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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


In a recent interview with the New York Amsterdam News, actress Meagan Good revealed plans to fuse her Christian faith with her love of music in an upcoming “dream project” that will be produced by her own Freedom Bridge Entertainment.

Though she declined to go into detail, Meagan did say the project has been “brewing for some time,” and that an unexpected opening in her schedule finally permitted her the opportunity to commit to the venture fulltime.
Meagan, who dabbled in music via her group the H.E.L.L.O. Girls and their singles ‘On and On’ and ‘Beep Beep,’ has been very vocal about her desire to fuse her faith with her career, saying the two are not mutually exclusive and that they can co-exist as long as there are boundaries.
“I have my parameters,” Meagan recently told the Los Angeles Times. “There have been times where I have lost roles because they clashed with my beliefs. The good part is that for every one role I lost, two or three better roles would come along.”
Meagan recently wrapped production on ‘Babylon Fields’ and is set to start shooting on two new films: ‘Loose’ and ‘You Have a Nice Flight’ in the coming months.

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