, so I didn't want to wait. I was so excited to get started and I am so excited.”
Montana has performed in two low budget porn movies, one with Vivid and a second one with porn star/rap wanna-be Jeremy Pumper.

UPDATE: Usher, Chris Brown to tour together?

UPDATE**Usher camp snatched this rumor before the ink could dry on this story. And quickly shut down Chris Brown hopes of redeeming himself. I'm sure he was thinking Tameka killed my career now Chris Sleazy wants to take me for another plunge?? Anyway below is the official statement.

“There are no plans at this time for Usher and Chris Brown to tour together,” the singer’s reps said in a statement. brown’s reps also chimed in with the statement: “There is no confirmed Chris Brown and Usher tour at this time.”

"Usher and the boy Chris Brown are going on tour, y'all know that, right?" Cox asked viewers on a video, which was posted Tuesday.

Billboard said the video was filmed by Atlanta producer Jermaine Dupri, who tells Cox, "They might don't know that," to which Cox replies, "I might've just gave y'all some exclusive s--t."

The report could not be confirmed, but Brown and Usher hinted at the possible tour on Twitter. "What would you guys say if me and usher went on tour?" Brown tweeted, while Usher responded, "If you could see Usher perform live with anyone -- who would it be?"

That's such a good look for Chris Sleazy, this would be the move to re-vamp his struggling career. They really make a cute couple???
Heart throb Usher & Heart Beater Chris Brown might have the ladies screaming everywhere real soon.  Record producer Bryan Michael Cox has hinted in a YouTube video that Usher and Chris Brown will tour together, Billboard reports.

Celebs Seen On The Scene

Vanessa Simmons (L) and Angela Simmons attend the Pastry Box of Chocolates launch party at CityCenter  Vegas.

R&B stars Brandy, left, and Kelly Rowland leave Paprazzi friendly Katsuya restaurant in LA
John Legend and Christine Teigen arrive at the Capitol File Magazine Cover Party, he needs a BRA on

La Toya Jackson is seen leaving Mr. Chow, Michael Jackson lives on with her Nose!!
Paris Hilton appears as she unveils her Paris Hilton's Spring 2011 Shoe Collection, looks payless

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Update: Fantasia Back Together With Married Lover...And They Are Talking About Marriage

Update: Cheater Antwaun Cook wants the world to believe Fantasia had nothing to do with his split form his wife.  (see issued statement)...blah..blah..blah!! as he continues to fight for there "Doomed Love"!!

“Antwaun would be remiss not to address the criticism and judgment he has received,” Cook’s lawyer, Nicole Sodoma, said Wednesday in a statement. “He knew Fantasia Barrino but the failure of his marriage can in no way be blamed on anyone except the two people that were a part of the union – Paula and Antwaun.”

Another twist in this ongoing saga, in a decision to continue the disrespect. Fantasia has reunited with Antwaun Cook, the married man whose wife accused him of adultery. Yes the two continue to "warm up Hell" with there sorta mess.

“Fantasia and Antwaun are back together again and they have even talked about marriage once his divorce is finalized with Paula,” a source told RadarOnline.com. “She knows that her family will only fully accept her relationship with him when he is no longer married.

She  tried to commit suicide, landing her in the hospital last week after Paula Cook filed papers accusing her of being a home wrecker. All this negative press has come just in time for her new album coming out August 24 and her second season debut of VH1’s “Fantasia For Real” Sept. 19.
And because of the scandal, her single “Bittersweet” has suddenly revived itself on the airplay charts. Homewrecker wll  be making a bunch of appearances on various talk shows, including “Good Morning America” (8/24) and “Live With Regis & Kelly” (9/9). Also it has been confirmed that the ex-wife has put all of her soon to be cheating/ex-husband belongings out.

Video: R. Kelly Partying With a Fan Sittiing On His Face In Chicago

The always sexually charged R. Kelly made a  SURPRISE appearance at The Shrine in Chicago and performs a few classics to the crowd including "Slow Dance (Hey Mr. DJ)", "Bump And Grind", and "partying with Sex Tape star was Rocsi host of 106 & Park.  As you can see  pictured below R.Kelly was up to his usual antics with a fan "spread eagle" all in his face. SMH

Celebs Out & About

Kim Kardashian and a head full of Weave attend the YoungHollywood.com Studio
T.I. dicusses the AXE Music One Night Only concert
T.I. Hit's Up Vegas With The Takers Cast
Two lil men (L-R) Trey Songz and Bow Wow visit BET's "106 & Park"
 Tatted up.. "Birdman" attends the Billionaire Mafia MAGIC after party in Vegas he looks so sad...Weezy wll be out soon hangin in there!!
               Gabby Sidibe attends a special screening of "Life Is Precious    
(L-R) Film director and producer Spike Lee, son Jackson Lee and wife Tonya Lewis Lee attending Spike Lee and HBO Documentary's "If God Willing And Da Creek Don't Rise" 

Video: Trey Songz f/ Nicki Minaj – ‘Bottoms Up’

Mr Steal yoir girl? Trey Songz & Nicki Minaj  have a little fun for “Bottoms Up,” the first single from his new album Passion, Pain & Pleasure, dropping Sept. 14. Trey takes his fans into a girl funhouse fllled visuals, with  animated Nicki  Minaji along for the ride. The club banger was director Anthony Mandler.

Bottoms Up
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Khloe Kardashian Storms Out on Lamar & Pregnancy Rumors

Most people view Khloe as the fat Kardashian sister or the one who has the worst body and because of that she is constantly mistaken for being pregnant. Khloé Kardashian says that she isn't actively trying to get pregnant. But she isn't not trying, either.

But getting Pregnant is only one hurdle to jump rumor has it that Lamar Odom was flying high after his Team USA basketball win over France Sunday night, but wife Khloe put a damper on the evening after storming out of his celebration.
"It's in God's hands, and let it happen when it happens," the reality star told PEOPLE  I'm 26. It should happen naturally. I don't want to force it. I would love to have a baby, and if I get pregnant, I get pregnant." She adds with a laugh: "I don't think, like ... my biological clock is ticking!"

Our sources have learned exclusively that the attention Lamar gave to other jump offs while out celebrating was more than Khloe could take – eventually causing her to leave solo. After 10 minutes of all of this unwanted attention by the ladies Khloe ends begin to split

“Women kept stopping by the table to say hi to the guys,” an eyewitness at Juliet Supper Club stated. “I overheard Khloe cursing Lamar out for being ‘too friendly,’” “But Lamar didn’t really seem bothered when she left.” He continued to  bottle pop in her absence.  Khloe didn't make it too the toast because her glass was filled with Jealously.

Beyonce Enjoys Being A Housewife

Beyonce has been lying low lately to soak up rays of a normal life. Mrs. Carter tells PEOPLE magazine that she’s keeping busy playing housewife in her down time. Her music video for “Why Don’t You Love Me” gives viewers a sneak peek at some of the things she does at home.

“It’s an exaggerated, over-the-top version of what I’m doing right now, which is just living my life and being a woman at home, relaxing and trying to enjoy my life other than performing and music.”

Beyonce hasn't totally took a break she shows up on Kayne West latest project "See Me Now" and the Fall House Of Deron Ads.
“I came up with the concept for that video because lately I decided to take a break, and I’ve been home, being a wife,” says B, who plays the role of B.B. Homemaker in the video. “I figured it could be nice to give a little wink toward the things that I’ve been doing, so that’s why I’m a housewife in the video.”

Celebs Out & About: T.I. Rihanna, and more

T.I. and NY Knick Amare Stoudermire private screening of TAKERS
Diddy's jump off Cassie Right growing her hair out
Rihanna headed to Dinner in NYC
Love the minimalist cut
Tooth Fairy...? Nope Angelina Jolie attends the UK film premiere of 'Salt' in her night gown

Bow Wow promotes "Lottery Ticket" at Foot Locker
Garcelle Beauvais
Quinton Aaron celebrates his 26th Birthday

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