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Friday, November 20, 2015


Lathan, the star of the movie “The Perfect Guy,” was touched by the strength she witnessed in many of the foster care teen girls that she has worked with over the past seven years.

“I was moved by these girls’ hope for a better future,” she said.

It is that optimism for a brighter day that led Lathan to create a bridge for foster care girls around the country. She has started the Sanaa Lathan Foundation.

“My foundation will support foundations that help foster care girls,” Lathan said. “We will also create scholarships for them. The youth is the future and they need us. This is so dear to my heart.”
 According to the Alliance For Children Rights website:

• 28,000 children are in foster care in Los Angeles County.

• 1,400 foster children are awaiting adoptive families.

• Nearly one half of foster care children have learning disabilities or developmental delays.

Sanaa says her own privileged life is what led her to what to help others. “When I look back on my teen years, I am grateful my mother and father were extremely supportive of me. I want to provide some measure of that same support to the youth who have aged out of foster care.”

Should you want to assist Sanaa in her noble cause, you can click here to donate to her not-for-profit foundation.

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