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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Video: The Fabulous Life Of Beyoncé & Jay Z

Together, Beyoncé and Jay Z are the highest earning celeb couple in the country and their net worth is an estimated $775 million. Life doesn’t get any more fabulous than it does for music’s most powerful couple on the planet.

Beyoncé and Jay Z literally rule the roost from the charts to living in luxury. VH1′s The Fabulous Life goes deep inside the lavish world of the couple. And the numbers. Are. Staggering! What does Beyoncé wear to President Obama’s inauguration? Emerald earrings valued at $1.8M. 
What does Jay Z by for his longtime girlfriend? A Rolls Royce for her 25th birthday. Oh, and it cost $1M. As for Blue Ivy, she was literally born into luxury. The hospital cost the couple $1,700 per night and she was adorned with gifts that cost anywhere from $15K to $600K!
If you missed the episode, don’t worry we got you cover, live the luxury life below:

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