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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

And I'm Telling You...Jennifer Hudson Calls Off Engagement!

Lost that weight and now has she lost her mind?  The one unemployed man who stuck by your side when you were almost 500 pounds you dump, for the "bigger and better?  We see you size 0 J-Hud..you can do better!!

It’s been a long time since Jennifer Hudson and her fiance David “Punk” Otunga got engaged, but still no marriage. The couple who have a 2 year old son, David Otunga Jr., it was reported that he was upset with her losing so much weight, but it might be more than that!

It was reported a few weeks back that the hold up on their marriage was Otunga, who came to fame on VH-1′s I Love New York, and is currently signed with the WWE, didn’t want to sign a pre nuptial agreement.

It is now being reported that he is also upset with her working so much, and not wanting to have more kids. Either way the engagement is reportedly off.

From Star Magazine:

After a three-year engagement, Jennifer Hudson has abandoned plans to walk down the aisle.  The American Idol alum, 30, and WWE star David Otunga – who have a 2-year-old son, David jr. – are on the outs, clashing over Jennifer’s career obsession, commitment issues and reluctance to have more children.

“They were going to tie the knot in August in Jennifer’s hometown of Chicago… but it’s not going to happen,” an insider reveals.

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