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Monday, September 28, 2015


Rich dad Steve Harvey‘s daughter Karli Harvey is no longer a single woman. Karli and her beau, insurance executive Ben Raymond, tied the knot during a lavish wedding at the St Regis Hotel in Atlanta on Saturday.
Karli’s twin Brandi (pictured) also attended the blessed nuptials. Karli is no housewife; in addition to being a teacher, motivational speaker, beauty and Fashion columnist, and event host, she manages Raymond’s successful clothing line, while Raymond runs the three State Farm Insurance franchises he owns in Dallas, Texas.

That’s Raymond pictured above left with my running partner Derek, who attended the wedding with his fiancé Sammie Haynes (Editor in Chief of Sheen magazine). Derek said the wedding and the reception were divine! He and Sammie were among the lucky guests who were invited to witness the nuptials firsthand.

As is the custom in well-to-do families, Karli’s dad, comedian and media mogul Steve Harvey paid for the $250,000 wedding out of his own pocket. And while he shed a tear (for his daughter as well as the financial hit to his bank account), he didn’t mind spending the cash to make his daughter happy!
Karli’s mom (Harvey’s first wife) looked absolutely stunning in her blue silk chiffon bridesmaid dress. Yes, that is a hair dryer in the corner. You didn’t think she woke up like that, did you?

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