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Friday, July 22, 2016


Streets are talking about the newest addition to The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s 9th season!!

It appears that after weeks of testing various ladies, producers have chosen singer R.L. (of the R&B music group ‘Next’) and his fiancée Lena Chenier for a full time spot.
The couple will be spending a lot of time in front of Bravo cameras this season as they are the newest cast members slated for the popular ATL reality show and we’ll also get to see them tie the knot on the show!

Lena and her fiancée RL have quite a bit of ties to the show and have often appeared during events hosted at Peter Thomas’ former Bar One restaurant in Atlanta.

For those of you who follow that whole Bar One debacle, RL invested a reported $10,000 Peter’s business venture and subsequently filed a lawsuit after he failed to see any type of return.
I’m sure since Peter is getting a check this season (a fact he confirmed with me during our one on one Facetime last month) he’s going to be way more ornary than usual… and by that I mean Thomas is sure to be battling R.L. over his failed investment during this season, as he (Peter) attempts to bring Bar One back to life at it’s new Auburn Avenue location.

Peter also has his hands full with his relationship problems, as he and Cynthia will be bumping heads about their marital strife.

Meanwhile, Lena is apparently good friends with Kandi Burruss (i.e. her entry way onto the fold) and has been filming with Burruss quite a bit this summer.  Lena and Kandi attended Porsha’s pool party this past weekend together.

Lena is also the proud owner of an instagram boutique that I hear does pretty well and while there were some women who tested that had more going for them career wise, Lena’s storyline beat out others gunning for the spot since she will be planning a wedding to longtime love R.L.
Now to Ne Ne, I did a bit of digging after I saw that and reached out to a few of my RHOA sources. It seems that Nene has actually been WAITING for Bravo to give her the word and they moved on with taping season 9 without her.

To further explain my source revealed that while it wasn’t about the moolah, Nene was promised full time pay for full time work when in actuality, producers circled back and asked her to appear as she did last year, but with fewer appearances and less pay.....to be continued,

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