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Thursday, October 1, 2009

RHOA...Kim Zolciak's Crib Tour!!

While the rest of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta are up sizing and going broke and having there homes foreclosed on.Wig Toting...Dolce and Gabbana wearing Kim Zolciak is keeping the modest town home she started with before she had Bravo money. Kim lives a very "Shine-free" lifestyle when it comes to her home and furnishings. The other ladies might want to take notes from there Wiggy cast mate??

Kim Zolciak says the only thing missing from her three-level townhouse in Duluth is ... "A man! A man, that's the only thing we're missing. And I'm not really so sure I want that either. I'm pretty happy." She notes, "This is a pretty cool place; I'm missing a really big closet though."


Anonymous said...

cute house

Sean Drakes said...

Kindly promptly remove my photographs of Kim Zolciak's home from your blog. This usage of my work is without my consent or a license agreement for the publishing of my work.

Sean Drakes

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