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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Statistics....Lyfe Jennings Sentenced To 3 1/2 Years In Prison

R&B singer Lyfe Jennings has been sentenced to three and a half years imprisonment on Wednesday (September 21) due to stemming from an clash with his ex-girlfriend two years ago. Jennings exposed the news via Twitter.

Jennings wrote on his “This will be my last post.” He also adds, “To everyone who gave me a chance I am forever in your debt. I have had a fabulous career because of you. All I can say in parting is that I have been honest. I didn’t sugarcoat a word didn’t hold back a single [part] of my life from [you]. I’ve lived a hundred lives in these 6 yrs so I not only won’t, I don’t have the right to complain. I would like to think that I’ve changed lives by changing my own, tho I can’t be sure. But one thing I am sure of is God gives and takes away in measure. He is fair, just and forever.”

Jennings who sings about making the right decision admitted in A Cobb County court room that he made a mistake.  The Judge sentence him to 3 1/2 years in prison over the 2008 fight he had with his baby mother of his 2 children.  The rampage led to shots fired and a high speed police chase, Jennings Attorney asked if the R & B singer could spend some time with his children but that request was denied.  The judge ordered Lyfe Jennings to start it sentence immediately.

Lye also sentenced in 1992 for  a deadly arson and spent 10 years in Prison for that charge.

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