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Sunday, May 11, 2008


Death Row Records founder Suge Knight was involved in an alteration at a Los Angeles night spot over the weekend that resulted in the hefty hit maker getting knocked out cold. According to sources, Knight and a group of men beat an unidentified man at Shag nightclub after the Death Row head and the man got into a heated discussion. Knight and the man were involved in a conversation before witnesses said Knight shouted
“I want my money!”
After Knight and his crew assaulted the man, sources reports the man got up from the ground and landed a punch to Knight’s face that resulted in the infamous music mogul hitting the deck. Sources told the gossip Web site Knight was out cold for nearly three minutes.
Knight and his entourage exited the club amid a minor frenzy. A woman attempted to drive Knight away in an SUV but hit other cars when she both pulled forward and reversed. Security removed the woman from the car and another member of Knight’s posse drove him to the hospital. According to the report, police attempted to talk to Knight at the medical facility but he was uncooperative and refused to file a police report regarding the incident. ************************************************************************************* HOUSE OF GLITZ: LMAO..!!! Pictures of what appears to be Knight in a discombobulated state and with a blood-stained shirt appear on


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