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Wednesday, September 3, 2014


She got married and then just vanished from the US. What is brewing with singer Janet Jackson?

If you have been keeping track of all the rumors surrounding the MTV Icon, then you know her longtime producer Jimmy Jam has been dropping all sorts of hints via Twitter as of late.

It all started back in April when Jam linked to a Buzzfeed article praising the singer’s contribution to the music industry, along with the caption “In anticipation of some exciting @JanetJackson news, let’s refresh our memories of her greatness.”
That tweet has been followed by dozens more, including several over the weekend asking why Miss Jackson had yet to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, an bullshit honor that has been bestowed upon several of her 80’s contemporaries, including her brother Michael, Prince and Madonna (FYI, Whitney Houston and Donna Summer have also been snubbed for years- wanna guess why- but anyway that is another post- yes I know Donna was inducted posthumously).
All this Janet news has only served to heighten the interest of fans, who managed to catch wind of a photo posted by Balmain creative director Oliver Rousteing over the weekend with the caption “COMING SOON.”
So- what was the photo? It was the cover of Janet’s iconic 1993 album “Janet,” you know, the one that features the singer topless with then husband Renee Elizondo clutching “The Twins.”
 Though inundated with requests for more info, Rousteing has kept mum, leading to lots of speculation- including from us.

For quite a few years Janet was always front and center at Paris Fashion Week and is known to be good friends with several designers, including the late Alexander McQueen, who crafted several outfits for the singer’s “Discipline” era.

Whatever the case, I think it’s safe to say we will probably be getting some kind of Janet fix before the year is out, and I for one am happy to have the FlyteTyme duo back on Team Janet.

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