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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Atlanta Booted Housewife Deshawn Snow Life After The Show!!

As we gear up for another round of Unmarried For Real Housewives of Atlanta which will air This Thursday (July 30Th), the absence of class will be easily seen. The only Real Housewife with real money and not Borrowed money was Deshawn Snow who was married to former NBA Player Cleveland Cavilers Eric Snow. Former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member DeShawn Snow writes
I was inspired to help teen girls. As I tell my [DeShawn Snow Foundation] girls, ‘People are always going to talk about you. That’s a fact. It’s how you choose to respond is what matters. You can’t be bitter. You’ve got to be better.”
Snow was criticized by viewers of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion show (shot at the Biltmore) that she sat off to the side and declined to enter the claws-bared, name-calling drama that cropped up on camera. Basically kept her class!! “I guess maybe I didn’t fit in,” Snow told Buzz in an interview Friday.

“But the truth is, the other ladies had a lot of stuff going on that didn’t affect me. I wasn’t going to sit up there and talk crap if it didn’t involve me. I don’t need to show my tail like that.
Snow says the exposure from the show has helped to heighten awareness of her non-profit work that seeks to empower young women. That includes organizing a second annual Night of a Thousand Stars gala, set for Aug. 20 at Atlantic Station’s Twelve hotel (”Housewives” viewers will recall the first gala thrown at the home Snow shares with her retired Cleveland Cavalier husband Eric Snow and their children didn’t live up to her expectations).

“Everyone saw me do the first one on the show but I have to say it wasn’t as bad as the final edit made it appear,” Snow said. “I learned from it though and I realized I can’t do everything by myself.”

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Anonymous said...

That's what's up , I bet she is still salty not getting that Bravo money anymore !!

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