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Monday, December 3, 2012


So you guys are F**cking we get it..and Rihanna wrapped in a comforter with the "I'm caught, so snap a pic and put it on instagram, so I can shove it in my haters face look" is pricelsess. 
Old dogs same tricks Chris Brown is, flaunting his relationship with Rihanna. The bad boy singer has posted a sexy "morning after" Instagram picture of them in which he's smoking a cigarette and she's wearing underwear and wrapped in a camo comforter!

So what he beat her ass back in 2009, it doesn't matter..he's back smashing the homey.  And after a war of words with some random comedian Brown recently deactivated his twitter account, but before you gasp for air, the narcissists re-activated that account and has also been heavily using Instagram.  

And the singer who has received scathing criticism for his abuse of Rihanna three years ago seemed pleased to show on Sunday that they were still very much together. Rihanna recently raised eyebrows by tweeting a photo of a half-naked Brown sleeping on a bed.  And late last month, the controversial pair hung out together in Berlin.

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