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Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Tia Mowry, 29, is covering the newest issue of Jet Magazine this week. The actress spoke candidly about how she is constantly trying to step out of that ‘child actor’ box, her relationship with fiancĂ©, Cory Hardict and more. Here are some snippets. TIA ON BEING GROWN
“I am a grown woman. I’m almost 30 years old and I want to be portrayed as that. I don’t want people to freeze me at 14. I want to move forward in my career. I think I’ve worked too hard to let people know that I am not that little girl that you’re used to seeing. I can take on challenging roles. I want to continue to push myself and make myself a better actress.“
********************************************************************************* TWIN SISTER TAMERA SPEAKS ON TIA
“There have been lots of times that Tia and I have auditioned for the same role. We’re very different actors. I was very, very happy for her [when she got the role on ‘The Game’] and think she is doing a fabulous job. I don’t think anyone else could play that role better than she can, including me.“
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