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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jada Covers Shape Magazine In a Tiny Winy Yellow Bikini!!

If I have 2 kids can I possibly look like this?? When I saw this cover I immediately spit out my fries. The Uber-Sexy actress Jada Pinkett Smith is flaunting her fabulous figure on the August cover of Shape Magazine fitter then ever. The 37 year old actress sat down for an interview with the mag and shared her secrets to having a successful marriage, family and career.

Check out a few excerpts below:

On keeping her kids (stepson Trey, 16, son Jaden, 11, and daughter Willow fit)
Sitting at home on a Saturday or Sunday was never an option,” says Jada of her own childhood. “[The kids] love to go to the gym with Will and me, but surfing and snowboarding is what we do together as a family for fun.”
On how she and Will complement one another:
“Will and I are yin and yang. He’s all sky, vast and bright and soaring, and I’m all earth. I’m here to ground him, and he’s here to help me fly.”

On how they keep their marriage strong:

“Last week we were stressed out, so I packed a picnic and took Will to a place we hiked to on one of our first dates. We sat and reminisced on that time in our life. Then we went home and made love. Thank God Will has simple tastes. Even the littlest thing for him is like, ‘Wow!’”


Anonymous said...

she looks great!!

Anonymous said...

She is the bomb!!!

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