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Monday, November 16, 2009

Sammy Sosa Celebrates His Birthday And New Face!!!

The world went crazy last week when baseball legend Sammy Sosa showed up damn near white.  At first he pretended it was a skin condition (cough, cough Michael Jackson).  He later admitted he had been bleaching his skin to beautify himself, skin rejuvenation...ummm hmm??.  Now Mr. Sosa is once again showing off his new lighter glow.

The newly light skin latino  brother Sammy Sosa was in attendance at his birthday party over the weekend.  After close observation it appears the new light skin brother missed a spot he forgot to put that bleaching cream on those hands and I"m sure the rest of his body?.  Let's not forget the color contacts didn't people stop wearing those 10 years ago ?? This drastic change has left most of his fans SMH...!!

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