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Friday, April 20, 2007

MUSIC EXECS MEET TO DISCUSS POST-IMUS HIP HOP: more than 20 industry heavyweights Attended.

*It was billed as a forum to "discuss issues challenging the industry in the wake of controversy surrounding hip-hop and the First Amendment." Sparked by Don Imus’ racist comment to the Rutgers women's basketball team, Russell Simmons’ Hip-Hop Summit Action Network called for a private meeting with more than 20 high-powered industry executives to discuss sexist and misogynistic lyrics in hip hop. The gathering, which lasted several hours, took place at the New York home of Lyor Cohen, chairman and chief executive of U.S. music at Warner Music Group. However, the participants have so far kept quiet about what, if anything, was accomplished. a roster released by Simmons on Wednesday, attendees included: Kevin Liles, executive vice president, Warner Music; L.A. Reid, chairman of Island Def Jam Music Group; Sylvia Rhone, president of Motown Records and executive vice president of Universal Music Group; Mitch Bainwol, chairman and CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America; and Damon Dash, Jay-Z's former Roc-A-Fella Records partner. Top-selling rapper T.I. also attended, organizers said. Simmons' rep released a statement that described the topic discussed at the meeting as a "complex issue that involves gender, race, culture and artistic expression a press conferene is scheduled at a later date.

The Atlanta Film Festival’s After Party for, VH1’s “Last Days of Left Eye”

***Premiere on Saturday, May 19th. at 9pm ET/PT on...VH the last days of Lisa Left Eye Lopez... Cee Lo X-Idol Tamara Gray (Ronnie Devoe & Wife) (India Irie) (Buckey-flavor of love)


The Queens, NY home of Tony Yayo's mother was riddled with bullets wednesday night (Apr. 18), sources told AllHipHop While details are still being revealed, sources said the house was shot up last night around midnight. No shots were heard outside, indicating that silencers may have been used in the shooting. Yayo, born Marvin Bernard, is accused of assaulting the 14-year-old son of Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond. Most likely this is a retaliation for that act He was charged on Mar. 25 on one count of misdemeanor assault and one count of endangering the welfare of a minor. Yayo was released on $5,000 bail and is scheduled to return to court on Apr. 25.

Donald Trump want stop Sends Barbara Gift Via the Panty Express

Donald Trump sent Barbara Walters the black bustier and matching gigantic pair of panties that Rosie O'Donnell wore in the movie Exit to Eden in a frame to hang on her office wall at The View "I sent it to Barbara to hang in her office because I didn't want it in mine. It was funny, except that it was really gross. It's disgusting," Trump told Page Six. "I feel sorry for [Rosie's] wife. It can't be pleasant." O'Donnell played the police detective partner of Dan Aykroyd in the 1994 comedy "I am supportive of my friend and colleague Rosie," she informed us, "but I have no desire to continue a feud with Donald Trump."


Jonetta Patton, the crooner's mother and manager, is engaged - to a hot younger guy. "His name is Eric," says a close source. "He is a former boxer from Houston, and he's 36." Dang, J.Pat! Patton celebrated her 50th birthday in Atlanta last week with a party attended by Usher (who's 28) and his fiancee, Tameka Foster. Foster told friends at the event that she is not pregnant. However, this conflicts with two sources close to Usher's camp who independently SWEAR, that she is with child. wE WILL KNOW IN A COUPLE OF MONTHS!!! _______________________________________________________________ HOUSE OF GLTIZ: HE GET IT FROM HIS MOMMA!!!...

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Well, that’s the buzz going around anyway. Last weekend, Akon performed at Zen nightclub in Port of Spain. During the concert, he held a dancing or rather, rumping contest with seven girls out the audience to see which Trinidadian could represent the best… Now people with the footage on youtube have stated that this girl was only 14, so who knows? I do know Akon was getting his during this contest. Didn’t know the brother could get down like that… (CHECK OUT LIVE FOOTAGE LIL EXPLICIT)____ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Akon in Zen Trinidad molesting some girl on stage this is disgusting!!!

Chris Rock Asks Court to Determine Boy's Paternit

Chris Rock asked a court to determine if he's the father of a 13-year-old boy, according to papers filed in a paternity dispute with a Georgia woman. If he's proven to be the father, Rock wants to "contribute to the support, maintenance, and education" of the boy, say the papers filed Monday in Statesboro, Ga. Kali Bowyer had first tried to file a paternity action against Rock last month, but withdrew it because Rock, a New Jersey resident, lives outside the southeastern Georgia court's jurisdiction, the Associated Press reports. Rock's filing now starts the proceedings. Bowyer's lawyer, Brett Kimmel, says Bowyer is "looking forward to establishing that Mr. Rock is the father of their son and bringing the case to a swift conclusion," according to the AP. The attorney declined to describe the nature of his client's relationship with Rock or say why she waited 13 years to seek a paternity claim. Rock, 42, is married with two young children. He and wife Malaak have brushed off rumors their marriage is in trouble. His rep wasn't available for comment.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007



Gospel Aerobics - Giving Him Praise....FUNNY!!


DAVE CHAPPELLE SETS LAUGH FACTORY RECORD: And it has nothing to do with the N-word.

*Comedian Dave Chappelle surprised fans at the Laugh Factory Sunday night by showing up unannounced for a set at around 10:30 p.m., and then remaining on stage for the next six hours straight. According to Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada, Chappelle’s set was the longest performance by any comedian in the venue’s 28-year history. It began at 10:36 p.m. Sunday and ended at 4:43 a.m. on Monday. "It was just one of those nights," Masada said of Chappelle's appearance. "He had everyone laughing for six hours." The marathon session only lost about a dozen of the 150-plus audience members who were present at the beginning of Chappelle’s set, which covered such topics as President Bush's buffoonery, Comedy Central's decision to hype Carlos Mencia after Chappelle abruptly left the network, and Michael Richards’ use of the N-word on the very Laugh Factory stage last year. "I was his punching bag for a half hour," Masada said. Needless to say, Chappelle was fined $2200 for his multiple use of the N-word throughout the six-hour run

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff plan a Reunion Tour

HOUSE OF GLITZ has just learned that Will Smith is planning a reunion tour with his old partner Jazzy Jeff. Will and Jazzy found fame in the 1980s and 1990s with hit records like Parents Just Don't Understand and Summertime, and won the first ever Grammy in the Rap category in 1989. Now Will has promised to put his hugely successful movie career on hold to reunite with his old pal. Will explains, "We always talk about doing a Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince record and a huge tour, we just have to clear the time to do it. Right now, the plan is we are supposed to go out on tour together at the end of this year." HOUSW OF GLITZ: THIS IS WONDERFUL!!

More Pics.."B' , Jay, Trya , Kimora. Attend New York Knicks Vs New Jersey Nets Game

Trina & Timberland spotted at Johnthan's Birthday Party in Miami

(Johnathan & Trina)

COPS SAY MAN CONFESSES TO JAM MASTER JAY MURDER: He also says he had a role in shooting of Tupac associate.

*The Boston Herald is reporting that a jailed career criminal has confessed to participating in both the 2002 murder of Run DMC’s Jam Master Jay and the unsolved 1995 killing of a close associate of rapper, Tupac Shakur. The new information surfaced as part of the federal robbery trial this month of Ronald “Tenad” Washington, who says he now expects to be charged as an accessory in the shooting death of Jam Master Jay, born Jason Mizell, and for the murder of Randy “Stretch” Walker, who rapped with Tupac on the Thug Life album, “Volume 1.” A female witness told authorities that Washington has confessed to details of both murders....more details are developing.


Another TV talent contest is on the horizon, this one featuring members of the Jackson family. Pop Dynasty is the working title for a contest aimed at finding a family of singers a la the Jacksons, a CBS spokesman said Wednesday. Jermaine, Tito and LaToya Jackson — but not Michael or Janet, the most famous Jacksons — will serve as judges. LaToya Jackson, who's had a solo singing career, was featured on the CBS reality show Armed and Famous. Jermaine Jackson is one of the principal partners for Pop Dynasty. Jamie Foxx also is involved with the project, CBS said. Details of the show are being worked out and the network hasn't settled on an air date. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOUSE OF GLITZ~~: WTF!!!

Forest Whitaker is Honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z Sighting Leaving New York Knicks Vs New Jersey Nets Game

Russell Simmons and Lyor Cohen will be holding A Invitation only Meeting to discuss the status of Hip Hop...

a ‘closed door’ meeting with artists and executives from the Hip-Hop/urban community for a discussion on the future of Hip-Hop. This invitation only meeting takes place on Wednesday (Apr.18) at Lyor Cohen's Manhattan residence. The meeting comes shortly after the ousting of talk show host Don Imus and the heightened criticism of Hip-Hop’s representation of women. Imus was fired after making sexist and racist remarks about the Rutgers University basketball team. A number of activists are now shifting their focus to Hip-Hop, including Reverend Al Sharpton, who has received a number of death threats over the past few days due to his involvement in the Imus controversy. On Friday (Apr. 13), Sharpton announced that he would turn his attention to the music industry, specifically Hip-Hop music. Sharpton said his National Action Network wants to also meet with performers in the industry about lyrics that he claims are racist and demeaning to women. _____________________________________________________________________________ HOUSE OF GLITZ: SHOULD BE INTERESTING BUT IF THERE IS NOT A REP FROM A WOMENS POINT OF VIEW TO SPEAK THEN I'M NOT SO SURE MUCH WILL GET DONE!!!....

Diana Ross has mixed feelings on 'Dreamgirls' movie

Diana Ross stated -"So I'm confused as to how I should react, because I'm complimented on one hand, but it's not something that's true. People are going to think there's some truth there, when there's not so I'm not sure just yet." Ross said the flurry of activity around the release of her new album "I Love You" has been "food for the soul." She performs Monday at The Palace of Auburn Hills. d

Monday, April 16, 2007

Jennifer Hudson on the set of her new movie

Ms Hudson is hard back at work on her new flim is about a group of strangers form a unique relationship with each other after surviving a random shooting at a Los Angeles diner.


_______________________________________________________________________________ Da Brat celebrated her birthday with a special live performance at Club Miami In the ATL on Friday (4/13). Brat's performance was part of the Another Family Affair/Traxx Girls Anniversary Weekend.
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