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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


After a fan made ‘missing’ poster of singer Janet Jackson went viral and was re-tweeted by her longtime producer Jimmy Jam, the pop icon came out of Twitter seclusion to respond to fans who have anxiously been awaiting her return for almost a decade.

Without saying much, and yet saying it all, Janet basically let fans know that her days of releasing music are firmly behind her, despite numerous tweets from those associated with her camp saying the opposite.

It was almost a year ago to the day that Jimmy himself set off speculation that Janet would be releasing new music when he sent out this notorious tweet.

Below is Janet’s cryptic tweet about her absence, and while some fans remain hopeful, I personally see no reason to remain so. It’s been seven years since Janet released her last album “Discipline.” That’s a long time. In between she has lost her brother, seen her niece try to commit suicide and gotten married. Janet has moved on to the next stage of her life and music doesn’t appear to be a part of it.

 And while that saddens me as a fan, as a woman, I can understand why Janet now chooses to focus on family and not fame.

Letting go doesn’t mean you stop.

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