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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jersey Shore Snooki has a book deal

Snooki out shopping in NYC on Tuesday ..Love the Gucci bag
My new guilty pleasure MTV reality show"The Jersey Shore" when I watch this show I realize I have a better life then I thought. My favorite "train wreck" from the show is Pint size Snooki Nicole Polizzi who is stretching her 15 minutes of  fame to the max.  The boozing reality starlet  has a novel called "Shore Thing" scheduled to come out in January. The publisher said the novel will tell of love on the boardwalk, complete with "big hair, dark tans, and fights galore."

Suprisingly I didn't know she could read?? Snooki said in a statement that she has been working on the book for some time. But, no, she's not writing alone. Gallery, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, said she has a collaborator.  Nothing like a good book of Bull Sh**t to snuggle up to, I wonder will this make Oprah Book Club a big "hell to the naw".

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