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Monday, October 24, 2011

Through the Lens :: Ford Models 2011 Diversity Campaign

Super world renowned modeling agency, Ford, recently released their Fall 2011 Diversity Promotional Shoot which features their top tier models of color in every shade and size in a beautiful layout captured by photographer, Michael Schwartz!

Ford model agency, focus on diversity is deliberate, legendary model agent, Bethann Hardison, writes, “People of all races, religions and beliefs work in the apparel and related beauty industries. Consumers are diverse and minorities are known to be major financial contributors to the economic growth of fashion and beauty products.”

The models featured in Ford’s diversity campaign are (as shown in the photo below): Tonya Pittman, Damaris Lewis, Marquita Pring, Jessi M’Bengue, Vanessa Fonseca, Sabina Karlsson, Amber Tolliver, Elora Perez, India Lane (cover), and Bre Joyner.

Check out more photos from the campaign at Ford’s website.

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