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Thursday, August 14, 2014


Rumors of Ciara and fiancé Future calling it quits are nothing new. In fact, urban blogs have been reporting this for well over a month now. However, it took a nationally syndicated magazine like US Weekly co-signing the story to get it on the front page of sites like Yahoo and even CNN.

The story becoming national news quickly galvanized Ciara, who up until this point had made no public comments about the rumor.

However, just a few moments ago, Ciara broke her silence, taking to her Twitter account to flat out call US Weekly liars.

According to CiCi, she gave the magazine’s beauty department an interview in conjunction with Degree and MTV’s House of Style, which they then manipulated in order to create a story.

Below are Ciara’s tweets, including the first which she eventually deleted and then later clarified.
FYI, when will people realize US Weekly is no better than the National Enquirer? They are not a reputable magazine. They’re the white printed version of Media Takeout.

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