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Friday, March 9, 2012


Where the Ballers at?  We put together a list of NBA players homes and how they really ball.  Peep list :Dwyane Wade,  modest mansion above yeah right, located Postal Store, Fla. Price: $2.5 million.

LeBron James, Miami Price: $9 million
Chris Bosh, Miami Beach, Fla.Price: $12.33 million
Amar’e Stoudemire, Southwest Ranches, Fla.  Price: $3.7 million

One of  Kobe Bryant home, Newport Beach, Calif., (Pelican Crest) Price: $4 million
Michael Jordan compound below, owner, Charlotte Bobcats, Jupiter, Fla.  Price: $20 million to build
Portland Trailblazers owner Paul Allen has a $30 million villa in the south of France
Below Ted Leonsis,  owner, Washington Wizards, Pontiac Md. Price: $8 million. Reportedly, Leonsis bought this mansion in 2005 for $4.91 million; sold it to Nextel’s Chris Rogers for $20 million.

Mark Cuban, owner, Dallas Mavericks,  Preston Hollow area of Dallas 14 million dollar villa


This should be interesting, Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco will have their spin-off titled “Ocho & Ev,”upcoming new unscripted series. 
Filming starts this spring and will document Evelyn and Chad’s upcoming wedding and new life together.

Official press release:  Shed Media U.S. has signed Sean Rankine to a new deal to continue as showrunner of VH1′s “Basketball Wives” franchise.  Rankine exec produces Miami-set “Basketball Wives” and “Basketball Wives Los Angeles,” as well as upcoming new unscripted series “Ocho & Ev,” featuring Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn Lozada.

See behind the scenes footage of the two egos at there photo shoot for Urban Ink Magazine, kinda gives you a first look of how these two show will be.


Smooth R & B crooner Usher is back keeping it sexy in his new video “Climax,” the first single off his upcoming album, due later this spring. 

Shot in his hometown of Atlanta, Usher is face with life changing decisions as he sits outside his girlfriend apartment with a loaded gun.  Peep the drama below:


Mary J. Blige pulled double duty on “American Idol” this week, mentoring the top 13 contestants and filling in as the musical guest. Hip-Hop Soul hit the stage on Thursday’s results show, performing her Rick Ross-assisted single “Why” for the first time on television, that necklace she is wearing is Everything!.   Peep video below:

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Bobbi Kristina should have some comfort knowing that at least her finances will be OK for awhile.  Bobbi Kristina was Whitney Houston’s pride and joy, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that she will receive 100 percent of her mother’s assets. In a will filed today in Atlanta, the 19-year-old is listed as the sole benefactor.

The late legend’s estate is valued at around $20 million, according to TMZ. As Whitney’s only child, Bobbi will inherit her wealth as well as all furnishings, clothing, personal effects, jewelry, and cars.
According to reports, Whitney’s money will be put in a trust, which Bobbi will be able to access as she gets older. She will get the first portion when she turns 21, a second sum at 25, and the remainder when she hits 30.  

The will was signed on Feb. 3, 1993, about a month before Houston gave birth to her daughter. The 48-year-old died Feb. 11 in California.

KONY 2012 video by Invisible Children raises awareness and concerns in Central Africa

You have to watch this ...It's called KONY 2012 and focuses on a man the filmmakers call the world's worst criminal. And while the charity that made it wants awareness and money, the Better Business Bureau advises caution.

The charity is called Invisible Children.  If you take a look at top twitter trends it's been there all day. But as the visibility of this video continues to grow, so do concerns about it. The video itself runs a half an hour and discusses the Lords' Resistance Army in Africa and how it kidnaps children and turns them into soldiers and make young girls sex slaves.

 "There's definitely something to it that people didn't know about and that now that they know about it they're shocked and they want to share it," she said.

The charity is asking people all over the world to gather and put up posters about Kony on April 20th. Olivia McDougal and her friends at Clayton High School say they will. 

Some celebs have tweeted about the cause like Diddy and Cassie, Oprah and more.  The campaign is targeting 20 culture icons who can use their influential voices to keep the deployed U.S. military advisors in Uganda until Kony is arrested.  Below are some of the names

  1. Oprah – @
  2. Bill O’reilly – @
  3. Rihanna – @
  4. Rush Limbaugh – @
  5. Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook.com/zuck
  6. Justin B Ieber – @
  7. Ben Affleck – @
  8. Ryan Seacrest – @

For the full list and more info (Go Here)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Kayne West displayed his "dark twisted" collection, well at least that's what it looks like from where were sitting.  Kayne does not care what the critics think because, West returned to Paris Fashion Week to unveil his second womenswear line on Tuesday.

The rapper-turned-designer presented 20 unflattering looks from his fall/winter ready-to-wear collection to a star-studded audience filled with designers and celebrities including Alicia Keys, Anna Wintour, Big Sean, Shyne, Kim Kardashian, Cassie, Common, Diddy, and Swizz Beatz.
Should Kayne should stick to rapping?  The blogs are exploding about the lack of fashion and the "we seen this before looks" in Kanye's collection.  Others are wondering why not hire more minority models but that's a subject for a different day. 

Preview below the looks below:


Queen has a lot to chill-lax about as she splashes big waves with a girlfriend, with benefits. Queen being  a Grammy award winning singer, actress, cover girl, and now you can add Voice Competition show to her resume.  Queen Latifah is joining forces with The CW to find the next great vocal talent.  Latifah was once a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig, but from the looks of things, Queen may have fallen off of the weight loss wagon.

So this is American Idol 101, X-factor, The Voice e.t.c. ...BIG YAWN Z z z!  Sources report the CW network has given the green light to Latifah and Dave Broome’s new singing competition “The Star Next Door.” Pop singer Gloria Estefan and country star John Rich are set to star as mentors. 

Additional mentors will also be added in the coming weeks. “The Star Next Door” will go across the country to find talented, undiscovered voices. However, rather than bringing the hopefuls to Hollywood, “The Star Next Door” will have the mentors travel to the contestant’s home town to help them prepare for performances on live television. “The Star Next Door” is scheduled to debut sometime this summer.

WE ALREADY KNEW THIS BUT..Snooki Confirms the News: I'm Pregnant and Engaged!

Obviously Snooki was just waiting for the ink to dry on US Weekly check and make the 1st installment payment on her engagement ring, before she confirmed what the world already knows.  OMG I'M PREGNANT!  All that smushing what did they expect, the rumors are true -- there's definitely a little guido or guidette on the way for Snooki!

The "Jersey Shore" star confirms reports that she and Jionni LaValle are expecting their first child together in the new Us Weekly.
"I didn't want to lie to my fans, but the cardinal rule when you are pregnant is that you can't tell anyone but your closest friends and family till after three months," she explains.
"I wanted to make sure the baby is OK ... It was my business and I wasn't ready to tell" she adds about waiting until now to confirms the already widely-reported news.
The two also confirmed reports that they're engaged.

Jionni tells the mag he popped the question on Valentine's Day while at the W Hotel in Hoboken, NJ.  We smell another reality show..."MY LITTLE FAT ITALIAN JERSEY SHORE WEDDING"?   Congrats to the ommpa loompa's!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


So much drama and mayhem surrounding Deion & Pilar Sanders divorce.  And like any good scorn woman Pilar took to twitter this morning to air out her feelings and in the latest installment of "SH***T ON HIM".  Pilar Sanders Wants you to know....

Normally, I do not respond to media comments, statements or stories. However, several different sources have contacted me regarding TMZ’s latest posting, that I wanted to speak with the mistresses my husband has been secretly involved with behind my back...let me be clear…that is utterly ridiculous and couldn't be further from the truth!!!! I have absolutely and unequivocally no interest, time or desire to be a part of the media mayhem circulating about my divorce. I've only made ONE statement period! My statement was in response to receiving divorce papers that my husband gave to me Sept. 22, 2011 but were not officially filed. My statement was as follows:
“It’s unfortunate that my husband decided to take this course of action…I’m surprised and hurt… As I said to my children, we must take a minute breath and Trust God.” So, like a lot of untruths that are floating around by numerous media/social outlets, I have NOT given any personal statements and/or comments about my pending divorce. Believe half of what you read and less than half of what you hear. I have remained silent throughout my entire divorce nightmare. Despite the personal attacks and pathetic LIES that have spread like the plague. I have NOT nor have any need to run to the media. I believe if we all can step back and look at THE situation for what it really IS... THE TRUE MEDIA SEEKING stand out all by themselves loud and very clear. I have NOT done interviews, radio shows, Tweeted or Facebooked to convince anyone of my life. My Focus has and always will be on my children guarding, guiding and equipping them for the now and the future! I am not seeking fans blinded by skits, a bright smile or delusional acts of grandeur.

My battle is solely being fought and justified in THE COURTROOM (where it belongs) NOT through the media airwaves. Above all else, my position of trusting my God has never wavered nor faltered.When I do decide to speak on my divorce, there will be NO questions, second-guessing or need of hearsay. I have God given strength to stand and fight for what I believe is right and only the truth will prevail.
Please Note: This message has been written and approved by Pilar Sanders

End Scene!...can we all just get alone?  Oh...child bitter party of one! It's time to start moving on and getting off this bridge to no where ...we are just saying!


Sneak Preview: Oprah Interviews Whitney Houston's Family

On Sunday, March 11, Oprah sits down with Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina; her sister-in-law, Patricia Houston; and her brother, Gary Houston, on a special episode of Oprah's Next Chapter airing at 9/8c, only on OWN. 
Bobbi Kristina shares personal memories of her mom and how she would like the iconic superstar to be remembered. The family also addresses the rumors and speculation surrounding Houston's death. Watch a sneak preview now.


 Fashion Week, celeb pals Salma Hayek and Alicia Keys stick together Monday during Stella McCartney's autumn/winter 2012 in Paris.
Rihanna showing off those beautiful legs on The Jonathan Ross Show.

Christina Milian celebrates Violet’s second birthday with friends and family at Giggles N’ Hugs children’s restaurant.
Minnie and Mickey Mouse flanked Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey at the christening gala for the new Disney Fantasy cruise ship in NYC.

Nick Cannon arriving for an appearance on ‘Good Morning America’ in New York City, love Nicks two-tone shoes.

Newly engaged and expectant mom Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi shows off her new diamond ring while shopping with Jersey Shore costar Jenni "JWoww" Farley Monday in New York.
Hey girl...Cee Lo, here photographed on stage wearing a lot of pink during the Escape to Total Rewards event, held at Gotham Hall, in NYC.

David Beckham and his eldest son, Brooklyn, were courtside in L.A. for the Lakers vs. Miami Heat game.
Heidi Klum and her son Henry went kayaking in Malibu.

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