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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Elevator fight night champion of the world Solange Knowles is hanging up her slinging prada purse and taking after big sis Beyonce by marrying an older man?   Solange Knowles celebrated her 28th birthday on Tuesday with her boyfriend of five years. 

And other media outlets are reporting, it was a double celebration as the publication claims 51-year-old video producer Alan Ferguson proposed to her on Monday. 

While Solange has not yet commented on the report, she did take to Instagram to share a sweet snap of them cuddling in the water on a tropical beach while she grinned delightedly at the camera. 
She wrote: 'Today couldn't have been more perfect. I couldn't have smiled harder. Thank you for all of your lovely and wonderful wishes. They warmed my heart and I simply feel grateful for all of the love.' If Solange is indeed engaged this will be the second marriage for Beyonce’s little sister. 
Solange said: 'Everyone talks about how, in your 30s, all of these growing pains transition into wisdom and you feel more self-assured and confident, but I think I had a bit of a jump-start on that at 27. 

'For the first time in my life, I'm basing every decision around the idea of whether I want to do it or if I think it will be inspiring. And that's paid off for me.'

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