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Friday, January 23, 2009


As seen above in his "Taste the Rainbow" outfit in Paris to join designer Marc Jacobs in unveiling his self-designed shoes at the Louis Vuitton fashion show during Paris Fashion Week. With his LV bag on the floor. (Like that bag girl) and Openly gay and cross dresser designer Marc Jacobs. Kayne decides to put all his skittles in his mouth at one time with a direct quote from AVN mag. Kayne states he would take it in the A***, OK he didn't say that but something close too that.

“I know people will find that as another thing to hate me on, but fuck it,” West said. “I’m open to doing porn. Hell, I’ll even do bisexual scenes - myself, another man and a woman, or just me and two women. I know people will find that as some weird shit, but I am who I am.” Source: AVN

Maybe this is a misquote but I doubt it. I don’t know why would any man would want a threesome with another male in the picture. I appreciate Kanye’s authenticity, but sometimes he just talks too much, this is one of those things you keep to yourself. I think he must of got confused when saying, “bisexual.?” Trying to give Princess Kayne in out. Kanye should be addressing this story on his blog soon enough. His blog will start off saying "What had happen was".


HOUSE OF GLTIZ P.S.: That's what I'm talking about be "Heartless", blow the hendges off of your closet door and let all your LV bags hit the floor.

2009 Park City -The People Speak and The"Black Dynamite" Party!!

Wyclef & Zoe Kravitz got there drink and there two step at the People Speak party
Benjamin Bratt & Erica Alexander memba her? Max from living single
Love that suit!!
Actor Phil Morris, actor Tommy Davidson and actor Michael Jai White
One White chick with all those brothers, the next pic explains why she there?
You go girl...Lil Kim got some competition!

New Video: John Legend - Everybody Knows..!!

“Everybody Knows” is the second single off John Legend’s latest album Evolver. The video was directed by Anthony Mandler and shot on the streets of New York. See Video below.

Swizz ex-Mashonda Says Alicia Keys Stole Her Man and she got the Hotel Receipts to prove it..!!

Teenage Love affair?? Mashonda has put Alicia keys on blast, about husband Swizz Beatz, admitting she was shocked to discover the affair after finding credit card bills that matched up with Alicia Keys tour.
"It's not like I wake up and I have to snoop, but if you recognize a dramatic change and you keep asking what's the problem and you're not getting any answers you have to find out for yourself," Mashonda said about going through the bills.
"I didn't think it was as serious as it was [until] things went left, a lot left. After time we had that conversation and there was admittance to it.... We were together ten years, married for six years and last February, everything seemed fine, we just had a baby, but I guess people go through there things and feel they gotta make their moves and whatever makes them happy at the moment is what they go by."
Hear below Mashonda on Shade 45 radio with all the Juicy details!!
Will Alicia Keys image be tarnished by this scandal?
It doesn't seem to have been so far she is a Super Star and we all have to wonder is this fiction or Non-fiction? Sounds like Swizz definitely "Beatz" it up, but at what cost? Mashonda is a nobody of a musical producer who is barely relevant these days. Alicia has a longtime boyfriend producer Kerry Krucial
*********************************************************************************** HOUSE OF GLITZ P.S.: Is this a woman scorn? or a woman who is trying to get a big divorce settlement. either way please go somewhere and sit down! the battle is with your husband !! ..

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Take that, Take That,!!...Former Bad Boy Artist, Mark Curry, Writes A Tell All Book About Diddy...Read the first chapter!!

The book affectionately titled "Dancing With The Devil"

Today, after years of writing hit records for Combs, I am no closer to having my first album released by Bad Boy Entertainment than I was when we signed the contract. Combs cajoled, hoodwinked and bamboozled me for nearly a decade. In the end, which for me came in 2005, I realized that I had to leave the label and its illusions of wealth in order to save my career, my marriage, my mind and my soul.
Dancing with the Devil reveals startling new details about key events in the fast-paced, controversial, and sometimes deadly world of hip-hop music. In revealing the dark side of the industry

Sounds like a bitter ex-employee also it appears, Diddy is strict with the money, charging his own artist to use his whips and have him as a feature on a track. This is what happens when money is your GOD. In the new Making the Band trailer below he tells Danity Kane he isn’t letting anyone out of their contract, “I want the world to know I don’t give a F***, this is business and that’s really reality.” Take that, take that To read the first chapter of this book (Click Now)


Why? Making of the Band there is only 2 members left in DK. Diddy with the same oh evil step-mother routine.


Taraji P. Henson
Viola Davis
The Oscar nominations just came out and House Of Glitz, has learned that our "home girls" actresses Taraji Henson and Viola Davis got nominations. We have been praising Taraji role in Benjamin button for a while now and strongly feel this is her time and she will come up with the win. You heard it here first! Both ladies were nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Taraji for her role in The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons. And Viola for her role in Doubt. Also nominations Slum Dog Millionaire with 13 nods; The Curious case of Benjamin Button with 10 and the Dark Knight with 8. Noticeable from the list is Beyonce for her role in Cadillac Records, better luck next time. For a complete list of all the nominee's (Click Now)

" Hot Sicker Than The Average"..Jamal Woolard Arrested For Assault Against Wife !!

"Biggie, Biggie Can't you see sometimes your hands sting when they hit me" Notorious star 33 year old Jamal Woolard is due in court Jan. 29 for a Sept. 14 assault against his wife, Trina Younger. The one-time rapper formerly known as “Gravy,” was charged with misdemeanor assault, menacing and harassment stemming from the altercation.

The news comes a day after Woolard signed a deal with It Girl Public Relations.

According The New York Post, Jamal, who plays hip hop legend The Notorious B.I.G. in the current biopic, slapped Trina in their East New York home during an early-morning argument because he came home late.

According to the police report, Trina dared her husband of seven months to hit her:

“She wouldn’t stop pushing me, so I snuffed her.”

“I know he wouldn’t hit her,” says Roslyn Younger, the actor’s mother-in-law. “He’s not like that. Most definitely, they have a good relationship. That’s impossible. I think it’s made up. He’s a loving husband, and I never heard of anything like that before in my life.”

The mother-law reportedly lives with the couple. Woolard was famously shot in the butt in front of New York’s Hot 97 radio station several years ago. Who shot ya?


HOUSE OF GLITZ: Could they not have picked a better convict to play Biggie. Shot in the Butt, Beating wives..Way to be Notorious!! Now, he can add a domestic violence dispute to that rap sheet.

Jennifer Hudson Emerges with her Boo and ready to sing again!!

Jennifer Hudson hasn't been seen out in public since her horrible family tragedy last October, but the singer/actress reappeared in Florida a few days ago looking in better spirits. Hudson was spotted leaving the gym with her Fiance better known as Punk from "I Love New York.

Jennifer Hudson has reportedly sought the guidance of a therapist to help her cope with the tragic shooting deaths of her mother, brother, and 7-year-old nephew last October.

Jennifer’s estranged brother-in-law, William Balfour, has pleaded not guilty to charges in connection with the triple homicide. Jennifer Hudson now has the strength and the will to give three high-profile performances next month. deliver the National Anthem at the Super Bowl on Feb. 1, then sing at the MusiCares Person of the Year Gala Feb. 6 and at the Grammys two days later. The performances will be the first since her mother, brother and nephew were murdered in the fall. Her estranged brother-in-law has pleaded innocent to the killings .

New Video: Keyshia Cole - ‘You Complete Me’!!

Keyshia Cole away from her dysfunctional family, frolics in the snow in the video for “You Complete Me,” the second single off her third album A Different Me. The Benny Boom-directed clip was shot in the mountains of Big Bear, Calif. Such a Beautiful video.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chris Rock ...Ain't nothing funny about Obama!!

While Chris Rock had plenty to say about old man McCain during the presidential campaign, he told CNN on Monday that he’d have some trouble doing the same for the newly inaugurated President Barack Obama.

“It’s like ‘Ooh, you’re young and virile and you’ve got a beautiful wife and kids. You’re the first African-American president.’ You know, what do you say?” he said.

According to Rock, that puts Obama in a superstar club. Most comedian are saying it's just nothing funny right now he's all good. Most will continue to go after Biden and Clinton for there Comic relief.


HOUSE OF GLTIZ: Oh please!...I love our new Pres but give it time even he will become the "butt" of all jokes trust me!!


44thPresident Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama wearing a Jason Wu one-shoulder ivory gown danced their way through 10 official inaugural balls Tuesday night, after a historic day in American history.

The Obamas were serenaded by Beyonce during their first dance at the Neighborhood Ball, where she sang Etta James’ “At Last,” from her role in the movie “Cadillac Records.” Beyonce did a fabulous job and got tears in her eyes at the end of the ballad.

Before the dance, Obama addressed the crowd, which erupted in applause when he entered the room.

“First of all, how good-looking is my wife?” Obama beamed.

Video: Emotional Beyoncé: ‘I’m So Proud of My Country’ and her thoughts on singing for the President & 1st Lady..!!

After a Vividly emotional rendition of "At Last", ABC news caught up with Beyonce to find out what she was feeling singing for President Obama, and the emotions still were flowing.

“I feel so inspired and so proud,” the singer told ABC News. “I’m just so lucky to be a part of this history. It’s probably the most important day of my life.”

MTV and ServiceNation's "Be The Change: Live From The Inaugural Ball"

Video: Inaugural Ball Performances..!!

Still catching up from Tuesday’s inaugural festivities? Then watch some of the inaugural ball performances you missed, including Jay-Z, Mariah, Kanye, Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, Stevie Wonder, Nas, Common, and more.
will.i.am - “It’s a New Day”
Stevie Wonder f/ Various Artists - “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours”
Mary J. Blige "Just Fine"
Mariah Carey "Hero"
Jay-Z History
Kayne West Medly
Nas "Black President"

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wow ..They Didn't wast anytime.. Already .In Life & Style's special inauguration issue: History is made!!

One day after the Inauguration Life Style magazine makes sure they get first dips on all about President Obama . It was a bitterly cold 28 degrees in Washington, D.C., yesterday, but the crowd of roughly 2 million people gathered to see Barack Obama sworn in as America's 44th president didn't seem to feel the chill. With his wife, Michelle, and their daughters proudly looking on.

"The time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit," he pledged, "to choose our better history; to carry forward that precious gift, that noble idea, passed on from generation to generation: the God-given promise that all are equal, all are free and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness."

It was a day many in the crowd never dreamed they would see, and while some cheered, others wept openly, overwhelmed by the emotion and weight of the moment.

For the full story of the historic Inauguration of Barack Obama, pick up Life & Style's special inauguration issue, on newsstands now!

Hip Hop Summit Action Network Inaugural Ball..!!

I'm sorry she looks a HOT Mess too me!!
Russell Simmons out with a Black Chick
Tatyana Ali and Young Jeezy

Watch Obamas Inaugural Speech !! 1.9 million people & 400,000 on the side streets!!

Mr. Obama promised to take “bold and swift” action to restore the economy by creating jobs through public works projects, improving education, promoting alternative energy and relying on new technology.... "Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America."


This is the President's official Inauguration schedule also you can watch it live from your PC if you are one of the people who are stuck at work. CNN LIVE FEED

» 8:25 a.m.: Obamas leave Blair House for prayer service at St. John's Episcopal Church

» 8:35 a.m.: Prayer service

» 9:45 a.m.: Church service ends; Obamas depart for the White House

» 10:05 a.m.: Obamas arrive at White House for coffee with the Bushes

» 11 a.m.: Motorcade departs for the Capitol

» 11:30 a.m.: Bushes and Obamas proceed to platform on the West Front; California Senator Dianne Feinstein will issue the call to order and deliver brief welcoming remarks, followed by an invocation from Dr. Rick Warren and a performance from Aretha Franklin (who also sang at Bill Clinton's first inauguration)

» 11:50 a.m.: Joe Biden is sworn in as vice president by Supreme Court Justice John Stevens

» 11:56 a.m.: Barack Obama is sworn in as president by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. Obama, with his hand on Abraham Lincoln's inaugural Bible, will recite the same oath as his predecessors: "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of president of the United States and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." Musical performance from John Williams, Yo-Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman, Gabriela Montero and Anthony McGill, followed by "Hail to the Chief" and a 21-gun salute

» 12:05 p.m.: Inaugural address, followed by a poem written and recited by Elizabeth Alexander and a benediction from Dr. Joseph Lowery. The national anthem will be performed by the U.S. Navy Band Sea Chanters

» 12:30 p.m.: Ceremony concludes

» 12:35 p.m.: Bush departs via helicopter; Cheney departs by limo

» 12:45 p.m.: Obama signs inauguration papers in the President's Room

» 1:00 p.m.: Obama attends congressional luncheon

» 2:15 p.m.: Obama and Biden review troops at Capitol

» 2:30 p.m.: President Obama leads the parade from the Capitol along Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House

» 3:15 p.m.: Arrival at the White House

» 3:45 p.m.: Obamas and Bidens proceed to the reviewing stand; inaugural parade continues until 6 p.m.

» 7 p.m.: The official inaugural balls begin with the Neighborhood Ball at the Washington Convention Center, with performers scheduled to include Beyoncé. Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Faith Hill, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Shakira, Stevie Wonder and others. Nick Cannon will DJ. There are a total of 10 Balls the Obama's will be attending.

New Music: Various Artists - ‘America’s Song’

Download: Bono, Mary J. Blige, will.i.am, Seal, & Faith Hill - “America’s Song”

Bono, Mary J. Blige, will.i.am, Seal, and Faith Hill celebrate Barack Obama’s presidency with “America’s Song,” a collaboration composed by will.i.am and David Foster.


Usher took some time out from being a dad of 2 and a step dad of 3, pumped up grade-schoolers and other volunteers with handshakes, jokes and words of praise as they repainted walls and built two libraries at Simon Elementary School in southeast D.C. – an area with a high dropout rate – on the afternoon of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. During a feed to Oprah Winfrey's live show from the Kennedy Center Opera House, the singer talked up the need for volunteerism – even working in a reference to Aristotle – before cuing the kids to yell, "Go serve!" to her audience. "You notice that I'm not focusing on the [Inaugural] celebration, I'm focusing on the work, because that's what it's about". His own non-profit organization, Usher's New Look Foundation, has been giving underprivileged kids leadership training since 2005. OK so here is the gross part after Sunday's show, Usher, his wife Man-eka, and her sons Ryan, 9, and Kyle, 7, snapped photos with Michelle Obama, and her daughters. Usher 2 year old and 1 month old was not in attendance because it was too cold. Shouldn't Man-eka be at home breast feeding or something? To Read more (Click Now)
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