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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Jump offs, Gold Diggers, Cougars & Fans.. glasses up this ones for you. This explains the partying with Big Snoop Dog in St. Tropez last weekend,he has a lot to be happy about, since he is no longer married to "Pretty For A Dark Skinned Girl" (NOT)!!!. The 30-year-old singer's divorce from his wife, Man-eka aka Tameka Foster, has been finalized and an agreement was reached in a pre-court settlement.
Child now you can take off that ring and make it into a nice necklace or something and stop writing those "God Awful" long blogs about how the world has done you wrong. No one ever heard of you until you were married to Usher. It's time for Tameka Foster (drop the Raymond), to turn the page and raise all those kids and by a good mom live off Child support...Fade!!

The camps aren't talking details now – likely preparing to give an exclusive to a media outlet like People magazine you know he gotta get paid. Word on the street official announcement should drop soon.

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