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Monday, December 19, 2011


Money can attempt to buy you anything , Khloe Kardashian isn't  going to wait any longer to try to conceive a child naturally especially after older sister Kortuney has another bun in the oven with longtime boyfriend Scott Disick....were just saying. She and husband, Lamar Odom, are moving along with the procedure.

 “It’s hard to see your sister get something you want so badly,” says another source pointing how desperate Khloe can be.
“She is desperate for a baby with Lamar and will do whatever it takes,” a friend of the couple told Us Weekly magazine. “They have faith the IVF will work.” The reality star has even started consultations as well as consumption of pre-natal vitamins.
The couple, which has been married for two years, has been very public about wanting to start and expand their family. Lamar has two children from a previous relationship. We do wish her luck on her journey to motherhood.

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