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Friday, September 4, 2015


So let's see how many reality shows in Atlanta...as many as they want to. Another senseless show is making it's way to your television screens.  Get ready because they’re coming soon.

The new reality show stars smothers of A- through Z-list celebrities who call Atlanta home.

The show will follow the Golden Ladies or senior citizens, which some might call as they dispense advice and love to their famous (and not-so-famous) offspring. Cameras will follow them as they share their personal lives and run their numerous non-profit charity organizations.
Leading the pack is Tameka “Tiny” Harris‘s mom (Diane Cottle, 2nd from left in top picture, and her bestie, Violeta Morgan (Rapper T.I.’s mom) far left in top picture.

“Mama” Joyce Burruss (Kandi Burruss‘ mom), 4th from right in the pic below, is desperate to flee the hot mess that is RHOA.

They are joined by Brenda Johnson (Syleena Johnson’s Mom); Shirleen Harvell (Rasheeda Frost’s mom); Lorna Wyatt (KeKe Wyatt’s mom); and the mothers of one-hit-wonders, Frances Wellington (J Holiday’s mom); Shauna Marie Campbell (rapper K Camp’s mom); and Morenika Vinnie (rapper Ca$h Out’s mom, wearing blue hairdo).

The producers promise not to sugarcoat the women’s “heartaches, laughter, drama and mentoring to others.”

Ugh...We can't!!

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