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Thursday, December 20, 2007


Bryan Michael Cox and Mom get they dance on at Bryan’s 30th Birthday party in New York on Tuesday he is celebrating his B'Day with a few of hs friends. He is behind so many great hits he has produced for Mary J, Diddy, Making the band 4, Danity Kane and many more...!! (COX & HIS MOM) (ANGIE MARTINEZ& COX) (MARIO & J HOLIDAY)


Anonymous said...

Never heard of him, but that is great!!

Anonymous said...

Brian Cox is a superstar, you have to know about music to know the man!

Anonymous said...

he so famours or if he such a superstar, his party look lame and no supastars at his party no one came to show him love other than his mama

Anonymous said...

Lame! Whatever this IS the man behind the music and making everyone bob their heads. What are you sick, this man has it going on yo check out his skills behind some of the well known artists out there. I bet you're not making what he is......ha ha hah And if you black stop hating and give a brother props thats exactly why we can't get ahead....because of yo bitchazzness.......And he don't need any stars because he is thee star.......bunni

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