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Monday, August 27, 2007


In a report from KSAZ-TV in Phoenix, a further search of the property yielded three canine corpses and 12 neglected pit bulls, one of which "seemed to be burned." Also found -- "a large number of weapons, some drug paraphernalia, and a lot of cars that don't match the license plates." Y'all gonna make me lose my mind! DMX's lawyer, Murray Richman, claims the rapper (real name Earl Simmons) hasn't been to his Arizona home for several months. Richman has reported, "Earl had a caretaker, who obviously wasn't taking care. Earl loves those dogs." No arrests have been made. It looks like DMX is next to hit the slammer for dog-fighting. The Arizona Sheriff department raided his house this morning and seized 12 dogs from the property. Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputies seized 12 pit bulls, which they described as distressed. Guns were also found and seized during the raid of his Cave Creek-area home. DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, was not at home when the raid occurred, according to KPNX Channel 12 in Phoenix. *********************************************************************************** HOUSE OF GLITZ: O.K. NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN WE ARE SO EXTRA SENSITIVE OF DOGS?? THIS IS PHONY AS HELL..!!! SOON THERE WILL BE A LAW CALLED THE "VICK LAW". I DO BELIEVE NO ANIMAL SHOULD BE ABUSED BUT I ALSO BELIEVE WE SHOULD CHARGE ALL THAT ABUSE NOT JUST CELEBS BECAUSE THE TOOPIC IS HOT...!!

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