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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Neyo Is Engaged??

And Most people thought he was gay nope just engaged?   With his classy new fiancee who allegedly was Football Player Steve Mcnair ex-mistress. Several posting have fuzzy pictures of the couple.   The pics Show the pair sealing the deal with some bling and a kiss.
They have been spotted all over ATL latest, Shaw briefly was spotted Mother’s Day, at Opera nightclub in Midtown. She accompanied her man to the annual brunch for foster mothers that Ne-Yo hosts each year, and seemed to get along with his mom H. Loraine Smith and sister Nikki Smith. In fact we recall that Mama Smith specifically asked Monyetta to join her for a photo on the red carpet. Nothing like Mom’s seal of approval!

Congrads to the happy  jump off" couple... love when a "gold digger" comes up!! 

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