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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Suzie Ketcham Arrested During “Basketball Wives” Reunion

Now this is Reality Basketball Wives star Suzie Ketcham was handcuffed  on assault charges after attacking a former  jump off  of her Ex- husband NBA player Michael Olowokondi  during a weekend reunion show taping for the VH1 reality show In Los Angeles. 

 It hasn't aired yet but according to sources, the cast lost it after “surprise guest” groupie Sandra showed up. As fans of the show will recall, Sandra was blamed for breaking up the relationship between Suzie and her NBA beau of 10 years Michael Olowokondi.

Well  let's fast forward to the Reunion it went something like this:

Vh1 wanted the reunion to be spicy and secretly invited Sandra, once Sandra entered the set,  Suzie got up and walked off the set. Minutes later Suzie returned to the set and threw a super-sized bucket of water on Sandra pictured above. When Sandra tried to escape in her plastic pumps she slipped and fell from the water on all that plastic surgery infused body parts and paramedics were called to the rescue.

The paramedics attended to Sandra for almost an hour in front of the audience and Sandra demanded someone call her lawyer before they took her off the set. Suzie Ketcham, the mother of two was arrested and Sandra plans to press charges.


latest sports news said...

wow! they are a bunch of pretty girls!

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Ellie Ethridge said...

This is wrong.. i think susie had the right to throw water on her... she ruined her marrage!
I'm surprized she didn't kick her asssss! I would have!
Her & Jen should be best friends since they bring the law into everything, if they have a fight... fight back dumbass dont be a bitch and call the popo. Cowards.

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