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Friday, July 3, 2009


Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009
UPDATE: STAPLES CENTER is releasing $17,500 tickets to the public in a random lottery. Log on to staplescenter.com you can register until 6pm Saturday July 4Th. If you are selected you will be notified were to pick up the tickets. Remember these tickets are not for sale so don't get tricked.
Also 6,500 of the tickets Jackson family are kepping for there Friends and Family.
Confirmed time for the King of Pop public Memorial FAREWELL for the FANS. Unfortunately the Media is turning this man's death into a all out Scandal, which proves there really is "Life After Death". The time and date have been set for
Michael Jackson's public memorial.
The farewell service for Jackson will take place on Tuesday, July 7 at 10 a.m. at the Staples Center. Staple Center seats 20,000 of which 11,000 tickets will be given out for free no word on how to obtain the tickets yet. The program will be simulcast at Los Angeles' nearby Nokia Theatre.
No other details about the service, set to begin at 10 a.m. We will update you when more information comes in.

Debbie Rowe Breaks Her Silence: "I Want My Children"

Well we knew this was going to happen. See once you sell your kids for money and the payee parent dies what's left right? The chance of you getting more money so of course she would surface. Like I said this man hasn't been laid to rest it's been only a week since he has died and errr-body want a part of his estate. Where has this B***tch been? Let the Gold Digging begin... The kids don't know her she sold her rights to be a parent so this makes for an interesting twist. Biological Mom My ASS...Surrogate mom at best!!

Even though Michael Jackson "intentionally" omitted her from his will, Debbie Rowe says she plans to fight for custody of her two children -- Prince, 12, and Paris, 11 -- with the late singer.


"I want my children," Rowe said during a 90-minute phone conversation Thursday morning with NBCLA's Chuck Henry. (The interview was not broadcast.) She also stated she would take 7 year old Blanket if the court would allow. Also she stated she had supervised visit with the Children over the year, but if she missed the scheduled appointment it was so hard to reschedule. She would have to go through Michael's team of people
This woman has the nerve to say he broke the deal he DIED. I pray the Judge does not split up these kids. Wow what a statement!!

Released Wednesday Jackson –- who died at age 50 after suffering cardiac arrest June 25 -- named his mother Katherine as guardian of his three children – Prince, Paris and 7-year-old Blanket. (If Katherine died before him or couldn't serve as guardian, Jackson nominated Diana Ross, according to Jackson's will.)

Video: Michael Jackson’s Last Rehearsal

Michael Jackson looking fragile but still showing he had moves. In this video, Michael Jackson gives his final performance at the Staples Center in Los Angeles 48hours before his death. MJ and his dancers are seen rehearsing “They Don’t Care About Us” for his “This Is It” tour, which was set to kick off July 13 at London’s O2 Arena.

A memorial service for Jackson will be held at the Staples Center on Tuesday.


This poor Lil man he's at such a disadvantage and this isn't the first time his wife has given him that "Chris Brown Treatment" . According to TMZ Gary Coleman's wife has a dirty, filthy, foul mouth -- this according to the police report filed after she was busted for domestic violence and disorderly conduct.
The doc says Crazy Red head Shannon Price locked Gary out of his house in Utah on Wednesday night, then proceeded to destroy everything in his bedroom.
When cops arrived at the scene, Shannon "yelled and called officer 'f***er' and told officer 'f**k you and f**k him several times." The report says Price admitted she "thrashed" the room and told Gary "you deserve this after how you treated me." She was arrested and released on $1,205 bond she didn't harm Gary Coleman this time. He's need a Divorce attorney fast.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Rihanna looking gorgeous as usual, spotted taking a tattooing lesson at East Side Ink on Wednesday with Tattoo artist Keith aka bang bang (July 1) in the East Village of New York City the same guy who did her "Gun Tattoos". Looking very happy and at peace. Unlike Ike Turner Jr aka Chris Brown who now is denying he was scheduled to perform at the BET awards on Sunday. Word has it he was canceled because Jay-z was very vocal about pulling his performance due to his recent assault charges. Basically they are keeping this NEGRO in "Time Out".
photos just j

A rep for Brown told the NY Post, “That’s not true — he was never confirmed to perform.”


Jermaine Jackson sits down with Mat Lauer at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch which is now owned by a 3rd party company and the Jackson family. Jermaine Jackson who is seen still visibly shaken by his brothers death.
States I wish it was me
Jermaine explains how he was Michael's backbone. He also talked about how Michael never had anything bad to say about anyone, he loved everyone and truly wanted to heal the world. Jermaine express how cruel the Media has been to his family, how he heard the news and how the Children/Family are doing now.

Drake “Best I Ever Had” Music VIDEO!!

The wait is over, the mix tape song of the year. Premiere for Canadian hip-hop sensation Drake’s smash hit “Best I Ever Had,” directed by Kanye West. The Degrassi alum recently ended an industry-wide bidding war and signed with Lil Wayne Crew, Young Money/Cash Money. Drake’s debut album Thank Me Later will debut later this year.

Video: 50 Cent - ‘OK, You’re Right’

50 cent plays himself in his new video " a clown" for “OK, You’re Right” from his fourth album Before I Self Destruct. The clip features footage from the Philips Cinema 21:9 film Carousel. "OK, OK, OK this video sucks!! Why won't he just self destruct??

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Vibe Magazine’s Final Cover? Dream Holding A Topless Christina Milian

Jump off Christina Milian and her fiance The Dream-less were due to appear on Vibe magazine’s last ever cover which will never reach the public. This cover SUCKS Dream-less looks lost and FAT... still trying to figure out should he sign a pre-nup I see it in his eyes. Then again the cover might make it to print since Quincy Jones Vibe founder has stepped up to help save the struggling Hip Hop Mag. But he plans too make it online only.

Quincy Jones gets it:

Print and all that stuff is over, we gotta remember that
The New York Times notes, “The closure of Vibe leaves just two large-circulation music magazines, XXL and The Source, focusing on hip-hop and R&B. The Source has had its own troubles, going through a bankruptcy and emerging under new ownership last year. A rock-focused magazine, Blender, folded last year,”

Jump off Christina Milian is currently working on a new album with Myspace record and Radio Killa. The Dream latest album is in stores now.

I subscribe to Vibe I really enjoy the Magazine but if they go out of business I need my refund!! I'm just saying!!

"Do The Right Thing" 20th Anniversary Screening - Party

Mookie why aren't there any black people on the wall? Well that line went something like that after all it's been 20 years wow. Yep, it's been 20 years since we all headed to theaters to check out Do the Right Thing. Back then Spike Lee movies were Events, almost sacred rituals that united all corners of the black community. On June 30, 1989, whether you lived in a big city or small one, down South or in the Midwest, everybody came out to witness Spike Lee's latest joint.
Since then black cinema has evolved. Many more black film directors are distributed nationally. Such a Great movie!!! Fight the power!!
It's a Vibrant thang..Ruby dee and Q-tip how cute!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Game - Better On The Other Side (Michael Jackson Tribute)

Over the weeks to come I'm sure we are going to see tons of songs Video's et.c. The Game, Chris Brown, Diddy, Polow Da Don, Mario Winans, and Boyz II Men pay tribute to Michael Jackson in the emotional video for “Better on the Other Side.” The Game reveals his latest ink, an MJ tattoo at the end

OK the "tat" might just be taking it too far. Since when has Game ever mention Michael J as his Idol. (I need him to simmer down...!!)


Michael Jackson’s untimely and shocking passing last week, there are now many questions surrounding his legacy and how it will be preserved. We covered the legendary singer’s Neverland property over the year. With a host of legal problems, foreclosure notices, where will Neverland Ranch end up??
NBC news reported today that there are talks of Neverland becoming a museum, it would bring in continuous income stream and pay down Michael Jackson mounding debt. They would charge and admission open up the rides to the public this would be the ultimate tribute.
In our opinion, it would be wonderful to see the 2,800 acre ranch preserved and turned in a memorial museum/park to Michael Jackson’s music. After all, the singer admitted that many of his “green” songs like “Earth Song” and “Heal The World” — were created to inspire people to live a greener life. This could actually be a gold mine sorta like Elvis "Graceland". I think it would only be fitting.

What do you think should become of Neverland?


Mariah decides to dress up like her nemesis in her new video for "Obsessed" in NYC Plaza Hotel yesterday. They did a great job on her make up. The Male-Mariah is said to be inspired by rapper Enimem who has constantly feuded with her since she will not acknowledge they went out on a couple of dates "Way Back In The Day" and Mariah is dressed like a very unattractive doorman. Obsessed Video was directed by Brett Ratner.

The new Video is expected to premiere July 13. Mariah’s 12th studio album, Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel, drops this August.


In the midst of all the BET Awards madness, Kayne debuted his animated video for “Street Lights” created by Spanish director Javier Longobardo. This Video looks like a video from a 9Th grader project .The timing is off and the models aren’t even properly textured He threw this together I hope he didn't pay for this mess!!. On a positive note I Love The Song!!


I got to visit the Video shoot of a HOT LIKE FI-YAH new group called Mullage. You know I got "Gold Digging Eyes". Now for some, you might not know the name but I'm sure you heard the song. "Trick'n If You Got It" is climbing the billboard charts #57 and available on I tunes now. The song is a HIT and in heavy rotation on Atlanta radio and soon to be nationwide. The talented SEXY young duo resides in Atlanta, B BOI from SW ATL and B 'Town from College Park. I'm very impressed with this rap duo stories. Both from great families both High school graduates, met while serving in theUS Navy and realize they both shared the same dream. That's to make good music that will put us back cruising in our rides and hitting the dance floors.
See we are all use to hearing all these sad stories from Rap groups (dodging bullets, robbing, selling drugs,tons of kids e.t.c.)
It's refreshing to find a group such as the Talented Mullage with such a great background story (I SALUTE THESE SOLDERS). After hearing there new Song "Trick'n If You Got It" I realize this is the kind of group that will fill the gap between the Ring tone generation and some of the Old school heads this group has something for us all.
There is so much to come from this Sexy new Rap Duo Mullage. The video will be released in a couple of weeks and the New album Untitled scheduled to drop later this summer. I will keep you posted. Since I'm there number one fan...(Gold digging Eyes!!) LADIES THEY ARE SINGLE!!! To be continued....
L.A. Reid says - “You guys remind me of a combination of Outkast meets The Dream”

Monday, June 29, 2009

2009 BET Awards - Red Carpet "Freakum Dress Editon"!!

Bey shoes have curtains over the heels?? Nope Christian Dior 2009 Resort Heels Bet Awards aired Sunday and on the Red Carpet was a common theme for the ladies and that was the "Freakum Dress". Rather long or short these ladies were out too show all there assets. I love Wendy Raquel Robinson dress. Bey missed the mark in this Mardi Gras costume style dress surprisingly it's Balmain straight from the runway Letoya is wearing that designer as well. Tariji P. Henson with her Reverse Mullet is wearing Kaufman Franco one sleeve design just enough drop to show off her Tramp Stamp. I can't say any of the ladies blew me away this year.
Cute Ke Ke Palmer
Wendy Raquel Robinson
Keri Hilson


After the BET Awards ended, Jay-Z premiered his new video, “D.O.A. (Death of AutoTune).” The video was directed by Anthony Mandler and features Jay in various buildings/alleys e.t.c. NYC. He also cuts his hair in the video, which usually means the new album is complete.

Jay’s 11Th studio album, The Blueprint 3 will be released on September 11th, 8 years to the day of dropping his original Blueprint album. Looking forward too it.


Janet Jackson made a quick appearance at the BET awards to speak on behalf of her family about her brother Michael Jackson who died last Thursday. Janet was visibly shaken and all of a suddenly it really became real for me. Michael Jackson was such an amazing entertainer and last night at the BET Awards you felt the Love in the room. Jamie Foxx and Neyo perform "I'll Be There" immediately after Jane speaks. BET Awards celebrated the life of Michael Jackson with performances from Ciara, Jamie Foxx, Ne-Yo, New Edition, Keri Hilson, and more.
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