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Friday, October 12, 2007

AND THE CHECKS KEEP COMING...Beyonce ‘B’Phone’ By Samsung

Beyonce unveiled The Beyonce Special Edition B’Phone By Samsung’ in New York City on Thursday. The B’Phone is a limited edition handset exclusive to Sprint.
The B’Phone features a dual-sided design with a burgundy and gold color body. The B’Phone comes complete with a preloaded special Beyonce-styled start-up screen. Consumers who purchase the B’Phone will receive exclusive access to premium video and music content.
B’Phone special features include a 1.3MP camera and camcorder, MicroSD card slot that can support up to 2GB of external memory, an easy-to-access keyguard switch to prevent accidental dialing, and Wireless Backup to quickly restore contact information if your phone is lost or stolen. The phone will be available for purchase through Sprint and Wal-Mart on November 4. (READ MORE CLICK NOW) ******************************************************************************** HOUSE OF GLITZ: ALL I CAN SAY IS "PARTNER LET ME UPGRADE YOU"...!!! "CUT THE CHECK"..!!


Anonymous said...

she just doesnt stop makin money

Anonymous said...

money just keep on rolling...do your think

Anonymous said...

wow this is a cute phone

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