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Monday, August 18, 2014


Last month news broke that Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy ended their five year engagement just as Michael was being inducted into the football hall of fame [click here if you missed that].

Over the weekend Michael and Nicole were spotted have a tense discussion over lunch [click here if you missed that], guess what they were talking about…?
Sources tell Hollywood Life
“Mike was not happy. Nicole told me he accused her talking to the media behind his back and that that was not cool. He was pissed. Of course, she told him she didn’t, but I don’t think he really believes her.”
“Whatever the case may be, he told her under no circumstances is she to talk to the press. He doesn’t want his business out there like that. He told her he’s very private and that he doesn’t want this affecting his business relationships or his jobs. He was dead serious.”
The ex-loves ended things on a positive note. “After he pretty much checked her from the ground up, he immediately calmed down. He was cool, she said, and then they changed the subject and talked about their children and basically caught up on life and family issues,” our source says. Could they ever reconcile?

 “Anything is possible, but they way Nicole‘s putting it, they’re just figuring things out for now. They’re going to be friends now and that’s how things are.” We’re happy to hear they’re working on having a friendship!

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