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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


"Gold digger down"..now we not saying this is his fault that she's broke as a joke, but we are saying when your baby daddy is multi-millionaire your kid shouldn't miss a meal. "Where they do that at"? 

Ooh yeah.. before he married his beautiful wife, who he has a new baby with, there was just a baby mama on board.  While Miami Heat star player Chris Bosh is playing in the NBA Finals, his daughter is on food stamps and is about to be put out of her home.  

Bosh new wife and son Adrienne

According to Gossip Extra,

As Chris Bosh prepares for the Miami Heat’s next game in the NBA Finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder, his baby mama has applied for food stamps.

In her first interview about the legal battle that Bosh and former live-in galpal Allison Mathis have been waging in three states, Mathis’ lawyer tells me Orlando resident Mathis was laid off from her gig as a secretary in a construction company and this week applied for federal food assistance.

For two years, the ball player has been battling Mathis in courts in Orange County (Florida), California and Texas on anything from child support to banning her appearance from VH-1’s Basketball Wives to how much time he spends with the child.
Believe it or not, says Carey, Bosh pays her a mere $2,600-a-month in child support!
According to state guidelines, someone like Bosh whose yearly salary is in the $18 million-range should be paying about $30,000-a-month. 

So Carey asked a judge to adjust the child support. Damn dude take care of your precious little one, that's why we say go OKC tonight!

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Anonymous said...

If the man is give you $2600.00 be happy that sound like you are money hungry.....Most ppl don't ever recd that

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