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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pregnant Tia Mowry Loves The Movement In Her Belly

Really in the "Game" now new Mom  to be is Tia Mowry is so giddy about being a pregger. Now for most woman, pregnant may not always be the most comfortable time in a woman’s life, but for Tia Mowry the perks make the experience well worth the discomfort.

“You get special treatment, I’m not going to lie. Everyone is always making sure you’re okay,” The Game star, 32, told PEOPLE at the Essence Black Women in Television event.  And feeling your baby kick for the first time is one of the most amazing, beautiful things I’ve ever felt.”

The first time I felt him kick I was laying down in my bed watching A Baby Story and I felt [what I call a] ‘butterfly flutter,’” she adds. “I laugh with him when he kicks because he’ll tickle me.”

Mowry says she is now “obsessed” with the kicks and explains that if she hasn’t felt one in a while, her husband Cory Hardrict will try and motivate their future son.

“Sometimes my husband will just tap my belly like, ‘Hey! Are you in there?’” she said. “But he moves when I eat because he’s eating and loves it.”

Mowry and her husband have also been spending a lot of time researching baby names, and while she is not ready to reveal what’s on the short list, she has given some clues.

We’re definitely looking at ‘C’ names because my husband’s name is Cory.

We are so happy for the couple and congratulate them in advance!

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