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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Former dog killer, Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick celebrated his nuptials to longtime girlfriend Kijafa Frink over the weekend with enough pomp, circumstance and security that, “It looked like a wedding for a head of state.”

And the price tag was $300 stacks, yes Vick can afford to drop $300,000 on a wedding, given that he received $35.5 million guaranteed as part of his 2011 contract with the Eagles, it doesn’t seem like the most prudent expenditure for a guy who is still paying off creditors following the filing of bankruptcy.

Guests at the celebration at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach Saturday arrived to find they had to don rubber wrist bands that said “Crazy Love” to enter. 
Five uniformed police officers patrolled the event at the ceremony and reception in a private ballroom at the megaresort. One guest said, “I’ve never seen anything like it.”
Vick went the traditional route and stayed at another hotel before the wedding. He and Frink — who stuck by him when he was sentenced to 23 months in Leavenworth for dogfighting — got a standing ovation after the ceremony, where Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall, free agent Plaxico Burress, Vick’s agent Joel Segal and Eagles head coach Andy Reid were spotted.

“Just left @MikeVick wedding,” White tweeted on Sunday, the day after the Miami event. “It was beautiful and he didn’t break a sweat. He was ready and congrats to him. He will be a good husband.”
Awww..congratulations Pit Bull!

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