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Friday, November 11, 2011

Tyler Perry Fans Wants Kim Kardashian Banned From His New Film

Poor Kim when it rains it pours!  Kim Kardashian has arrived in Atlanta to film scenes for Tyler Perry’s upcoming movie, “The Marriage Counselor.” Some of Perry’s fans want the reality show personality off the project.

A number of comments from Perry’s website demonstrate some folks’ desire to see Kardashian, who just filed for divorced 72 days after her made-for-TV wedding, gone.

“Kim Kardashian in your movie? Why have you stooped this low?” one person posted.Kim Kardashian reported for her first day of filming on Tyler Perry’s new movie on Wednesday. It is called, curiously enough, “The Marriage Counselor.” Kim plays the main character’s gal pal, not the counselor herself. 
 And another: “Mr. Perry when I first heard that you had select Kim to star in a role in one of your movies I dismissed it as typo. I’m not sure what you expect her to bring to your set.”

Kim on the set of Tyler Perry movie
More specifically her role in “The Marriage Counselor” is a supporting one, as the pal of of the main character. We’re told she will be filming a party scene to be shot in a loft apartment somewhere in town. The scene also will feature Vanessa Williams, we’re told.

The movie was filming at a facility on Decatur Street, near Moore Street just east of downtown (within sight of the Gold Dome where legislators’ tax breaks for the film industry have lured so many movie projects here).  Perry better be careful with this one his fans are Bible thumpers and he does not want them to turn on him.  Read More

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