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Sunday, March 7, 2010

D' Angelo Caught Trying To Buy Some "Brown Sugar"

"Memba him"? Yeah barely the once sex symbol above (2000 pic) and baby daddy to Angela Stone kids is now being known for trying to buy sex, below how he looks now. Struggling R and B Singer D’Angelo has been MIA  from the spotlight for years, but he reappeared this weekend in police custody. The 36 year old, was arrested Saturday around 2:30 a.m. after allegedly offering an undercover policewoman $40 for oral sex while driving through New York City’s West Village, according to the New York Post.

D’Angelo, born Michael Archer, spotted a woman he took to be a prostitute. He was arrested and charged with solicitation after asking the under cover female officer sex, sources report. He had $12,000 stored in his Range Rover. Rumor has it D'angelo is recording his third studio album, the first since 2000’s platinum-selling Voodoo.

This man has fell off the cliff.....times are really hard when you are tying to get a $40 B....Job!! Give him "Sex Therapy"..!!

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